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Divisive Racial Categories in Census Should Alarm Conservatives

Divisive Racial Categories in Census Should Alarm Conservatives

“The balkanization of the United States, often along government-fabricated racial and ethnic lines, is one of the building blocks of the cultural Marxist threats in this country.”

The left is absolutely determined to divide Americans by race. What’s happening with the census is a good reminder of that.

Mike Gonzalez writes at the Daily Signal:

Government’s Divisive Racial Categories in Census Should Put Conservatives on Notice

Conservatives haven’t been as interested as progressives are in capturing the federal bureaucracy, or at least they’ve been much less successful. That goes double for the Census Bureau, whose committee on race long has been the plaything of sociology professors and affinity groups.

For this reason, rank-and-file conservatives may not grasp the importance of the racial changes being proposed by the Census Bureau. That would be a mistake. The Left really cares about the census, which means conservatives should pay attention.

The balkanization of the United States, often along government-fabricated racial and ethnic lines, is one of the building blocks of the cultural Marxist threats in this country. The Census Bureau’s new proposal expands and deepens this racial dispensation.

That’s why I wrote a comment last week to the Office of Management and Budget on the proposals from the Federal Interagency Technical Working Group on Race and Ethnicity Standards. The comment can be found here .

Conservatives—indeed, Americans of all stripes—should read what the Census Bureau proposes to do, then read my comment, and add a comment of their own, which they can do here.

Once you get through the bureaucratic gobbledygook (which must be intended by some in the permanent administrative state to confuse the citizenry), you find that what the proposals do is create one more racial category—this one for Americans originating in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)—and effectively turn an earlier OMB-crafted umbrella ethnic group, “Hispanics,” into its own racial category.

In my comment, I strongly recommend against adoption of these changes. The government’s creation of yet one more minority group out of a population now classified as white would be a monumental mistake. Likewise, “Hispanic” is a government label for people from many races. It is not its own race.

What we really should be doing is scrapping our current racial categorizations altogether.


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United we stand, divided we fall….they win. They always win.
I am white, female, Christian, senior, homeschooler, wife, mother, knitter/designer, multi-ethnic, voracious reader, highly educated, conservative, business owner, traveler, and American.
Pigeonhole that, Census Bureau.

    George_Kaplan in reply to herm2416. | February 19, 2023 at 8:44 pm

    So an undesirable, privileged, extreme undesirable, undesirable, quasi-terrorist, misogynistic, breeder, ???, spawn of miscegenation, undesirable, privileged, quasi-terrorist, privileged, privileged, privileged type, assuming I’ve my Woke criteria down.

    Note intersectionality dictates the privilege meriting aspects of your identity be cancelled by the undesirablequasi-terrorist elements of your identity.

    Pigeonholed? 🙂

This reminds me of the time I refused to give the phone census-droid particular information demanded of me. It ended with:

“…I already said I’m not answering that. Insisting more isn’t going to change that. You are free to send enforcers around to extract it from me — you already know where I live. You probably want to make sure they’re tooled up — they want to drag me off to make a point, they’re gonna have to drag me. Not that that will get me to answer.

Is there anything else on your form that maybe we can answer right now?”

Nobody came round.