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University in Norway Investigating Whether White Paint is Racist

University in Norway Investigating Whether White Paint is Racist

“a distinctively different battleground for politics of whiteness in art and architecture”

Wokeness is so absurd that it often comes off as parody.

The College Fix reports:

Norwegian university investigates if white paint is … racist

Thanks to a $1.2 million government grant, Norway’s University of Bergen is looking into how white paint has contributed to white supremacy around the world.

The U. Bergen study, called “NorWhite,” focuses on whether the Norwegian-developed paint pigment titanium dioxide white helped advance white “as a superior color,” Fox News reports.

Although Norway isn’t a colonial power in the tradition of Spain, England or Portugal, NorWhite shows “how the country has played a globally leading role” in making white a preferable hue.

The study examines the titanium white pigment via “historical, aesthetic, and critical lenses. Whiteness, it says, typically “is understood as cultural and visual structures of privilege,” but NorWhite offers “a distinctively different battleground for politics of whiteness in art and architecture.”

A December announcement for NorWhite study fellowships noted the research will inquire whether titanium white “not only led to an aesthetic desire for white surfaces, but was also connected to racist attitudes.”

“The appointed scholar will investigate how representations of national identity are linked to art, architecture, and visual culture from 1850 to the present, with an emphasis on recent art history (1850 – today),” the announcement reads. “Relevant topics can be national identity building, industrialization, modernization, aesthetics and technology, color theory (white color), and postcolonial theory.”

NorWhite is funded by the Research Council of Norway, along with the companies Titania A/S and Kronos Titan which mine titanium and produce the titanium white pigment respectively.


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JackinSilverSpring | January 22, 2023 at 10:28 am

Next question: Is snow racist because it’s white? These “academics” are bat-shit crazy.

But if I paint my house black, am I “blackfacing” it?
I know! Why don’t we promote equity by putting the lead back in?
That way, kids of all colors can grow up equally stupid!

George_Kaplan | January 22, 2023 at 8:34 pm

Whiteness is understood as cultural and visual structures of privilege? By whom? And does such ‘logic’ apply to the non-White World i.e. Central America, South America, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, etc?

Seems like a Leftist conclusion in search of proof.

If white paint is racist then so are white tee shirts, underwear, socks, and shirts. They need to be canceled by having the FBI perform spot checks on people and confiscating any white undergarments, or shirts and jackets while they are at it. The violators should be fined or, if they object, jailed.

While we are at it. white pages in books and newspapers are colored to some extent, so we need to outlaw white pages and have all written records, in print or digital, have a black background and orange print.

Paint their classroom walls black. But no fossil fuel electricity.

Learning in the dark is fun.

Snow is obviously racist because it doesn’t snow much in Africa!

I once turned a black potbellied stove red by putting too much black coal in it. Was that racist or trans-racist?