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Jill Biden on Joe’s 2024 Plans: ‘He Says He’s Not Done. He’s Not Finished What He’s Started’

Jill Biden on Joe’s 2024 Plans: ‘He Says He’s Not Done. He’s Not Finished What He’s Started’

“How many times does he have to say it for you to believe it?”

First Lady Jill Biden told The Associated Press her husband is not finished, giving the strongest hint Brandon will run in 2024:

“How many times does he have to say it for you to believe it?” the first lady said in Nairobi, the second and final stop of her five-day trip to Africa.

She added, “He says he’s not done. He’s not finished what he’s started. And that’s what’s important.”

Biden aides have said an announcement is likely to come in April, after the first fundraising quarter ends, which is around the time that President Barack Obama officially launched his reelection campaign.

The first lady has long been described as a key figure in Biden’s orbit as he plans his future.

“Because I’m his wife,” she laughed.

She brushed off the question about whether she has the deciding vote on whether the president runs for reelection.

“Of course he’ll listen to me, because we’re a married couple,” she said. But, she added later, “he makes up his own mind, believe me.”


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“I’ve not yet begun to defile myself”

This clown is a self-serving parasite, no less than vegatable John Fetterman’s crazy wife.

God, I detest these people

Dear God let him be done!

He’s not finished, but if gets another four we will be.

Edited: “He’s Not Finished Ruining What He’s Started.”

Obama’s World War Spring is in the air, and Biden’s “benefits” and cover-up starts with bennies for babies.

He’s Not Finished What He’s Started
Has Scranton Joe ever finished what he’s started? Does he have a single legislative accomplishment from his time in the Senate? Does he have any accomplishments from his time as Vice President? ANY?

(And, yes, this woman is abusing Old Joe for her own benefit. An evil woman, even if Scramble Brain Joe deserves it.)

“He’s Not Finished What He’s Started”

World War III ?
US Civil War version 2.0?
Collapse of US Economy?

Not done doing exactly what? Pooping his pants? Destroying the country? Falling UP stairs? 10% for the “Big Guy”? Making inflation “transitory”?
Asking for a friend.

Yeah, WTH… there’s still a middle class left, the electricity is still on, people still have a few bucks in the bank, inflation isn’t at 300%, and employment is still above 10%… so yeah, Biden’s job destruction is not yet complete.

Oh, he’s done now. I doubt he makes a command decision all day.
Still has almost two years to get through before he thinks about 4 more.

Yes, there are still parts of America the pedophile hasn’t yet destroyed.

Kamala needs to push him out. We need more leaks of his classified document finds.

“He’s Not Finished What He’s Started”

But there’s no sense crying /
Over every mistake /
You just keep on trying /
Till you run out of cake /
And the Science gets done /
And you make a neat gun /
For the people who are /
Still alive…

Joe hasn’t finished what he started. He needs four more years to completely destroy this country.

Uh, “Dr.” Jill, he’s done a bang up job In just two years.

I truly dislike this woman.

newsflash, jill–joe was “finished” fifty years ago

Just shows how power hungry she is. Any compassionate wife would recognize his frailty and urged him not to run- the first time.