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Harvard Hosts ‘Decolonizing Black Health’ Conference

Harvard Hosts ‘Decolonizing Black Health’ Conference

“doing away with [Western science] entirely and starting all over again to deal with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it.”

Allowing the left to inject social justice into medicine is a mistake we will regret.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard ‘Decolonizing Black Health’ conference looks to ‘shift away’ from Western medicine

This past weekend Harvard played host to the sixth annual Black Health Matters confab, the theme of which was “Decolonizing Black Health.”

Like equity and anti-racism, decolonization is a progressive-created fad which seeks to move away from Western ways of doing things.

In this case, it is to “’challenge and transform’ approaches to health care that may have been shaped by ‘colonialism, racism, and other forms of oppression,’” The Crimson reports.

According to Harvard Undergraduate Black Health Advocates’ Kristen Harriott, this would entail “shifting focus” to methods “which recognize the interconnectedness of all aspects of health” such as “social, cultural, environmental, maybe even spiritual factors.”

Efosa Enoma of We Got Us, a collective that “aims to educate and empower marginalized groups about Covid-19, the vaccine, and medical racism,” explained that blacks’ hesitancy towards the medical profession has its roots in slavery. She cited 19th century-physician J. Marion Sims’ experiments: “The founder of gynecology isn’t a white man, it’s Black women. We founded gynecology with our bodies, unfortunately, without our consent.”

The practical effect of decolonization is regression … all in the name expunging the white man’s influence. Students at South Africa’s University of Cape Town even said exactly that — that science should be “scratched” because it is a “product of racism.”

One UCT student defined “decolonization” as “doing away with [Western science] entirely and starting all over again to deal with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it.”

Durham University’s decolonization efforts include professors asking themselves if they are citing too many “white or male mathematicians.”

Scholars at Concordia University are working to decolonize light — “advancing other ways of knowing about light, science and physics.” Courses will be developed in conjunction with Native scholars to “elevate” indigenous knowledge … while “Eurocentric” science is “de-centered” and “scrutinized for its alleged past and present contributions to colonialism.”


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It’s bad enough that our health experts” are cutting off perfectly good genitals… now they’re removing black people’s colons too?

Wait. I am white and totally skeptical about the WuFlu science being dispensed. Have I been guilty of appropriation by being wary?

There is actually a lot of “primitive” medicine that has some validity.
Interestingly, the problem was people who made SCIENCE! their religion that rejected it out of hand because it wasn’t “scientific”. Then a bunch of science came along and validated it. Proving those who worship SCIENCE! are full of hubris.

We haven’t seen any effects of that for a long time, though. (Assuming yesterday was “a long time” ago….)

    henrybowman in reply to GWB. | February 24, 2023 at 9:54 pm

    My usual retort about mischaracterizing what “SCIENCE!” really means concerns how human beings had 48 chromosomes for 33 years, and all the “experimental replication” validated that, until somebody who could see better realized there were only 46 — one pair of them always looking like two pairs because of an unstained center. And the shitstorm he had to weather was significant for contradicting the venerable old farts who had seen 48 for three decades.
    Science done dispassionately is never a religion, but human nature assures us it won’t be.