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​​Notre Dame Student Senate Votes for More LGBTQ+, Minority Counselors

​​Notre Dame Student Senate Votes for More LGBTQ+, Minority Counselors

“hiring more diverse counselors helps everyone”

More virtue signaling from campus liberals.

Campus Reform reports:

​​Notre Dame students want more LGBTQ, minority counselors

The University of Notre Dame’s Student Senate recently voted in favor of diversifying the school’s counselors.

During a Jan. 18 meeting, the Student Senate passed Resolution 2223-13, which calls upon the University Counseling Center (UCC) to “increase representation of LGBTQ+ individuals, racial, and ethnic minorities in their full-time and part-time counseling staff.”

The resolution allegedly came as a response to survey results obtained by the senate, revealing that LGBTQ+ and minority students on campus are “uncomfortable” sharing their identity with the school’s current counselors.

Briana Chappell, the senate’s director of gender relations – LGBTQ+ advocacy, shared during the meeting that a minority of the previously listed groups reported an issue with the current UCC counselors, according to student newspaper The Observer.

“47.7% of students of color and 35.5% of LGBTQ questions declare that they have been hesitant to reach out to the UCC for support as a result of their identity,” Chappell said.

Another senator claimed that “hiring more diverse counselors helps everyone.”

The Observer also reported that, as of now, students are allowed to select the gender or race of the counselor they want to meet with. However, the senate argued that more needs to be done.

Despite Resolution 2333-13 “overwhelmingly” passing, not all Notre Dame students are on board.

“My reaction specifically towards the diversity resolution is disappointment about their priorities, but not shock,” Notre Dame student and TPUSA secretary Jose Rodriguez told Campus Reform.

Rodriguez also cited the importance of prioritizing qualifications and “people who promote a Catholic mission,” since the University of Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic institution.


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We had counselors in college?
News to me. I know we had a medical staff because I interacted with them. Once.

As long as Mommy and Daddy (or, at least, someone else) is paying the tuition+ bills, why should they care how much it costs?

Giving any power to “student government” is madness.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to gibbie. | February 9, 2023 at 4:07 pm

    This brings a question to mind: are there any colleges that don’t have foolishness like “Student Senate” or other such things for students to play with? When I was in both high school and college I paid no attention to any of this nonsense.

    tbonesays in reply to gibbie. | February 10, 2023 at 1:41 pm

    The Notre Dame student gov, and the Observer quoted, were and likely still are completely out of sync with the conservative student body. It was a commune of progressives who had a Catholic parent and/or didn’t make it into their preferred ivies.

“hiring more diverse counselors helps everyone”

Why? Justify/support this statement with actual facts, please.