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Hundreds of Migrants in Chicago Moved to Wilbur Wright College

Hundreds of Migrants in Chicago Moved to Wilbur Wright College

“many of them women and children, moved in over the weekend after staying in the lobbies of police stations”

This is apparently supposed to be a temporary situation. Why not use more colleges and universities in this way?

NBC News in Chicago reports:

300 Migrants Move Into Wilbur Wright College as Chicago City Council Prepares to Vote on Funding to Address Crisis

Several hundred migrants have moved into Wilbur Wright College for temporary housing in Chicago’s Dunning neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

This comes a day before the City Council takes up a controversial plan to use millions in surplus funds to help the escalating migrant crisis.

Luz Eleja from Venezuela is one of hundreds of migrants now staying at Wright College.

“We just want the support. We just want you to see the needs of our children,” she told our sister station Telemundo in Spanish. “Not our needs, because we are here to work and keep moving forward, but we need to wait.”

The mother of three said she is trying to stay strong for her family and broke down in tears explaining her situation.

“I sometimes feel embarrassed that we have to wait for other people to bring us food to feed our kids,” she cried. “This is difficult.”

Some people in the community stopped by Tuesday afternoon to lend a helping hand, including a father and daughter, who were distributing food to migrants from the trunk of their vehicle.

“Well, I just brought them something to eat, but mainly the idea was to gather information so we can see what the needs of the people there,” said Luis Segovia. “What do they need? Do they need clothes? Do they need, you know, shoes?”

Around 300 migrants, many of them women and children, moved in over the weekend after staying in the lobbies of police stations.

“I think it’s a real unfortunate situation for everybody,” said 33rd Ward Alderwoman Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez. “These migrants didn’t ask to come to Chicago and I think Chicago has established itself as a sanctuary city and it’s our responsibility to make sure the people who are arriving here with nothing have at least some basic protection.”


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There are many small colleges in deep trouble with dropping enrollment and empty dorms rooms. It would not surprise me in the least to see these schools converted to housing of migrants. I recall a story last year about a school in Greensboro that was getting prepared to house migrants.

    henrybowman in reply to buck61. | May 31, 2023 at 10:05 pm

    At first, that was my reaction, also. But then I thought — why not house them in ACTIVE, LEFTIST institutions? Send a couple thousand to Harvard, Smith, Oberlin, Austin, every USC, everything beyond a high school in Portland, and so on?

    Show us your compassion, wokesters. Cope and BE NICE.

So, they put them up in the dorms and feed them in the dining facilities, but will the migrants have access to all the other buildings on campus? The library? The Student Union building? Classroom buildings? It may not be that bad during the summer, but what about when fall semester starts up? Even during the summer, many colleges/universities host conferences, athletic camps, etc. Seems like at least some of the dorm housing would be spoken for.

I am a nontraditional student who is at a relatively small public university after 30 years out of academia. I mostly study/work in a health sciences building which is unlocked during the work day. The labs are swipe card locked, but there are desks and computers which are in areas accessible to the public so students can have computer access outside the labs. I would hate to have random people wandering around the building.

    henrybowman in reply to Caver37. | May 31, 2023 at 10:07 pm

    Funny. We geezers feel exactly the same way about our neighborhoods. It sure would suck for you to get exactly the same consideration we do, wouldn’t it?


The Florida and Texas governors should send all the new illegals to sanctuary states/cities!

Rumor has it that San Diego is running out of illegals!