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‘Tyrants’: Idaho School Board Silences Parents, State Senator Who Object to Allowing Biological Males in Female-Only Rooms

‘Tyrants’: Idaho School Board Silences Parents, State Senator Who Object to Allowing Biological Males in Female-Only Rooms

A mom responds: “They have no interest in including us in their decisions. They are just tyrants, and they just want to push their agenda and do their own thing. They’ve proven that time and time again.”

An Idaho school board shut off the microphone of one member who disagreed with a policy allowing transgender locker rooms. The meeting quickly ended when parents who disagreed with the policy erupted after being shut out.

Proposal 3281 “addresses gender identity and sexual orientation in schools and school-related functions.”

The policy was not up for a vote at the Caldwell School District school board meeting.

I noticed the news glosses over what happened at the meeting, making those who oppose the policy the bad guys.

First-term State Senator Chris Trakel voiced his opinion, warning the board they would “face litigation” if the school board pushed the proposal.

KIVITV reported the meeting ended because of the outbursts from those who did not want to adopt the proposal.

The school district expressed disappointment “that some attending refused to follow the rules, ” so others couldn’t share “their thoughts with the board.”

Idaho News 2 disclosed that most people at the meeting spoke out against the policy. But, like KIVITV, it didn’t mention what the board did to Trakel and parents:

The school board chair Marisela Pesina warned the crowd multiple times to maintain order.

Sen. Trakel eventually began raising his voice, shouting at the board members.

The chair moved to recess for broken protocol, which eventually turned into a vote to abruptly adjourn the meeting.

Why did Trakel have to shout? Why did the parents get frustrated?

Trakel and Brittany Gish, with her daughter Gianna, went on Fox & Friends this morning to tell the details Idaho News 6 and other outlets left out.

As Trakel objected to the proposal, the board shut off his microphone, which upset other members. As people who agreed with the senator became vocal, the board shut down the meeting:

“They have no interest in hearing how the parents feel,” Brittany said. “They have no interest in including us in their decisions. They are just tyrants, and they just want to push their agenda and do their own thing. They’ve proven that time and time again.”

“We want rights for everybody, but what I don’t want is someone else’s rights to infringe on my child’s rights. She has her right to her privacy and all the other children should as well,” she said.

Trakel condemned the school district for “attempting to force a policy” on families that puts students in “harm’s way” by removing their privacy.

“And all the while, at the same time, they’re supposed to lie about this to the parents as well,” he said.

Gianna and her friends do not want biological males in female-only rooms: “I am very worried… it would be very awkward for everyone.”


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I feel that the entirety of the LGBTQ movement hinges on the self-perpetuation of exclusion. The crazier they act, the more they are disliked. That is their soma, for they long to be spit upon and reviled.

    AlecRawls in reply to scooterjay. | January 14, 2023 at 5:02 am

    Makes sense. They are weaponizing the “I” in DIE (diversity, inclusion, and equity, which is the order in which these anti-values were imposed, first on academia, and from there onto the rest of society as well).

    Diversity means judging people by the color of their skin rather than by the contents of their character. Inclusion means you can’t say anything that anyone finds offensive, which is the antithesis of free speech. And equity means equality of results instead of equality of opportunity.

    All of these three phony values are opposite to the real values of, first, judging people as individuals rather than by the color of their skin; second, free speech; and third, judging people as individuals (again, this time in terms of merit, which is what it means to judge people as individuals).

    The “inclusion” anti-value, rejecting all judgment of right and wrong, is inherently, anti-free speech, so, of course its effect is to justify censorship, and those who push the “inclusion” anti-value are fully aware that this means censorship and they embrace this and try to maximize it.

    They try to make themselves as perverted and worthy of hatred as possible in order to maximize the resulting censorship, under DIE rules, of the the normal people who they hate.

    Of course, they do not consider their own hatred to violate inclusion, their own censorship to violate inclusion, their own tyrannical intolerance of anyone who disagrees with them to violate inclusion, and why would they? Tyrants have no interest in principle, and never have.

    There is no neutral/universal version of the DIE anti-values. The universal values are the ones that the DIE anti-values negate: judging people by their individual character instead of by the color of their skin, free, speech, and equal opportunity.

    As the opposites of these universal values the DIA values are inherently non-universal. They are inherently, biased, and bigoted and corrupt and immoral, and they show this at every turn.

School boards are elected.
Odd how only Democrat extremists bother to run for the school board.

    UnCivilServant in reply to FrankJNatoli. | January 13, 2023 at 1:45 pm

    I don’t know about the location in question, but locally, my last school board election was in April, and not held at the usual polling places where normal elections are held. They’re not well advertized to the normal citizens, and there was zero signage at the site until after I entered and found the annoyed Teacher’s Union poll workers at the desk who hadn’t expected to deal with an actual voter. I arrived after work. I was voter number six.

    They really clamp down on turnout with every trick in the book.

      stevewhitemd in reply to UnCivilServant. | January 13, 2023 at 1:53 pm

      Yes. Which means that a group committed to removing the current school board needs to learn the rules and tricks. They need to get a slate qualified for the ballot and get voters to the polls. They need to counter the tricks and be prepared for the slime.

      Simply said: no pain, no gain.

      School board is doing what they shouldn’t be doing? Vote them out. Learn how to do so.

      I am currently watching my own district board. So far so good, but I am ready to rumble.

      BierceAmbrose in reply to UnCivilServant. | January 13, 2023 at 2:42 pm

      They really clamp down on turnout with every trick in the book.

      Un-possible. I have been reliably informed that no elections are ever rigged.

      BTW, playing sheananigans with the rules only works against people inclined to follow the ruled — people looking for a “Legal Insurrection”, in the whole, ironic meaning. People willing to work outside the law hold closed meetings, hidden votes, and “direct actions.”

      sestamibi in reply to UnCivilServant. | January 14, 2023 at 7:32 am

      Several years ago I went to vote in a school board election in the small upstate NY town where I lived at the time. They didn’t have my name on their voter list, even though I had been voting in regular elections there for at least five years (and I showed them my valid registration card). They simply used the list of voters who cast ballots in the last school board election–as if it were an exclusive insiders’ club of which I wasn’t a member.

      Fortunately, they didn’t give me a hard time. I was given a provisional ballot and voted anyway, but the system still sucks.

Okay, the SB is the enemy. Treat them accordingly. Protect your children. Never let up on the board members responsible. Those members have homes, they go grocery shopping etc. Let them have hell on earth. Enough of this trash.

I’d put the ratio of undue attention/deference paid by the vile Dumb-o-crats and their media lapdogs/lackeys to the GANS (Gender-Appropriating Narcissist Sociopath) phenomenon and its malignant agitators, to the actual collective importance/value of those agitators, at approximately 10 to the hundredth power, to .000000000001.

External sex organs don’t mean anything when it comes to young children undressing in front of each other. It’s what’s in that warped mind or yours that counts.

    gonzotx in reply to Paula. | January 13, 2023 at 2:28 pm

    Not true my 2 year old GC can’t see her father undress anymore

    Paula in reply to Paula. | January 13, 2023 at 2:52 pm

    I’m summarizing the school board’s position who does not give a shit about the privacy of young girls and are forcing them to undress in front of boys with warped minds who imagine themselves to be girls.

    moonmoth in reply to Paula. | January 13, 2023 at 3:46 pm

    External sex organs don’t mean anything when it comes to young children undressing in front of each other.
    If so, Paula, then why does a boy need to use the girls’ restroom?

      Paula in reply to moonmoth. | January 13, 2023 at 4:13 pm

      Please see above, moonmoth: “I’m summarizing the school board’s position who does not give a shit about the privacy of young girls and are forcing them to undress in front of boys with warped minds who imagine themselves to be girls.”

    Andy in reply to Paula. | January 13, 2023 at 8:46 pm

    no one got that you were being sarcastic. too many people actually subscribed to that as the actual case.

BierceAmbrose | January 13, 2023 at 2:43 pm

You can’t talk about school policies in here; this is a school board meeting!

BierceAmbrose | January 13, 2023 at 2:45 pm

This is exactly the crap they tried to pull with the anti-gun laws in VA. Insult, exclude, and target people to provoke a reaction, then the reaction gets all the t-ed up press.

It’s like an interview with The Daily Show back in the day: you always bring your own camera, n film the whole thing.

Marxist Seminaries in action, keep your kids away

Don’t like it, run for school board.

Well, Caldwell is a suburb of Boise, which has been infested by Californians. That may be the source of the problem.

    Watch it, bud, I’m a former Californian who fled to Idaho to escape the crud there, only to find it was here! I blame it on the schools which were taken over by college “educated” idiots. Which was John Dewey’s plan all along.

One can watch State Senator Chris Trakel’s comments here:

Trakel starts out by saying that at a “government public forum” anyone can say anything they want.

That’s not true on many fronts. First, there is no such thing as a “government public forum.” There are public forums, limited public forums (such as government meetings) and non-public forums. Once again, there is no such thing as a “government public forum,” Secondly, courts and the Supreme Courts have ruled that in a limited public forum, governments have the right to restrict speakers and speech based on several factors such as staying on the proposed topic, and limiting speakers to be a certain “class” ie must live in the geographic district, members of a certain group, etc. Speech at a government meeting is not unrestricted.

Trakel goes onto say that people have the right to criticize government workers (actors) and he is right about that. His timing might not be correct, but the principle is right.

At some point in his comments, (around 2:15 in the video, the Chair turns to her left and then her right and says something to the board members. Trakel correctly points out that the Chair may not speak during the time when Trakel has the floor. While that is a procedural point, what is not that her comments which should be public, are not heard and not recorded. The board has no procedural or lawful right to talk out of the public light or where the comments cannot be heard.

As Trakel and the crowd get more and more riled up, there is a motion to adjourn the meeting. This motion is out of place because Trakel still has the floor. The Board then starts to take a vote on the motion (after a second to the motion) and that is when Trakel starts yelling at the Board.

It is when Trakel is yelling at the Board while the vote is being taking that his mic is cut off. It appears that he is not cut off because of the content of what he was saying on the policy, but because of his actions and yelling.

There are lots of problems with this meeting. You cannot have disruptions in the meeting because of the actions of audience members and speakers that prevent the Board from doing its business. At the same time, the Board and its members have laws and policies that they need to follow and they did not.

This is an incident where both sides can look at the other and say “we have met the enemy, and they are us.”

    Mt. Fuji in reply to gitarcarver. | January 14, 2023 at 9:00 am

    Do you really think they care about “protocol or rules”?. It’s all about pushing an agenda for them. The best way to go after these people is to file a claim against their surety bonds for violating their oaths of office or other crimes like prescribing medical procedures (IE Masks).

      Violating “policies and procedures” can be the basis for a court case. A so called “claim against …surety bonds” is a non starter because school board members don’t have surety bonds, Also the idea that a mask is a “medical procedure” is laughable.

      As to the idea that people care about “pushing an agenda,” liberals / Democrats are not the only ones who do that. Generally we elect people because we want them to push an agenda and get certain things done that we agree with. Who in their right mind votes for someone who doesn’t hold similar values and beliefs?

      Our local school board was recently slapped around by a judge for not abiding by their own rules and policies and more importantly, violating peoples’ First Amendment rights and state law.

      That school board has 4 of 5 “conservative” members and anything they didn’t like being said, they shut people down just like their liberal counterparts on other board elsewhere.

      The point of my comment was that the Board was wrong for many reasons, and Trakel was wrong as well. We should fight against people that are wrong no matter what party or agenda.

Local school board, which means their addresses should be fairly easily found.
Do a very conspicuous parade around their houses like the liberals did to the Supreme Court justices. Be loud, be nasty and be overbearing.
Make the school board flee.

The parent should organize the boys to support the girls so they can use the boys bathrooms while excluding the mentally I’ll boy who is pretending to be a girl.

Oh, come on. Look at all the correlations. Boys are clearly “=” to girls. In fact, we could scalp (pun intended) the “burden” (h/t Obama) in half by removing judgments and labels determined by biological sex.

Many have moved to Idaho to flee the idiots running the left coast states. They are often more conservative than Idaho residents. They are the vocal parents at the SB meetings. A large segment of Idaho parents home school their children. Caldwell is west of Boise and is not that liberal. There is a large Hispanic population present. Unfortunately, many are not interested in how the SB is run- that is now changing. A common phrase is used, Idaho is red, run by blues.