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Trump Brings Pallets of Food, Cleaning Supplies, and Trump Water to Ohio Disaster Site

Trump Brings Pallets of Food, Cleaning Supplies, and Trump Water to Ohio Disaster Site

“We stand with you. We pray for you, and we’ll stay with you in your fight to help answer and [get] accountability that you deserve.”

Former President Donald Trump arrived at East Palestine, OH, to hand out food and Trump water to residents still reeling from the train derailment that spilled toxic chemicals.

From The Daily Mail:

The former president greeted crowds furious at the lack of action from the White House, 19 days after the disaster in Ohio, and brought in thousands of bottles of his own water, cleaning supplies and canned food.

He then stopped at a local McDonald’s where he ordered Big Macs and handed out signed MAGA hats to the customers.

Hundreds of people lined the streets waving MAGA flags and chanting ‘no more Joe’ to greet Trump after he landed in the community on his renovated Trump Force One jet.

In a speech in the local fire department he praised the response from law enforcement and the ‘strength and courage’ of the residents, and said: ‘You are not forgotten’.

He promised to return if the community didn’t get help from the White House and when a reporter asked what message he had for Biden, Trump said: ‘Get over here’.

‘We stand with you,’ Trump told the crowd at the East Palestine Fire Department, ‘we pray for you, and we’ll stay with you in your fight to help answer and [get] accountability that you deserve.’

‘Biden and FEMA said they would not send federal aid to [the town] under any circumstances,’ Trump claimed. ‘We opened up the dam, and we got them to move,’ he said referring to his visit the Biden administration has claimed is a photo op.

President Joe Biden went to Ukraine. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is going on Thursday.

But it’s too late:

But residents of East Palestine feel that a visit at this point from Biden or Buttigieg would be largely useless.

‘It’s a little too late,’ East Palestine resident William Hugar, 56, told while eating breakfast at a local diner when asked if Biden should visit.

‘Like he can come, but for what?’ he questioned.


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Oh, but did he throw a roll of paper towels to anyone?

This is the Trump we like to see! And it is such a Trump move. Especially the Big Macs. I can’t imagine a Democrat ever doing that.

Beautiful. He has done this all his life, usually quietly in the background, yet in his more public role we get to see what a humble leader does when it’s important to do the right thing. God bless this man.

    gonzotx in reply to Camperfixer. | February 22, 2023 at 6:41 pm

    He is a Servant of God… and your right, he has done this all of his life, usually in the background, never taking or given credit for who he is and what he has done for decades….

After all of Trump’s insults and name-calling, I began to wonder how I ever liked such a crazy person. This story and especially the videos reminded me.

“referring to his visit the Biden administration has claimed is a photo op.”
Meanwhile, Biden is so lame he hasn’t even GOT a photo op.
Unless you count the one of the big black poison cloud. That was a good one.

Very good move in supporting the prior work on site by JD Vance. His announcement of a visit helped get FEMA and other reluctant bureaucracies off the dime. The reality of the visit puts a stark contrast to that of Biden admin. It keeps the attention on this community by virtue of him being willing to use his personal celebrity/media appeal for their benefit. It is going to be easy for this story to disappear but the toxins may linger for a long time.

This is the sort of power Trump has to help shift media attention back to a small rural town in crisis that the DC/NYC legacy media would rather move on from. Glad to see this from Trump. If he can do more things like this and keep his focus on problems facing America today the man can easily win the GoP primary.

“Trump should absolutely do more of this. The less time he spends insulting political opponents and celebrities on social media and more down to earth speeches and events the better.”
Trump should listen to this guy! This is where Trump wins hands down because he is a unique personality. People will respond to this type of campaign but not to the constant insults and cheap shots at his R opponents.

    healthguyfsu in reply to inspectorudy. | February 23, 2023 at 8:40 am

    Agreed. This is a good move. It would be nice to see a new “turn the other cheek” Trump but I’m not holding my breath for it. Just maybe he will see the positives and catch on.

The most transparent politician of our time, bar none. Trump is and will continue to be who he is, warts and all, including competing against his opponents, If demeanor is your criterion, there are others more suitable. To expect him to act like someone else, or to play political subterfuge solely to appease the sensibilities of critics, isn’t going to happen, for better or worse. At least with Trump, you know what you are getting.

    1,000,000 ^👍🏻

    Spot on. I don’t want a “nice” President…not mean mind you, but certainly tough, and the man has been tough all his life while being compassionate underneath. In contrast, nice is Carter, and America loses under “nice” (or incompetence as we see with the current crew). But with tough…nothing we see now would be happening if the years between 2016-2020 are any indication.

    healthguyfsu in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | February 23, 2023 at 2:04 pm

    Knowing what you are getting is not that great if you are getting a mixed bag on the best days (like today).

    The problem is that too many people know what they are getting in him, have their minds made up, and don’t want to vote for him again. That’s why he’s continued to trend downwards since 2018.

    Even 100 moves like this won’t change that at the end of the day. His reputation was damaged extremely by a vicious counter-campaign and he steered right into it. He did himself no favors by how he has conducted himself. Unfortunately, he needed to be better and cleaner than any POTUS in 20+ years by the path he carved. He fell far short of that.

By the way, where is Jim Jordan, he is from Ohio right?

He’s such a poser, all talk and never action
Rino in disguise really… I don’t care if it’s not his district, it’s not President Trumps either, it’s about leadership and compassion

Pesident Trump has a quality rarely seen in other man or woman in leadership positions…

Real Compassion for others.

You can hear it in his voice, you can feel it.
Those he visited and spoke with.. they know it.

That is what a President is supposed to be.

    “That is what a President is supposed to be….”

    You’re forgetting half the country: to them, a president is supposed to be destroying the American way of life.

    healthguyfsu in reply to gonzotx. | February 23, 2023 at 8:38 am

    So now you are after Jim Jordan who the faction of house holdouts nominated for speaker?

    Are you just mad because he didn’t commit career suicide by accepting the nomination?

      There must be some rumor slash lie floating around on crap blogs that Jordan is thinking of running for president (he’s not) because that’s the only thing that upsets them, competition of any kind at all for their anointed one’s throne. But beyond that, don’t try to figure it out. Jordan has always been a staunch Trump ally, so who knows what heinous sin against Trump he’s supposedly committed. It certainly wasn’t failing to run against Trump’s preferred candidate, Kevin McCarthy, for House Speaker. That would have really upset the Trump acolytes. Or not. There is no rhyme or reason to anything they say or whom they support or why. Trump loves him some McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel and says so often. Shrug. It’s all garbled nonsense, and I quit trying to figure it out. It helps. 😛

        It’s all garbled nonsense, and I quit trying to figure it out. It helps. 😛

        That advice works equally well with family.

        healthguyfsu in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 23, 2023 at 1:59 pm

        Crazy how this wonder candidate with a proven losing track record is going to win big when the psyche of the man and his cult can’t even survive a rumored challenge to his claim to the throne.

    CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | February 23, 2023 at 10:20 am


    Ohio has 15 Reps in Congress and you single out Jordan? How about directing an equivalent level of fire towards the other Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown a d/prog before choosing to attack a republican?

    No doubt the entire Congressional delegation should be playing a role but so should the entirety of Congress. Maybe lets focus on the politicians who were elected to represent these folks in E Palestine; Senator Brown, Senator Vance and Rep Bill Johnson, evaluate their actions in response and then move on to criticize politicians who don’t represent these folks in Congress.

    It’s a question of priorities of fire. Expend at least some ammo on the folks who don’t meet their direct responsibilities to their constituents. Following that expend some ammo on d/prog who casually dismiss this fiasco. If there’s ammo left over then target other members of Congress but please start with those opposed to us on nearly every issue before taking shots at allies.

      gonzotx in reply to CommoChief. | February 23, 2023 at 12:32 pm

      Yes I do, he puts himself out as a leader, freaking lead

        gonzotx in reply to gonzotx. | February 23, 2023 at 12:58 pm

        I think every politician from Ohio needs to be present and beating a drum for services for these people,I single out Jordon because not only is he from Ohio it he is a leader of the Republican Party.
        I don’t expect the commie McConnell to do anything, no money in it for him. Don’t k ow that McCarthy has done squat either.

        There’s a lot of hay to be made in East Palestinian but apparently the Republicans remain toothless

          CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | February 23, 2023 at 1:37 pm

          Asking that the Ohio Congressional delegation take action to assist is a very reasonable expectation. I did so as well.

          How about the folks in PA and their Congressional delegation? East Palestine is less than one mike from the PA border which way did the prevailing winds blow the toxic particulate matter? How about the watershed downstream?

          I ask those questions b/c you seem to have a myopic focus on just E Palestine and Jim Jordan. IMO that focus is misplaced at the moment. Other people in other communities and other States were likely impacted as well. I don’t believe it is up to Jim Jordan to take point on fixing a problem in another CD. He should assist for sure but the point man should be that Congressman, Bill Johnson along with the two US Senators Vance who has responded and Brown who doesn’t appear to done much that I have seen reported.

        CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | February 23, 2023 at 1:41 pm

        Fair enough point but will you follow where he leads?

Look, a real leader. Contrast that to the retarded dementia middle pedophile in the White House.

Trump succeeds so well at this because his concern is genuine – he really does love the US of A and all the people in it.

This is who I saw at his campaign rally I San Jose California in 2016. At the impromptu rally, held in place of a cancelled fundraiser , he spoke to a crowd of 5,000 people. (That was with 2 days, wor-of-mouth only notice.) Regular campaign rhetoric, nothing special said at the rally – what was special came at the end. He finished his speech, then came down off the stand to the people in the front of the crowd and spent the next 40 minutes shaking hands and talking to the public, all the way across the front of the venue. That impressed the socks off of me. It’s not just what he says – it what Trump does that make people believe in him. A real leader.

And I love how today he made the entire Biden administration look like chumps.

Tim Scott would make a helluva running mate.

    Among others. It was meant as a compliment, not an endorsement. Way too early for that, and way too much is yet to happen. Early voting is for closed minds.

      healthguyfsu in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | February 23, 2023 at 8:36 am

      I don’t think anyone with a future is lining up to be the next Pence.

        Didn’t say “lining up.” Put words in someone else mouth, please!

          healthguyfsu in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | February 23, 2023 at 1:44 pm

          To put in words in your mouth, I’d have to claim that you said it (I didn’t). It’s a figure of speech, but maybe your word of the day is “defensive”.

        Pence is a traitor and I believe always was

          A traitor? You know that word has an actual definition, right? Please explain, in your own words (not copies and pastes from crap sites) how Pence is a traitor (by the actual definition of the term).

          Just to be clear, I’m not a huge Pence fan and don’t believe he can ever be elected president, but he was the first normie to back Trump. That did change the landscape for a lot of people who were initially Trump-shy. Pence gave the ticket gravitas and statesmanship. (You Trump people have to remember that not everyone is a devoted, take a bullet for the guy, Trump fan like you, some of us voted against Hillary or for Trump in ’20, but did not swear our undying devotion to his return to the throne. Mostly because we don’t have a throne in America, so you cannot count on Trump already having banked the 74 million votes from ’20. Not by a long long shot. He’s lost a lot of them in the meantime, a lot among his own party and by his own actions.)

          healthguyfsu in reply to gonzotx. | February 23, 2023 at 1:58 pm

          Cool story, Karen.

          Provide evidence that he is a “traitor”.

          Real evidence not shitblog fodder AND the fact that he wouldn’t violate the Constitution on Trump’s orders is disqualifying.

        You clearly interpreted it as if it was being said, when it was not, and now pretend you didn’t with word games. You sound like the defensive one here.

          healthguyfsu in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | February 23, 2023 at 2:08 pm

          LOL Please tell me how my mind works.

          We’ve never met and are strangers, but you’ve got telepathy down to an art!

          We can change your word of the day to “delusional”

          Dealth with people like you for many years. Arrogant to a fault. Tossing insults. Pretend all you like.

          healthguyfsu in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | February 23, 2023 at 8:38 pm

          Guess it’s difficult for you to see the irony in claiming that I put words in your mouth then turn around in the same thread and try to claim to know the thoughts in my mind.

          I don’t need to insult you. You do this to yourself. You have repeatedly shown the inability to keep track of your own limited argument.

Not sure why anyone who has ever read up about PDJT knows he’s a generous man. He’s always doing good deeds.
Is he loud and obnoxious about what he does? Sure, but so is every corporation.
Corps get donations from employees for some disaster and who stands up front for the pictures? Not the employees donating the money, that’s for sure.

MoeHowardwasright | February 23, 2023 at 5:22 am

While FJB was trying to start WWIII and falling up the stairs, President Trump doing what he does best. Connecting with people. He does have a genuine ability to empathize with people. The government was not going to lift a finger until President Trump scheduled his visit. I will give you the reason FJB wasn’t going to go or offer federal assistance, Larry Fink told him to cool it. BlackRock is the largest shareholder of Norfolk Southern. Let that sink in! Oh and if I didn’t make it clear, FJB!

    Connecting with people. He does have a genuine ability to empathize with people.
    And this is why he was a populist president. I think if he had run simply on his braggadocio and policy positions, he might not have even managed to beat Hillary in 2016. But he made a lot of people feel like he cared (and especially about their pride as Americans), and Hillary… well, she never has.

    It took a LOT of work by the progressives to undermine that populism in 2020 (to get within the margin of fraud).

      gonzotx in reply to GWB. | February 23, 2023 at 12:31 pm

      It was non stop
      Media lies, Democrat lies, Supreme Court and other judicial courts refusing to do their duties out of fear or just plain being bought amd sold communist, our military heads. Congress, RINOs and all the deep state slamming him with machetes each and every day

      But an over flowing toilet, which apparently overflowed in 5 states, WHEW, is what allowed the massive multimillion vote cheating to commence

Definitely a good move. More of this and less of the other stuff. He also needs to win over voters he didn’t already have. This area of Ohio was already for him.

An industrial-hell derailment and everyone uses it to make political hay. I suppose that’s to be expected.

Biden is a no-show because the train derailed in a predominantly white section of a Red state.

Trump capitalizes on this in true populist style, something we might have seen from someone like Huey Long.

It’s why the forgotten working man loves him and the pencil-pushing pansies of the academies and the state bureaucracies, the entire college-indoctrinated and trained chattering professional class, hates his guts.

If he manages to be nominated, he is the clear choice for President, because of and in spite of these soulless ambisexual hate-filled yuppies.

    Biden is a no-show because the train derailed in a predominantly white section of a Red state.
    I think MoeHowardwasright has it, though. More important than the Republican voting is the connection of key money men to the train company.

Something I’m curious about…
Have any private charities been at this disaster helping? Red Cross? Christian church groups? Why the heck not?

Is it a fear of going in while the fire is still burning (metaphorically)?

Or, is it simply that no one has bothered to publicize it?

Admittedly, Syria and Turkey have a lot more dead people and probably more homeless right now than East Palestine, OH. But it still seems like this is somewhere Trump shouldn’t have been the first one in (at this late date).

Here’s a snippet of what the leader of Hungry thinks of President Trump vs the zombie in the WH

(Via Daily Mail) – Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban snubbed Wednesday’s meeting in Warsaw with President Joe Biden and the other Bucharest Nine leaders after insisting Donald Trump was the only person who could broker peace with Vladimir Putin.

Orban has been an outlier on the war in Ukraine, chiding the European Union for prolonging the conflict and saying in October that only former U.S. President Donald Trump could negotiate a deal between the Ukrainians and Russians to end the conflict.

‘This is going to sound brutal, but hope for peace goes by the name of Donald Trump,’ Orban said at the time, arguing Biden wasn’t the man for the job because he has ‘gone too far’ in calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a ‘war criminal.’

Yes, Trump is a better person than he’s given credit for. Everything he did in office was positive for Americans – jobs (more than ever and including Black Americans as well), religious freedom, got at least control of the evil Isis horrors, was bringing troops home and listening to his General Officers, for the first time in decades the best control in most people’s lifetime of our Southern border, one can’t even list it all. He would also step on his own good news by tweeting some horrendous “thing’ at night and that was all the democrat/liberal news organizations would talk about. He was the most successful president in my memory – because he understood the economy, was willing to barrel ahead and was not a politician . . . his biggest sin!