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Karine Jean-Pierre on a Biden Visit to Ohio: ‘I Don’t Have Anything to Share on a Presidential Visit, Not at This Time’

Karine Jean-Pierre on a Biden Visit to Ohio: ‘I Don’t Have Anything to Share on a Presidential Visit, Not at This Time’

Biden hasn’t even spoken to East Palestine, OH, mayor. But hey! Pete Buttigieg showed up today!

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a tough time answering questions regarding the administration’s slow response to the tox train derailment in East Palestine, OH.

President Joe Biden visits places hit by natural or human disasters. He recently visited Ukraine and Poland. But so far, nothing about Ohio. From what we know, he hasn’t even called the mayor of East Palestine. It’s okay since Buttigieg finally showed up 20 days later:

JEAN-PIERRE: “No, it’s — I — look, I want to be very clear here. I don’t — again, I don’t have anything to share on a presidential visit, not at this time, or anything to announce, but it does matter that the President put forth a multi-agency kind of reaction to this.”

KJP fumed over the criticism of Buttigieg’s response to the disaster. It took him 10 days to address the accident and 20 days to visit.

KJP does what any government official does: invoke the previous administration!


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One President already visited….

Biden is preoccupied with a cover-up of SpringGate with “benefits” in Kiev.

The Gentle Grizzly | February 23, 2023 at 6:15 pm

“[H]e has spoke to Gov. DeWine…and Gov. Shapiro…”

Her command of proper English seems wanting. It is a language with complex rules and many exceptions TO those rules, but, this one is basic.

Regarding Biden’s conduct: had this derailment disaster taken place in or near Chicago, Philadelphia, or Baltimore, he’d have been there within 48 hours. Recalling James(?) Baker’s remark about Jewish voters, “scren [the Jews]; they don’t vote for us!” Same with blue collar places. Why bother?

    As has been shown consistently, if the disaster occurs where the population is predominately black, the administration packs up the demented fossil and ships him there immediately, so he can pretend he cares. The leftist/socialists cannot win elections without the majority of blacks voting for them, so they are always at their beck and call, pretending to be helpful.

The president is considering a broad palate of minority trangender lesbian communists with a fetish for luggage theft for this very important position.

You’d think he’d at least show up to sniff some kiddies at the New Palestine preschool

Hey, he sent his butt plug what more want?

It is fascinating to see the difference in response by political officials and people of influence between a random crazy shooting up a place with 1-4 casualties and a toxic spill/deliberate burn that may have poisoned a town of 4K, the watershed and nearby residents as well.

For the act of a random crazy we get countless sound bites pontificating, though not about how he should have already been locked up. Here when a powerful corporate entity is directly responsible with assists from whomever in govt signed off on burning those cars full of chemicals, one of which when burned becomes a WW1 chemical weapon. Great job guys. /s

Looks like the people upstairs have begun keeping Karinge in the dark and feeding her BS.
That may explain the haircut.

Scranton Joe seems to care more for the Palestinians than the East Palestinians.

KJP: “I’ve got nothing.”

This is so sad and unfair. The citizens of East Palestine, OH deserve to have an angry, senile, old man shout at them that they are ignorant, call them names and tell that that this was all their fault.

CaliforniaJimbo | February 24, 2023 at 2:44 pm

WOW. These questions are not difficult. Why didn’t KJP ask POTUS or at least his COS what the official position is? She sounds like she didn’t study for the pop quiz and is caught unaware by the teacher. For what she’s making, one expects a bit of effort in the job.

With your own mic and a captive audience you can’t think of anything to say that’ll benefit the cause?

Jeebus N Chomsky on a Chyron, people struggle for the access and attention to plant their message — that’s half the battle. This frakking administration demonstrates their disinterested incompetence every time they decline to speak up.