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Historian at UW-Oshkosh “‘Concerned’ About Campus Climate Change Debate”

Historian at UW-Oshkosh “‘Concerned’ About Campus Climate Change Debate”

“There is absolute scientific evidence and policy-making certainty that climate change is a crisis”

The left doesn’t want to debate climate change because to them it is a settled debate.

The College Fix reports:

UW-Oshkosh historian ‘concerned’ about campus climate change debate

A historian at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh is opposed to an upcoming debate about climate change, which he calls a “crisis.” However, his comments indicate that he did not research the presenters and that they likely agree with him about possible policy solutions.

“There is absolute scientific evidence and policy-making certainty that climate change is a crisis,” Professor Jim Feldman said. “The climate is changing because of human activity and it’s going to be bad. It’s going to cause dramatic dislocations for people around the world and potentially in Oshkosh.”

Feldman has three degrees in history according to his curriculum vitae. In contrast, one of the presenters holds two science degrees.

The April 26 event is sponsored by the UW Oshkosh Foundation Freedom of expression fund and will feature conservative writer Robert Bryce and Steve Nieland, an energy consultant. The event is titled “Climate Change: Crisis or Not? What is the solution?” according to The Advance Titan, the campus newspaper.

“If what they’re saying is we cannot scale renewable energy fast enough and we need to use nuclear energy instead, that’s the range of divergent political and policy events that is really appropriate to debate; it’s the title of the panel that I’m concerned about,” he said.

But those views appear to be what each presenter will argue.

The scalability of renewable energy and the benefits of nuclear power are actually subjects Bryce has researched and written about – in 2020 he published a book on this very topic. Nieland has presented on how to adapt the energy grid to climate change and consults on renewable alternatives.

He also “holds degrees in electronics and chemistry as well as having additional studies in paper science, computer science and electrical engineering,” according to his bio.

Feldman said that there “simply isn’t” room to debate his position that “climate change is a crisis.”

“I’m open to a huge range of perspectives, but there simply isn’t debate about whether climate change is a crisis or not,” Feldman told the student newspaper. “The title of the panel implies that there’s debate. That perpetuates the politically motivated idea that climate change is not a problem. There are political beliefs that are less likely to be supported on campus and this should be one of them.”


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Climate change is BS!

All of the “experts” have been bribed to drink the Kool Aid!

The one world order folks would never fund a real study without knowing the results ahead of time.

Climate control is about Big Brother wanting to micromanage everything.

BierceAmbrose | April 24, 2023 at 4:29 pm

Given such absolute evidence and certainty, any chance to make that case would garner more support, not?

Unless people are too stupid. Or the presenters too awful. Or maybe there’s less absolute, or certain a case.

(The advocates could make stronger, weaker claims — better supported, less reach. This is subtle, but there you go.)

Feldman is no expert in any realm of scientific study. He is an “historian” who is also a Democrat, and Democrats intend to oppress and rule us forever. He disseminates communist ideology from his tenured perch.

Suburban Farm Guy | April 25, 2023 at 7:34 pm

Another hysterical, babbling religious fanatic. True Believer — in total bullshit.

Use the Biden rule: “Refuse to debate when you know you’ll lose.”

(People who believe they’ll win are happy to have the opportunity to prove it.)