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Pompeo Warns That CCP is “Inside Every Major American University”

Pompeo Warns That CCP is “Inside Every Major American University”

“with research dollars and with their students”

Republicans in the Senate were working on this before Democrats took control.

Campus Reform reports:

China is ‘inside every major American university,’ former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News that “the Chinese Communist Party’s inside every major American university today with research dollars and with their students.”

“They’re at the University of Pennsylvania, too,” he continued. “And we now know that this Chinese money, these Chinese officials met classified documents in that space.”

Pompeo said that he “never gave an inch” as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Secretary of State under former President Donald Trump. The Biden administration, Campus Reform has reported, is reducing scrutiny of Chinese influence in American higher education.

Rep. Virginia Foxx, the Chairwoman of the Education and Workforce Committee, recently reopened investigations into foreign donations to colleges and universities. Foxx decided to continue these investigations after the Biden administration dropped them and as universities’ self-reported donations declined under his administration’s watch, according to National Review.

One of the universities under investigation is the University of Pennsylvania.

“I heard Sen. Cruz say this, and we need to know what’s in those documents, what the seriousness of them is, what potential breaches there are,” Pompeo told Fox News. “They were in the same place. We need to know if there’s any risk [Chinese officials] might have gotten a hold of them.”

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano described how Chinese money influences American universities in a Daily Wire op-ed. In one incident, a Harvard University department chair failed to disclose a salary from the Wuhan University of Technology in China, where he opened a lab.


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Not only are they there, Joe’s paying their tuition.

The CCP may be there but the evils coming out of the U.S. University system are without exception American in origin, and are major American exports.

The one child policy was a Chinese adoption of an American idea that overpopulation was destroying the Earth.

I know of zero evidence that wokism is anything but American in origin.

What the CCP wants to do is spy on scientific research, it isn’t the cause or part of America’s cultural civil war.

If you think foreign rivals spying on our technology is new may I introduce you to the theft of America’s nuclear secrets? Or illegal selling of technology to the Russian Army during the interwar years?

We really need to stop pretending our political conflict is something other than a dispute about what our values are with other Americans who have a different idea. The Chinese don’t give a dam about transgender bathrooms in America, the Russians don’t give a dam about CRT.

You could remove all Chinese government influence from Universities and not a single one would change in any way.

Do I want them to spy on our technology?

Of course not

Do you think it particularly newsworthy that a foreign rival wants to know our technology, or that we should be focused on that as our most important issue?

Also of course not.