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Dartmouth College Launches ‘Years-Long Program to Implement DEI’

Dartmouth College Launches ‘Years-Long Program to Implement DEI’

“The weight of systemic forms of oppression are heavy”

The left is doubling down on these policies. They don’t care about public opposition, they’re just doing what they want to do.

The College Fix reports:

‘Towards Equity’ Dartmouth event introduces years-long program to implement DEI

Dartmouth College hosted an event Jan. 31 to launch a three-year institutional program called “Towards Equity: Aligning Action and Accountability,” dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

The College Fix attended the event along with approximately 125 people, mostly Dartmouth administrators and professors.

document sent to all attendees outlines DEI initiatives Dartmouth is planning for the coming years, including establishing an Institute for Black Intellectual and Cultural Life “following the national racial unrest in 2020,” according to the document.

Additionally, Dartmouth aims to increase the number of faculty of color, provide more resources for underrepresented minorities in STEM, and implement DEI training for all leaders on campus.

“The weight of systemic forms of oppression are heavy,” Shontay Delalue, who led the development of the three-year initiative, told the group at the event.

Delalue is senior vice president and senior diversity officer with the Dartmouth Division of Institutional Diversity and Equity. She has a doctorate in education and is an adjunct assistant professor of African and African American Studies, according to her university bio.

To Delalue, equity means “leveling the playing field” and giving people what they need as opposed to “giving everybody the same thing,” which she would define as equality, she told The Fix in an interview. “Equity is making sure that in policies and practices that people who have not been given access in the past are now getting access, so it’s leveling the playing field, not just making sure everybody has the same exact thing.”

She acknowledged that progress has been made, noting the Civil Rights Act.


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“The weight of systemic forms of oppression are heavy”

“…is heavy…”, NOT “…are heavy…”

Either way, her assertion is WRONG

The Gentle Grizzly | February 16, 2023 at 12:45 pm

Forget it, Jake. It’s Dartmouth.

Dartmouth was built with government funding to be an Indian school. Then they reneged and turned it into a college for white people.

They could serve equity and justice both by closing the college and making it an Indian school again, in some way that would benefit Indians. They have tin ears though and seem to care about other more-fashionable “marginalized” groups than the one they have actually harmed.