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Beijing Claims U.S. has Flown Over 10 ‘High-Altitude Balloons’ in China’s Airspace the Past Year

Beijing Claims U.S. has Flown Over 10 ‘High-Altitude Balloons’ in China’s Airspace the Past Year

“It is also common for U.S. balloons to illegally enter the airspace of other countries.”

The Chinese government claimed the U.S. has flown over 10 “high-altitude balloons” since 2022. From The Associated Press:

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin gave no details about the alleged U.S. balloons, how they had been dealt with or whether they had government or military links.

“It is also common for U.S. balloons to illegally enter the airspace of other countries,” Wang said at a daily briefing. “Since last year, U.S. high-altitude balloons have illegally flown over China’s airspace more than 10 times without the approval of Chinese authorities.”

Wang said the U.S. should “first reflect on itself and change course, rather than smear and instigate a confrontation.”

National Security Council Spokesperson Adrienne Watson called the claim rubbish:

“It is China that has a high-altitude surveillance balloon program for intelligence collection, connected to the People’s Liberation Army, that it has used to violate the sovereignty of the United States and over 40 countries across five continents,” Watson said.

“This is the latest example of China scrambling to do damage control. It has repeatedly and wrongly claimed the surveillance balloon it sent over the United States was a weather balloon and to this day has failed to offer any credible explanations for its intrusion into our airspace and the airspace of others.”

In the past eight days, the U.S. shot down four high-altitude objects in its airspace.

The first one flew across the country before the military shot it down. The Pentagon described it as a surveillance object from China.

China said the object was a weather balloon that got blown off course.

The Washington Post reported last week that China’s spy balloon program began several years ago.

However, General Glen VanHerck said he hasn’t ruled out anything including aliens. That explains why the military calls them objects and not balloons.

I personally would welcome our alien overlords. Now I want to watch Independence Day.


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Great. Shoot them down.

Beijing claims. Full stop.

    henrybowman in reply to Whitewall. | February 13, 2023 at 2:15 pm

    It must be really frustrating to the Biden Administration to have to deal with foreign officials who bloviate, bullshit, and gaslight way more fluently than they do.
    I’m having nostalgic Khrushchev flashbacks just listening to this line of commie horse poop.
    Good times.

Prove it, Hop-Sing.

Their claims are just blowing in the wind.

I think our satellites are pretty good

We don’t need no damn balloons

We are probably paying some Senator’s nephew to try and fly paper airplanes over them too.

And of course it’s classified. Especially the 💰💰💰

The big question is so what?

The follow up is “when exactly did this become news”?

A possible third question is “Does Beijing think it is still the 1950s and people don’t already know this is happening?

I could come up with several more follow up questions but the story is not much of a story.

    gonzotx in reply to Danny. | February 13, 2023 at 12:42 pm

    Oh Danny

      Danny in reply to gonzotx. | February 13, 2023 at 12:58 pm

      Yes the United States flying cheap objects over the airspace of a rival to see if there is something unusual going on is news…..

      In scientific news a Nobel prize winner just determined that the Earth is round.

      I am sure both the cheap trash China sent over the United States is Chinese and the cheap trash we sent over China is American, neither is a news story, both are expected, both found nothing of note, and it is time to stop this hysteria.

      henrybowman in reply to gonzotx. | February 13, 2023 at 4:25 pm

      It’s like listening to a Pessimistic Q, isn’t it?

        The point is of course we gather data and collect easily obtainable information on a rival power.

        Of course the Chinese know we do that, and of course we when China does it to us.

        It isn’t 1950, we all know that one another has intel including via aircraft and satellites.

        The hysteria being drummed up over balloons is a huge distraction from a major American failure that demands accountability because Ohio was practically nuked by incompetents, without any Chinese, Russian or other foreign involvement.

        I just think it is time to live in the real world. Yes the great powers collect information about one another, use spy aircraft, spies and other assets no it isn’t news, and hasn’t been for decades.

It’s possible.
But no evidence of any shoot down?
No video, no debris?
Wow, that sounds just like the Biden Administration!
Birds of a feather!

I think the Biden Administration is counting on messages in a bottle…

It’s so typical of the stupid, incompetent, feckless and dithering Dumb-o-crats to be forced into action regarding these spy balloons, not out of any modicum of a sense of duty, basic competence and a proactive strategic posture regarding national security, but, simply out of a self-serving desire to avoid criticism and political fallout.

The first was provocation bait. Mission accomplished.

Now the ratcheting escalation will go on through the summer with the intent to get some major concessions from FJ Biden by Christmas. OR they are trying a deep fake to make Joe look strong and get him re-elected by conceding to Joe… which takes some serious stage acting. I would say that strategy is actually totally genius if it were true. Hmm see an election year in the distant future? Meddling with US elections….That would be a solid win for them if that is what China is up to… make Joe look strong.

The MSM would totally lap up the news story of FJ taking on chicom Corp Pop and winning.

I think the smart strategy would be to avoid 4 years of Desantis… and if they can accomplish that with some balloons—- they are smarter than everyone else.

Anything that Beijing says lacks credibility

Of more concern is the ballooning national debt.

So shoot them down then, retards.

I just discovered my go-to source of weather balloons — American Science and Surplus — no longer sells them; plus, their product line seems to have been polluted by cheap Chinese kit crap. Now I’m concerned.

“Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin gave no details about the alleged U.S. balloons, how they had been dealt with or whether they had government or military links.”

So they’re offering the same “Trust me” line that the US administration has been giving for claiming Chinese balloons transited the US during the Trump administration. I think I’ll give them the same degree of belief: 0%

If China doesn’t watch out, they will have to chip in another 1% for TBG

Are we to believe this guy or Clapper and Brennan? Take your pick.

“China claims, without evidence, ….”

Nothing they say is credible.