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Students at U. Texas Arlington March to Protect DEI Programs

Students at U. Texas Arlington March to Protect DEI Programs

“the group of seemingly a dozen or so activists ended up at UTA President Jennifer Cowley’s office where they left voice messages for her”

Left wing students know these programs are political and benefit their side.

The College Fix reports:

U. Texas Arlington students march to ‘protect’ campus diversity, equity programs

Students with the University of Texas Arlington’s Progressive Student Union marched to “protect” campus DEI — diversity, equity and inclusion — programs on Wednesday in response to the UT system putting a halt on new DEI programs.

U. Texas schools — followed by the University of North Texas and Texas A&M systems — did so due to state lawmakers “question[ing] the [DEI] programs’ legality, saying they may ‘encourage discrimination in the workplace.’”

According to The Shorthorn, the group of seemingly a dozen or so activists ended up at UTA President Jennifer Cowley’s office where they left voice messages for her (as she wasn’t in town) and presented demands.

One demand was a statement from Cowley “regarding recent proposed Texas legislation targeting transgender athletes in college sports.” The Texas Tribune notes one of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s “30 priorities” (which Gov. Greg Abbott supports) is banning transgender athletes from “joining collegiate teams that align with their gender.”

The protesters want Cowley and her administration to develop a plan to “combat” the legislation as well as to protect critical race theory and DEI programs.

Another demand was to ditch the names of Jack Woolf and Ernest Hereford from campus buildings due to their “alleged racism.” Arlington State College, UTA’s predecessor, maintained segregation for a few years even after Brown v. Board of Ed. under Woolf’s leadership (but, ironically, it ended up being the first A&M system school to integrate and accept black athletes), while Hereford oversaw a mascot change to “Johnny Rebel” along with a Confederate Battle Flag symbol.


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Those darling little snowflakes should have their very own cute little saferooms too!!

Close The Fed | March 26, 2023 at 12:45 pm

Geeze, Texas, figure out the root cause of this intellectual destruction and eliminate it!

Close The Fed | March 26, 2023 at 12:46 pm

And start expelling students!

healthguyfsu | March 26, 2023 at 1:08 pm

March yourselves right off campus.

Lovely group of losers wanting recognition that their lives have any meaning but too lazy to work for it

That particular university is a minority city college , lower to some middle income

A dozen young Leninists with no concept how many hundreds of million of people have died under that raised clinched fist.

At least back in the day there was an actual war being fought. These pampered twits don’t realize how good they have it and the damage they are doing. Once they ruin it, it’s not coming back. And it will eventually eat them, too.

Students. More like paid crisis actors… funded by Nancy Schumer’s antifa slush fund with $$$$$$ stolen from tax payers, then funneled through a myriad of ‘activist’ front groups masquerading as social justice non-profits.

bet there is a WHOLE bunch of friggin pronouns in that crowd.

A whole dozen, even though I expect they pushed their friends as hard as they possibly could.
A whole dozen! WOW!

texansamurai | March 26, 2023 at 7:29 pm

Out of a student body of around 32K. Big whoop

indeed–though actually closer to 40k

pity the administrators at this school don’t take the lesson here–a vocal minority to be sure but a TINY minority–tell them to grow-up or get lost

    ttucker99 in reply to texansamurai. | March 27, 2023 at 2:09 pm

    Actually a couple of my son’s friends go there, the enrollment is around 46K. So one dozen, just call them to the dean’s office, tell them you are not doing a thing and if they do not like it they are free to leave because we already have a wait list for next semester and will not miss you at all.

“march” – they’re too obese to get off the floor.

It’s a free country. They’re entitled to march their little hearts out. It needn’t change a thing.

Imagine the fun and excitement if the military draft was started up again with no college deferment AND . . . real DEI since males AND females will be drafted in equal numbers with all-female combat units sent to the front lines in equal numbers with males.

DIE is their only hope for a job. Are they marginalized students, or marginal students? Words mean things.