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Gov. Newsom Finally Ending California’s COVID State of Emergency After Three Years

Gov. Newsom Finally Ending California’s COVID State of Emergency After Three Years

It’s about time.

After three years, California Gov. Gavin Newsom rescinded the state of emergency on Tuesday.

Newsom claimed, “California is better prepared and that’s because we have a serious Legislature and the health ecosystem in California is second to none in the country.”

We’re all laughing at you, Newsom.

The state of emergency gave Newsom “broad executive powers to protect Californians from an unpredictable and deadly virus.”

For three years. It sounds like a power grab, but what do I know? (I’ve been more cynical than usual lately!)

Props to The Los Angeles Times for including Newsom’s hypocrisy during the state of emergency, especially his dinner at French Laundry in Napa Valley. He also had his kids in private schools while public schools remained closed.

But the dinner at French Laundry cost him support with his party.

The hypocrisy caused an uproar and led to a recall election. Newsom survived the September 2021 recall.

Newsom won reelection in November 2022.

Only a handful of states still have declarations, including Texas! Not shocked Illinois is on the list, too. The other states are Colorado, New Mexico, Georgia, Delaware, and Rhode Island.


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Two weeks to flatten the curve….and three years of totalitarianism based of lies, opportunism and cowardice.

    Not only that but he also received what, $200B of Covid relief funds of which over $40B was stolen via DMV fraud (Biden just named her new chairman of the Dept of Labor) and most of the rest went to the Teachers’ unions and their pension funds. Nothing but waste. And the infrastructure and everything else still sucks.

Funny how things change when a Presidential Run is in the offing.

Gov. Hair Gel is just being “mindful” that he has damaged the brand and that his “cohorts” are getting “damned” frustrated with being painted (busted) by his hypocrisy. He is a very “mindful” guy. He uses that word in every sentence. He says “damned” alot. It’s like Biden giving us his squinty-eyed look when he is “not joking”.