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Westminster College in Utah Offering Course on the Deaths of White Women in TV Shows

Westminster College in Utah Offering Course on the Deaths of White Women in TV Shows

“What is so attractive about watching dead white women?”

So basically, this is a course about TV shows and race. How is this useful to anyone?

Campus Reform reports:

Utah college offers ‘Dead White Women’ course

Westminster College in Utah is offering a course called “FILM*300M Dead White Women” that aims to critically assess why popular TV shows center “around the horrifying deaths or near deaths experienced by white women.”

The 4-credit course is offered for Spring 2023 and is being taught by Professors Stephanie Stroud and Eileen Chanza Torres.

The course description begins by stating, “[W]ith programing that holds salacious titles such as Stalked, Last Seen Alive, Surviving Evil, Southern Fried Homicide, House of Horrors: Kidnapped, Beauty Queen Murders, Dates from Hell and Swamp Murders the Investigative Discovery (ID) channel is the go to place to marvel at the frequency of violent deaths white women suffer at the hands of deranged murderers.”

“What is so attractive about watching dead white women? What is it about white women’s deaths that peeks our voyeuristic instincts? Do we as a culture find pleasure at the horrifying deaths of white women at the hands of abusive lovers and husbands?” are just some of the questions the course will ask students to ponder.

“It also needs to be noted that in between true crime stories about the murder of beauty queens, southern belles and the young white woman last seen walking home from school, the ID channel also includes series of white women as murderers,” the course description reads.


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Stop the world, I want to get off.
Just shut up and turn off the tv,

What a stupid course and idea. It just shows that colleges do not have the sense to offer real courses.

I haven’t seen much of that stuff but I’m pretty sure they don’t just do white women. Not that it matters to the people “teaching” this.

Whatever happened to offering courses that are actually useful in life?

    SophieA in reply to stevie. | January 16, 2023 at 10:49 am

    Perhaps the goal of these woke “professors,” who teach about this subject, could be to encourage more violence against white women.. You know, like the “dog whistle” accusations progressives use to attack anyone with whom they disagree.

    henrybowman in reply to stevie. | January 16, 2023 at 11:02 pm

    They’re useful to get marginal professors their paychecks.
    Higher ends are unimportant.

There’s a reason the nostalgia channels are so popular. Hmmm, I wonder why. Could it be that Andy and Barney never made plans to knock off Aunt Bee?

For some time we have seen churches that have always been conservative, and bible based leaving that fold. The pandemic just showed that to eyes that want to see. The Mormon Church had been in total control of that state until Park City came along. and then as the gay movement took over the front pages. Even as late as the 90’s and early 2000 the church held firm as some of the church paid therapist ask for same sex attraction therapy classes and help for those members–the answer was always no and often the therapist was banished into the outer regions—Now if you want to be the other sex not so bad– changes are everywhere even where you don’t expect. The church is now a big funder of the invasion at the border with resettlement efforts
because it is humanitarian. As we can see many of the mainstream religions are working to end the American values that this nation was founded on.

“What is so attractive about watching dead white women?”
Only some white women.
Sarah Brady. Janet Reno. Bella Abzug. Dianne Feinstein (pending).
Dedicated a bottle to each.