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Cal State U. Monterey Bay Tells Students to Report Profs for Racism if They Don’t Call on Enough Minorities

Cal State U. Monterey Bay Tells Students to Report Profs for Racism if They Don’t Call on Enough Minorities

“Coping with Racism & Discrimination”

The left just keeps inching closer to Mao’s Cultural Revolution, snitching and all.

Campus Reform reports:

California university encourages students to report professors for racism if they don’t get called on

A guide published by California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) instructs students to “think broadly about what could be an act of racism” and report professors for conducting racist tactics in the classroom, such as “consistently not calling” on minority students.

The guide, titled “Coping with Racism & Discrimination,” details ways in which the university claims racism and “race-related stress” can negatively impact students as well as provides students with strategies to combat such things.

Acts of racism, such as not being called on frequently enough, are so pervasive at the school that students turn to substance abuse and develop physical ailments such as heart disease, hypertension, and muscle tension, according to the guide.

The university has mechanisms in place for students to report professors they feel are not calling on non-White students enough or “minimizing [their] contributions.”

CSUMB’s Office of Inclusive Excellence & Sustainability recommends that students report incidents of racial bias to its “Behavioral Intervention Team” which “coordinate[s] action regarding reports of disruptive, problematic or concerning behavior or misconduct from co-workers, students, community members, friends, colleagues, etc.”

After receiving a report, the team “assesses the threat and determines the best referrals for support, intervention, warning/notification and response.”

CSUMB’s policy follows a nationwide trend in which professors are experiencing added pressure to conform to diversity standards imposed by students and administrators, which encroach on professors’ autonomy in the classroom.

A tenured history professor at Bakersfield College, for example, claims that he’s being fired for posing critical questions at a diversity meeting.


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The Gentle Grizzly | February 16, 2023 at 12:44 pm

The profs will now be accused of racism for calling on minorities. Why? Because due to culture and tradition, those minorities did not study the course materials. To do so is acting White.

And, one can assume which “minority” is meant in all of this

amatuerwrangler | February 17, 2023 at 1:44 pm

Contributing to the class discussion? How many times should the prof call on someone only to find they had nothing to contribute, and decide that calling on others would actually contribute to learning (unless finding out who did not do the assignment–as Griz noted– and not to include them in a study group.

I recall going to some classes (calculus, circuit analysis for instance) with paralyzing fear that I would be called on.