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“Sir, your presentation was far and away the best Tucker has aired to date”

“Sir, your presentation was far and away the best Tucker has aired to date”

My hour-long interview on Tucker Carlson Today, the most intense I’ve ever done. Tucker was more than kind: “one of the best journalists of our time is about as far from a trained journalist as you can get. He’s a law professor at an Ivy League school. His name is Bill Jacobson. He runs Legal Insurrection, and he has been one of the people covering the woke destruction of education for the rest of us.”

My full-hour segment on Tucker Carlson Today, which is now streaming on Fox Nation.

The segment is promoted with a focus on “Doctoring Medical Schools,” reflecting our extensive work at on CRT in medical schools. But medical schools were only a small portion of the hour discussion. Most of it was about me, me, me.

Here is Tucker’s introduction to the interview:

Tucker: Welcome to Tucker Carlson Today. One of the saddest developments in the past 20 years is watching the total destruction of American journalism. Journalism is protected explicitly by the First Amendment for a reason. It’s what keeps our system at least theoretically free, open and fair. And it’s pretty much dead. It’s now an instrument of one of the two political parties. But the good news is that real journalism has emerged in its place to fill that vacuum, and it’s being practiced by people who aren’t strictly speaking journalists.

And one of the best journalists of our time is about as far from a trained journalist as you can get. He’s a law professor at an Ivy League school. His name is Bill Jacobson. He runs Legal Insurrection, and he has been one of the people covering the woke destruction of education for the rest of us.

Bill Jacobson, we’re really glad to have you…. A frequent guest on our nighttime show. Thank you so much. So I’ve been wanting to ask you this since you first started coming on. Like how did you get into [this] what is your life trajectory? I have a feel you’re not doing now what you expected to be doing with

WAJ: No part of my life has been planned. No part has been a clear trajectory…

We then spent an hour talking about everything.

  • My days at Harvard Law School witnessing the birth of Critical Legal Theory and the foundations of Critical Race Theory
  • my career as a plaintiff’s contingency fee lawyer
  • the illness that forced me out of law practice and into Cornell Law School
  • the founding of Legal Insurrection, how my early writings about Obama have been vindicated
  • the work Legal Insurrection has done on Elizabeth Warren and Gibson’s Bakery
  • the decade-long harassment I endured at Cornell as a result of speaking out
  • the attempt to “cancel” me in June 2020 and the betrayal by work friends,
  • Our and projects
  • and more

It was the most expansive and revealing interview I’ve ever done. At points, it felt like a therapy session, not an interview:

Tucker: Why do you, it’s just meta question, super quick. I would say, my guess is maybe one in a thousand people can handle that. It’s one thing to have people criticize you, but to have people on your hall, your friends, your boss, all denounce you in public. Only a tiny percentage of people can continue working under those circumstances. Why you, what is it about [you], like what was your childhood like? … What is it about your makeup that allowed you to keep going in the face of that?

WAJ: I don’t know. To tell you the truth, I think that part of it was, oddly enough, my upbringing studying in the Soviet Union where we were surveilled, where we were in a repressive environment. And I think you have to be able to create some sort of mental shield around yourself. So I don’t know what it was….

So, I don’t know what got me through it. I can tell you that when you’re going through it, it’s an out-of-body experience. And obviously the support of my wife and friends was extremely important. And the fact that I had a website where I was getting an outpouring of support from readers. I got hundreds and hundreds of emails from around the country supporting me. So that kind of gave me strength, and emails from students assuring me that people don’t, not everybody agrees with what’s being done to me.

Tucker: Did you ever think it’s one thing to have your political views or your journalism, because it is journalism whether you admit it or not, but maybe it’s just not worth it? Did you ever think that?

WAJ: Uh, no, actually, I didn’t <laugh>.  I mean it’s just, I don’t know what it is. I guess it was just my personality not to give in and give up. But it was tough.

Tucker: Everybody gives in, everybody. Even people I know who I thought so much of and still like, but don’t think much of anymore, they all bend the knee. Have you noticed this?

WAJ: Yes. I, I have. And it’s tough. I did stand strong. I did beat the boycott [of my course by 15 student groups]. My class signup was over-subscribed, like it always is. So the boycott of my course failed. And I think I emerged from this whole thing stronger with my head high. Had I apologized. Yes, I agree….

I am an anomaly at Cornell. I am an anomaly at Cornell Law School and I wear that badge proudly because I’m ready to defend my viewpoints.

Tucker: Wow. Really a pretty extraordinary story.

Watch the whole thing.

The reaction from Fox Nation viewers has been supportive. Someone I don’t know who watched it emailed me:

“Sir, your presentation was far and away the best Tucker has aired to date.”

Another viewer wrote to me:

Just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration. At times like these, which will undoubtedly get worse, it becomes painfully obvious that people of strong character are few and far between. I grew up in communist tyranny, I lived and experienced the tactics you described.

I built a life in a free country from nothing, arriving here alone at 18 years old with $300 in my pocket, only to see it start slipping into the same patterns leading to tyranny and fundamentally disintegrating due to apathy, ignorance, and overall moral weakness. I’ve been noticing the unmistakable signs of oncoming destruction for close to two decades now. Warning others appears futile. I feel like I am nearing the spot where I started. The disappointment I’m feeling in the absence of any spine, feeling of self-preservation, situational awareness, and respect for the gift the Founders and many generations after them left us, on part of the American public cannot be described. Gifts paid with unimaginable personal sacrifice, pain and suffering in the name of freedom being wasted away.

The strength, courage, and decency of the very few people like yourself brings me to tears. It’s so exceptional. It’s why I came to the US. Not for wealth, not for riches, for freedom and the American exceptionalism that people of most profound character built.

I watched the long interview with the warmest feeling in my heart. You represent what being American means to me. Good, strong, unapologetic for doing the right thing, unwavering, courageous, solid, and very unselfish. I know the genuine appreciation and admiration from strangers like myself will never make up for the disdain, disloyalty, and disrespect of those who surround you but know that you have it, nevertheless. You are inspiring.

I’d call you and tell you all of this in person, but I know you don’t answer the office phone 😊.

I’ll pray for you and your well being and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A Fox Nation subscription is needed to view the show, but they offer a free trial subscription so you can watch my segment at no cost. (We have had a Fox Nation subscription for a while, and consider it worthwhile for the modest cost.)


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Old Navy Doc | April 3, 2023 at 9:24 pm

Be strong and steady the course.

Please reach out to Jordan Peterson for public discussion.

Please reach out to Jordan Peterson for public discussion. The last i heard was they succeeded in kicking him out of the class room but he has a huge internet presence and popular demand as a speaker on various forums. He has written some books that also provide him income

    BierceAmbrose in reply to dunce1239. | April 4, 2023 at 3:16 pm

    Peterson is now doing long-form interviews, with others who are civil and interesting. Some mostly agree with him — none agree entirely. Some mostly disagree with him — none disagree entirely (and they’re amusing when then notice that.)

    Prof J would be an awesome segment on Peterson. The cost, of course, is getting slimed (more) for associating with Kermit-Hitler.

Very proud of you and very happy for you Prof. Jacobson!

You deserve the accolades for your work Professor.

PrincetonAl | April 4, 2023 at 1:12 am

The work on Warren, Gibson Bakery, Zimmerman trial was exceptional. Keep on top of what DeSantis is doing in higher Ed in Florida, that will be a great battle to track.

The initiatives are great and I contribute regularly.

Branca and Law of Self Defense posts have been so great, I bought the book and have zero regrets.

All that is good but your own thoughtful posts (“Obama dread”) and battles you fight (Vassar, Cornell) are inspiring. Keep it up!

I have been here a long time and I feel an emotional connection to your efforts that I do to few other blogs. Don Surber is great, and a few others.

If I have one request, it’s more insightful posts by some of the contributors and less coverage I can get anywhere in the conservative blogosphere. It’s always what has made this blog special, the real in-depth or a few topics.

And more thoughts on how to mobilize your army of readers. How to ballot harvest, how to fight woke in the schools, etc. My work makes it difficult but I am close to turning a corner in a year where all the kids are out of college, the mortgage is mostly paid off, and I can do more than I can today. Hopefully in time for 2024.

I can’t wait to do more than contribute and vote and try to educate people in my circle.

Insufficiently Sensitive | April 4, 2023 at 11:25 am

Bill Jacobson’s College Insurrection site is an all-too-rare entity in US educational sites, it’s valuable beyond counting, and more power to it. He’s faced down howling student ‘lynch’ mobs as hundreds of other professors nationwide have not, while our disgraceful ‘news’ agencies do their best to smother the news. High marks to Tucker Carlson too, for investing the whole hour into bringing us the details.

thalesofmiletus | April 4, 2023 at 12:13 pm

Cannot wait to watch. Tucker’s long-form interviews are 24K gold.

LukeHandCool | April 4, 2023 at 12:59 pm

Can’t wait to watch! I’d like to see you get your own show or at least be a regular guest on a variety of FOX News shows.

Great stuff! Congratulations

It’s a tradition now to thank members of our armed military forces for their work to protect and defend our country. I always do that but there are other kinds of soldiers, other kinds of warriors, and other kinds of battles and wars to fight. Certainly the continuing assault by progressives and the “woke” on the principles that higher education used to stand for is such a war. And I commend you and thank you for your valiant service in that war. After over 35 years of service I retired from higher education in 1999, so I’m a little old to be out on the bastions. But your work inspires me on a daily basis and gives me hope for the future. Again, thank you for your service.

BierceAmbrose | April 4, 2023 at 3:32 pm

Community matters. And not the struggle-session enforced, fake kumbaya groupthink the goblins have infested into the term.

A psych teacher from my misspent youth once said (paraphrasing): “One person can be ground down. If there’s two of you, you can hold out forever.”

Because they know this, the folks who would manufacture compliance, if not all the way to consent, isolate people. There’s a reason solitary confinement is solitary.

The game is also “do a thing, get it seen, let someone carry on after you’re done.” It doesn’t matter what they try to do to The Prof hereafter — and they will; he’s already won.

God Bless You, Professor Jacobson!

I would like to watch the interview; yet apparently Fox does not want to share the interview. I do not know what procedures I must comply with to be an “acceptable viewer”. Alas, again Fox has failed, and Tucker has (apparently) attempted to promote ideas “unacceptable” to those the Murdock’s have delegated authority to. Where’s the surprise ? Rupert bought his US citizenship (perhaps for his sons too) from Reagan, yet remains an Australian, loyal to the Crown (doesn’t he have a title of nobility ?).

Rupert, his sons, and Tucker … it’s all about the money.

* * * * *

Where’s the link to your interview ? Did you not insist you should control and have a copy of all of your unique content and image ?

    Another Voice in reply to Sisu. | April 4, 2023 at 10:43 pm

    Obviously you did not read the post as Prof. J covered how to watch the hour interview and why it is not posted here. You entered here at L.I. with an obvious bias and with your post revealed your ignorance of the work of Prof. J. does and so appreciated. He has a huge following and is a requested speaker who has gathered a national presence to appreciate the good works he has accomplished.

Great interview. Prof Jacobson is “Da Man”

Jonathan Cohen | April 4, 2023 at 11:59 pm

This was a great interview. As an academic (retired) it all sounds familiar.

Professor, you have been a huge inspiration and source of information for me, especially with your coverage of colleges and universities, which is of particular interest to me, having taught in academia. I have seen the decay and the decline, and it has only gotten worse recently.

Kudos for keeping the march towards Marxism visible.

Steven M. Harris | April 13, 2023 at 9:28 am

The rare time Tucker isn’t 25% full of nonsense hyperbole. Or just wrong on the facts. With a real-deal guest who isn’t a loon.