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Blizzard Warning Issued for Los Angeles

Blizzard Warning Issued for Los Angeles

Meanwhile, Oregon State University scientists want to add feedback loops into the computer models to create even more climate hysteria.

I suspect the whole global warming/fossil fuel connection may be harder to sell in California…after a blizzard warning for the Los Angeles area.

Southern California has only gotten a taste of the powerful winter storm system that forecasters say will bring an extended period of cold temperatures, high winds and snow, prompting what officials called the region’s first blizzard warning since 1989.

The blizzard warning, which is in effect Friday and Saturday for Southern California’s highest mountain ranges, is likely only the second on record for the Los Angeles area, according to the National Weather Service, Officials initially called this week’s warning the first on record, then later confirmed a blizzard warning was also issued in 1989, when a strong winter storm brought rare snowfall to Southern California, from Palm Springs to the hillsides of Malibu.

That 1989 snowfall has already drawn comparisons to what’s expected this week, said David Sweet, a meteorologist at the weather service’s Oxnard office.

“Between late Thursday and early Saturday, we’re looking at a storm delivering more snow than any other snow in recent decades,” Sweet said. “This is an unusual storm for the area.”

The winter storms are also causing widespread power outages in the state.

Close to 100,000 customers were without power in California Wednesday morning, according to PowerOutage.Us, as parts of the state contended with strong winds.

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company said Tuesday night it would mobilize personnel to prepare from outages resulting from poor weather conditions.

Ice storms threaten the Midwest, as the Southeast sees record high temperatures.

An ice storm warning is in place across a stretch from Iowa to Michigan and significant icing is possible for the mid-Atlantic by late Wednesday; a severe weather threat and high winds are possible from Oklahoma to Missouri; and flooding is likely from heavy rain in parts of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

More than 5 million people are under ice storm warnings across northeastern Iowa, southern Wisconsin, northwestern Illinois and southern Michigan. And more than 2 million are under blizzard warnings across parts of Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas.

Meanwhile, the Southeast could see record heat for February, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s common across the region – a stark contrast to the frigid conditions in the north.

But, hey, let’s blame a trace gas for all this weather drama.

Speaking of which, Oregon State University has just issued a new doom-casting report about feedback loops and climate change.

Twenty-seven global warming accelerators known as amplifying feedback loops, including some that the researchers say may not be fully accounted for in climate models, have been identified by an international collaboration led by Oregon State University (OSU) scientists.

They note that the findings, published today in the journal One Earth, add urgency to the need to respond to the climate crisis and provide a roadmap for policymakers aiming to avert the most severe consequences of a warming planet.

Fabulous….simply tweak the models and create more climate hysteria!

As chatbots have clearly shown, you change the input, the Artificial Intelligence will produce some wild results….as will climate change cultists.


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UnCivilServant | February 23, 2023 at 7:18 am

I guess it’s time to dust off the Pending Ice Age Panic from the 70s.

    And all the Gaia worshippers and climate loons will pivot like the last 30 years of GIGO computer models and doomsday warming predictions never happened.

San Andreas + Blizzard + power outages = Kalifornication

I’m sorry does this article imply the left cares at all about facts? Their ability to warp/ignore reality is positively cultish… they’ll find a way to argue that this is evidence of more climate change.

The blizzard warning is a sneeze compared to the destructive policies of progressive Democrats and sadly, the voters who cast ballots for their own captors.

Blow on, mighty winds and snow, blow on, long, hard and forever.

Weather follows the rules of fluid dynamics with cold circling down and moving East and warmth circling up from the Tropics and circling West. Like mixing two different colors of paint in a counter rotating bucket (if such a thing existed). That is why statistics like warmest year ever actually mean absolutely nothing.

JackinSilverSpring | February 23, 2023 at 8:23 am

The watermelons call this climate change, and with the climate always changing they are never wrong. As for adding additional feedback loops to current climate models, I say go for it. All the models already overpredict actual actual temperature changes. Adding more feedback loops will only make them more wrong than they have been.

Ice storms threaten the Midwest, as the Southeast

Over 700k without power here in Southern Michigan.

    gonzotx in reply to NotCoach. | February 23, 2023 at 10:31 am

    We were without power for 3.5 days here in central texas, some people were without for 10-14 days. It was insane

    Lost so many trees

Snow is common on the peak of the “grapevine” on the 5 freeway. But every time we have rain around here, the local media go into a fevered “Storm Watch!” mode. The weather reporters around here are to weather what Andrés Cantor is to soccer. “R-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-I-N!!!!!!
Yeah, yeah….. it’s going to rain. Get a life.

They’re as welcome as New Englanders are to freeze in the dark.

Nice weather here in Bama, looks like it’s gonna suck elsewhere for a bit. Y’all can keep the snow, ice and freezing temps.

“Trace gas” is just the right term for CO2, but the term doesn’t get used much anymore. Back in the day, when high school science classes actually taught science, I believe there was a mention of the components of air. If I remember correctly, air is composed of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, with the remaining 1% simply referred to as “trace gasses”. Carbon dioxide is something like 1/24th of those trace gasses, which means there is a whole lot of uproar and alarm over something that is merely 1/24th of 1% of the atmosphere.

Baby, it’s cold outside.

I can’t believe nobody’s made the “Hell finally freezing over” joke, yet.

Gosh darn that GLOWBULL WARMING…

Don’t forget your booties cause its cold out there!

The snow on Wilshire Blvd will melt off when the June warmth finally arrives. Ice skaters at the pond at MacArthur Park need to watch the ice thickness to avoid a frigid plummet.

Feedback is a thing. If their prior “climate” models *didn’t* include feedback, they are wrong on the face.

Every runaway climate model I’ve seen includes multiple, questionable, positive feedback loops — more CO2, makes warmer, releases more CO2. There’s in-atmosphere positive feedback loops in some of them driving up energy capture.

When you can see their work you get why their predictions are so bad. I haven’t seen one of these climate models yet that would pass as a freshman year chemical engineering homework solution.

Amateurs, sloppy, and motivated “studies” all at once.

I’m so old I remember when Atmospheric Rivers were called Pineapple Expresses. of course, like mass shootings, every single drizzle event is now labeled a species ending atmospheric river event, and we have had 26 so far this year.

BTW, it does suck at the moment in Portland.