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Report: Hezbollah Infiltrator Behind Highway Terror Bombing in Northern Israel

Report: Hezbollah Infiltrator Behind Highway Terror Bombing in Northern Israel

Terrorist carrying suicide belt neutralized by Israeli secutiry forces.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) believes that the Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist group is responsible for this week’s roadside bombing in northern Israel. “The Israeli military suspects the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group is behind a blast on a highway in northern Israel that seriously wounded a man earlier this week,” The Times of Israel reported Wednesday, citing official sources.

Monday’s highway bombing was carried out by a terrorist intruder who infiltrated the country from Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon. The attacker, armed with a suicide belt, was killed on Monday afternoon in an encounter with the Israel police.

The security forces “stopped a vehicle, in which an armed terrorist posed a threat to the forces, who neutralized and killed him,” the IDF and other Israeli security agencies said in a joint statement obtained by the Legal Insurrection.

The terrorist had entered Israel to carry out multiple attacks, the Israeli military believes. “The terrorist was found in possession of weapons, including an explosive belt ready to be activated and additional means. The assumption is that due to the neutralization, an additional terror attack was prevented,” the statement concluded.

The Israeli TV channel i24News reported:

The Israeli army on Wednesday released information on the roadside bombing that wounded a man at Megido junction, in northern Israel.

In a briefing on the situation, the army said they found the suspected attacker on Monday afternoon and assumed he wanted to carry out two terror attacks in Israel: one with the roadside bomb he planted, and another with the suicide belt and gun he was carrying when stopped by Israeli authorities.

Israeli forces killed the attacker, who’s identity remains unknown, on Road 899, known as the “Northern Road,” near the border with Lebanon.

The authorities believe the man was attempting to cross the border back into Lebanon around the same area where they believe he had crossed originally to enter Israel to carry out the attacks.

The highway bombing took place as Israeli is in the midst of a terror wave as the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan is set to begin next week. The latest terror attacks began in late January when Palestinian gunmen murdered seven Jewish worshipers outside an East Jerusalem synagogue. Since then, terrorists linked to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have carried out deadly attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers on an almost weekly basis.

Hezbollah-Hamas: Iran-backed terrorist axis against Israel

The Hezbollah-linked attack in northern Israel coincides with the deepening of ties between Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Gaza-based Hamas terrorist groups. “Hamas is establishing a presence in south Lebanon with Hezbollah’s backing,” Israeli defense analyst Yoav Limor wrote in the Israel Hayom newspaper Thursday.

Hezbollah has ramped up its armed presence along the Israel-Lebanon border in recent months. “Hezbollah has restored its openly visible series of military outposts along the border with Israel, for the purpose of observation and if need be, to launch forces,” Limor notes.

Meanwhile, Gaza-based Hamas is expanding its terrorist activities among Sunni Muslims in Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon. “Hamas too has been expediting the efforts to gain a foothold in Lebanon, mainly in the Palestinian refugee camps in Tyre and Sidon,” the author adds. “This Hamas activity has been taking place under the ever watchful eyes of Hezbollah, and apparently in coordination with the Shi’ite organization.”

While Hamas is a Sunni jihadist group and Hezbollah a Shia terrorist militia, both terrorist outfits receive weapons, training and financial support from Iran’s Shia Islamic regime.


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So? We have Antifa terrorists plaguing our country. The bombings here are next.

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