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Penn State Students Claim Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser Not Diverse Enough

Penn State Students Claim Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser Not Diverse Enough

“wasn’t made for people of color”

What these students are saying basically, is that the event was just too white. What does that have to do with raising money for pediatric cancer?

The College Fix reports:

Pediatric cancer fundraiser not diverse enough, Penn State students say

An annual fundraiser at Pennsylvania State University that raises money to help kids suffering from cancer is too white, according to some student leaders.

Called THON, the annual event involves 46 hours of dancing and entertainment and “raises funds and awareness for the fight against childhood cancer,” according to the group’s website.

But the event, run by campus fraternities and sororities, is not diverse enough, according to the editorial board of the campus newspaper and a student government leader.

Jeanelle Loiseau is the chief of staff for the University Park Undergraduate Association and was a Black Caucus representative.

She said she “never felt safe” attending the annual event and wrote that “THON wasn’t made for people of color.”

One issue is that the primary event is run by two Greek life organizations but does not include the “the National Pan-Hellenic Council and Multicultural Greek Council,” which she said are primarily made up of racial minorities.

She wrote in the Daily Collegian:

While Panhel and IFC likely contribute the most, this name discriminates against those who are not associated with greek life, which circles back to people of color, who may not want to be in greek life or chose to be in a NPHC or MGC organization. Diversity in Panhel and IFC is low as well, so it is not a win-win situation for anybody.

Loiseau also said there was “known racism” based on one complaint about one black girl allegedly being told something about her hair. The student leader also said that a “gender-fluid” student was not treated well because there were only bathrooms for women and women.

She wrote:

Last year, Teddy Wilson, a gender-fluid student, participated in THON as an IDC pair. While they were provided gender-neutral storage, they were not provided a gender-neutral bathroom to use. They were forced to use either the men’s or women’s bathroom, which gave them great anxiety. Their message was addressed to the whole Penn State community — that there should be accessibility for all.


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The Gentle Grizzly | February 25, 2023 at 12:21 pm

She said she “never felt safe” attending the annual event and wrote that “THON wasn’t made for people of color.”

Sweetie, if you feel that put out about this, why not hold an event specificallu foor colored people of color? You know… something separate. But, equal mind you…

So because two white Greek houses decided to voluntarily expend the effort to do something positive, but two “diverse” Greek councils didn’t cowboy up to join in, it’s the houses’ fault for not doing MOAR?
Then when Scott Adams says that “I’m going to back off from being helpful to Black Americans because it doesn’t seem like it pays off,” he’s the racist.

    olafauer in reply to henrybowman. | February 25, 2023 at 5:26 pm

    It would appear that blacks look for every opportunity to whine!

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to olafauer. | February 26, 2023 at 3:17 pm

      And guilty where’s to snivel and blubber about what Adam’s said. Over at airliners dot net, they have a non-aviation section. One of the threads is about Scott Adams’s “racist screed”, and how his strip is now evil because blah blah blah. So my any of the comment makers sound like groveling fools.

Newsflash, White are PoC too.

Seems like an activist whining that since it wasn’t designed to exclusively cater for her and her kind, that the event isn’t inclusive enough.

Had it been designed for her and her kinds then everyone else would be getting excluded, but if they complained about exclusivity she’d doubtless scream bigotry, intolerance, and all the Left’s favourite buzzwords.

dear offended black snowflake:

nobody cares


the world