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Chicago Hosting the 2024 Democratic Convention

Chicago Hosting the 2024 Democratic Convention

Let’s hope it’s not 1968 all over again.

Do you know why Chicago is called the Windy City? It’s windy. But do you know what causes the wind?

The hot air from all the politicians.

It’s about to get windier in Chicago.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) chose Chicago, IL, to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention from August 19-22.

The choice comes a month after Gov. JB Pritzker and other wealthy people in IL told the DNC if it chose Chicago, they would foot the bill.

The United Center will be the main site. Other business will take place at the McCormick Place Convention Center.

Officials expect up to 7,000 delegates and over 50,000 visitors. They will take up 30 hotels for the delegates.

Despite the corruption, crime, and slime, Chicago is the greatest city in the world (no bias from this native)! It’s also the center of the “Blue Wall” in the Midwest. Chicago is the reason why Illinois is a blue state:

Chicago’s convention backers highlighted the abundance of downtown area union hotels; the large, centrally located convention venues near hotels; Midway and O’Hare airports; and the restaurants and museums in the city.

Then there were the political considerations. One of the main political arguments Chicago backers used was putting the convention in the Midwest reinforces the “Blue Wall” battleground states beyond the solid blue Illinois.

Last month, Democratic officials from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and Indiana — all supporting Chicago’s bid — wrote to Biden and DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, underscoring the importance of Michigan and Wisconsin in retaining the White House in 2024.

Wisconsin’s election last Tuesday also reinforced the “Blue Wall” when voters in the Supreme Court contest, for the first time in 15 years, switched the court to a liberal majority when Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz beat former Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly, a conservative supported by Republicans.

The convention will showcase the Biden agenda, values and the president’s accomplishments. The policies and agendas of Biden and Pritzker are closely aligned.

Illinois has an assault weapons ban, abortion rights locked in and workers’ rights laws. Pritzker’s Rebuild Illinois capital plan and the city has been boosted by Biden’s signature infrastructure law. In January, Vice President Kamala Harris visited Chicago to announce $144 million in federal funding from the infrastructure law to rehabilitate the Illinois International Port Calumet River Bridges.

In March, Pritzker told the DNC he and his buddies would pay for the convention if they brought it to the Windy City:

In the city’s battle with other finalists, New York City and Atlanta, the governor, his sister and former Commerce secretary Penny Pritzker, businessman Michael Sacks, Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts and Illinois AFL-CIO President Tim Drea have been in talks about funding Chicago’s effort. It’s a lineup of resources designed to blunt the fears of repeating the 2012 convention in Charlotte, N.C., which ended with an $8 million tab.

“We have a strong fundraising community that will be able to raise the money for the convention and not create any debt for the DNC, the city of Chicago or the state of Illinois. It would be a win for everyone financially and electorally,” Chicago Federation of Labor President Robert Reiter said in an interview. “And it would put thousands of people to work.”

Shocked to see Laura Ricketts on there. I thought she was a conservative like the rest of her family. I guess not. She’s a prominent Democrat.

Chicago has held the most political conventions. Unfortunately, the only one anyone remembers took place in 1968.

People protested the Vietnam War, which was in its 13th year. Mayor Richard Daley delayed granting protesters permits, which only worsened the situation.

Nothing would stop the anti-war protesters, groups made up of mostly students.

It all started at Lincoln Park on August 25, the day before the convention started. The police forced out people at 11 PM. And then:

August 26, 1968

Mayor Daley officially opens the 1968 Democratic National Convention at the International Amphitheater, which closed in 1999, on the South Side of Chicago near the Union Stockyards. Thousands protest the start of the convention in the South Loop and Grant Park. The Festival of Life continues in Lincoln Park.

Inside the convention, tensions in the party become obvious as delegates argue long into the night. Outside in Lincoln Park, police use tear gas to clear protesters at 11 p.m. Demonstrators and reporters covering the protests are beaten by Chicago police.

August 27, 1968

Protests continue in multiple locations. In Grant Park, the protests are largely peaceful. In Lincoln Park, they are violent. Tensions continue to rise inside the convention. Dan Rather, then a reporter for CBS, is roughed up by security as he attempts to interview a delegate who is being escorted out of the hall. The incident is broadcast live on television.

It went overboard on August 28:

The only permit issued by Mayor Daley for a protest is for August 28. Approximately 15,000 people attend the demonstration in Grant Park. Chicago police form a human barricade around the protest to prevent demonstrators from marching to the convention. As a result, protesters end up on Michigan Avenue and outside the Conrad Hilton Hotel.

Police and National Guardsmen beat protesters and some reporters, despite the large media presence. A strike by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers prevents the scene from being broadcast live, but television networks shuttle the footage to their hubs at the convention hall from which the shocking images are then broadcast. The riot becomes known as the Battle of Michigan Avenue. Hundreds are injured and hundreds more arrested.

Don’t be shocked if something like this happens again.


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It’s Chicago. What could go wrong?

Let’s not hope? Let’s hope so!
Dems are coming to their mecca.

Let’s hope that it is!!!!

I nominate Lori Lightfoot as keynote speaker!!

I was outside of the 1960 Republican convention and saw Eisenhower drive by.

285 37 “Ace comments

Notice the Democrats are not holding their convention in a Swing state, it will be in chicago. A deep blue stronghold of their most lunatic base. It’s going to be something to watch as the obese white women with green hair scream about trannies and abortion pills. They are confident they have 24 locked up”.

The 1968 Democrat Convention elected Nixon more than anything else. Humphrey’s lack of leadership skills was on full display.

“Let’s hope it’s not 1968 all over again.”

I hope they literally eat each other…on live tv.

    chuckschick in reply to chuckschick. | April 11, 2023 at 6:06 pm

    didn’t mean to upvote mysely, I’m not familiar with this platform and I’m clumsy..and well vodkafied.

    henrybowman in reply to chuckschick. | April 11, 2023 at 6:58 pm

    Hell, yes. I hope it’s 3873024 (1986²).
    I’m investing in hardhat, baton, and pepper spray manufacturers, on the ground floor.
    I mean, come on — what’s not to like?
    A convention of violence in the most violent city in America.
    Bangers showing crazy white chicks that violence is NOTHING like words.
    A great preview of what happens when you get all the gun control laws you asked for.
    Conflagrations. Riots. National embarrassment.
    Culminating in the nomination of mister “who’s the president? I’d like to have a word with him!”
    Yessir, the adults are back in charge. From the Adult Corrections Facility.

The Whole World’s Watching!
The Whole World’s Watching!
The Whole World’s Watching!
The Whole World’s Watching’!

Chicago 2024? Four words: “Standby for ensuing hilarity.”

    fscarn in reply to MarkJ. | April 11, 2023 at 6:45 pm

    “Officials expect up to 7,000 delegates and over 50,000 visitors. They will take up 30 hotels for the delegates.”

    Stormy Daniels will be leading the 00s of cis-hookers, with Pete & Chasten sharing “duties” along with “Admiral” Levine for the non-cis attendees.

    henrybowman in reply to MarkJ. | April 11, 2023 at 8:00 pm

    I heard this in Gary Owen’s voice.
    Though it’s really more of a Paul Harvey phrase.

2smartforlibs | April 11, 2023 at 4:15 pm

What a great way for the fascist party to see what they created.

Chicago, the Windbag City.

Subotai Bahadur | April 11, 2023 at 4:32 pm

Even though I have my doubts about there being a real election in 2024, I am amused about this. In 1968 no one could doubt that Mayor Daley could bring the iron fist of a fully manned and legally immune Chicago Police Force to bear.

1) These are the Democrat flavor of Leftist and they have no controls.
2) The Chicago Police is tremendously shorthanded because of the war of the controlling Democrats on their literal very existence as a body or as individual officers doing their duty.
3) The new Mayor of Chicago is known primarily for his hatred of law enforcement, and as is the norm in Democrat controlled polities both prosecutions and courts are politically controlled. Cops are the enemy and criminals are the victims. Does not make cops want to put their private body parts on the line.
4) The only thing that could make this riskier is if they brought Mrs. O’Leary’s cow to town.

We need popcorn. Lots of popcorn.

Subotai Bahadur

    Fat_Freddys_Cat in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | April 12, 2023 at 8:33 am

    I figure they’ll import an army of headcrackers to pick up the slack. Any violence will be blamed on “MAGA extremists”.

Sounds like it could be a hot time in the old town.

They should have the afterparty in San Fransisco

Rupert Smedley Hepplewhite | April 11, 2023 at 5:12 pm

Dear Amazon,

Just a heads-up that imma need lots and lots of popcorn for the 2024 Dem Convention.


“Do you know why Chicago is called the Windy City? It’s windy. But do you know what causes the wind? The hot air from all the politicians.”

There used to be an interesting blog called HotAir, but after it changed, I lost all interest in it. I spend my time much more profitably these days reading Legalinsurrection.

healthguyfsu | April 11, 2023 at 5:17 pm

“The choice comes a month after Gov. JB Pritzker and other wealthy people in IL told the DNC if it chose Chicago, they would foot the bill.”

In other words, the state taxpayers will first foot the bill and when they can’t pay up because they are broke, then the federal bailout money will foot the bill.

We are quickly in the “running out of other people’s money” phase of socialism…all while jousting at the 1% windmill.

Could be interesting if the Bernie Bros wing or another more radical wing feel slighted or that their particular special interests aren’t being paid attention to.

The Gentle Grizzly | April 11, 2023 at 6:14 pm

This has potential amusement value.

Wouldn’t it be something if some of the got mugged or even……

The day the Dumbocrat Convention opens, I hope the Wisconsin Senate (now veto-proof) votes to convict Protastupidowicz after impeachment and furthermore adds the penalty of barring her from ever holding public office in Wisconsin again. That would be a nice little appetizer to the cocktails of having the Dumbocrat delegates mugged and their convention venue occupied by Bowel Live Movements right on live TV while Texas Rangers publicly cuff and haul away Guv Hairdoo and Mooseface Waters for inciting crimes within Texas. Ahh, but one can dream……

Chicago is truly a great and apt choice. Other cities that would be as appropriate in showcasing the vile Dumb-o-crats’ intrinsic, immutable corrupt, callous, incompetent and destructive governance would be New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle and San Francisco.

I can’t imagine there being any kind of turmoil outside the convention this time–all the delegates will be completely on board. Almost all of them weren’t even alive in 1968, and have grown up with nothing but a radical Democrat party.

And let’s not forget that the Dems held their convention in Chicago in 1996 to crown Bill Clinton for his second term. And we all know how THAT turned out.

BierceAmbrose | April 11, 2023 at 9:05 pm

Well, we’re gonna see how thoroughly their c-opted shock troops stay co-opted.

Ida said probably nothing interesting will happen, but just today we have Chiquita Guevara and Dark Brandon yowling public demands at what the other should do.

I hope their budget has a line item for bullet proof vests

Fat_Freddys_Cat | April 12, 2023 at 8:30 am

I grew up in southern Illinois. The state is only “blue” because of shitholes like Chicago and East St. Louis. The Illinoisans outside those areas would love to excise those cities from the state.

I wonder how big an army the Democrats are going to bring for security.

Amiable Dorsai | April 12, 2023 at 9:49 am

The venue will be the United Center, where the Bulls and the Blackhawks play. It was purposely designed to echo crowd noises. Should be a loud convention.

Other states have this problem as well, or worse..
Nevada has a single 800-pound gorilla city.

Any rioting will be done when Republicans hold their convention in Milwaukee

Every BLMer, Aunty Fah fascist and trans mafia footsoldier will be attending

Don’t expect much action in democrat-friendly Chi-beria