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Some Parents Seek Deprogrammers for Their ‘Woke’ Brainwashed Kids

Some Parents Seek Deprogrammers for Their ‘Woke’ Brainwashed Kids

“A Manhattan mother of five daughters told The Post she saw their indoctrination into gender and race ideologies start at Dalton, one of New York City’s poshest private academies — and worsen when her girls went to colleges.”

It’s common for teenagers to clash with their parents. What is not common, is for teens to begin to hate their parents and disconnect from them completely.

Some parents are now seeking the assistance of deprogrammers, like a NYC mom did last year.

The New York Post reports:

Parents say their kids were brainwashed at school, seek deprogrammers

Beth Pensky, a 54-year-old single mother from New Jersey who now lives in Florida, never tells anyone that she’s estranged from her only son and daughter.

“I lie all the time,” said Pensky, who told The Post her kids have rejected her because they’re “woke” and she is not. “I can’t tell anyone I don’t have a relationship with them. I had so much shame about it. It looks awful for me and makes me feel terrible so I lie.”

But her attitude changed when she — and a number of other mothers — read a Post story in November about Annabella Rockwell, a graduate of Mt. Holyoke College who claimed she’d been “totally indoctrinated” into hard-left ideologies at the school and had to be deprogrammed.

“I saw Annabella’s story and my life turned upside down,” Pensky said. “I realized I wasn’t alone and I saw what happened to her was similar to what I think happened to my kids. I never even considered trying to find a deprogrammer. I didn’t know they existed. But I think it’s too late for me and my kids. They won’t even talk to me.”

A Manhattan mother of five daughters told The Post she saw their indoctrination into gender and race ideologies start at Dalton, one of New York City’s poshest private academies — and worsen when her girls went to colleges. Most of them went to Ivy League schools…

K. Yang, 36, a former activist for trans and gay rights in upstate New York at one point identified with “they/them” pronouns. But she said she deprogrammed herself before becoming a full-time deprogrammer in 2018 — and is now busier than ever.

In addition to her website, StopFemaleErasure, Yang has a website called The Deprogrammer and runs a YouTube account under the handle “The Deprogrammer” and works with parents and their children individually.

Yang often leads anti-gender ideology protests at gender clinics and prisons, as well as at the National Monument in Washington, DC, and outside the United Nations. A typical YouTube video of hers is titled “Blurred Lines: The Agenda to Confuse Children About Sex & Gender.”

One mother in the story likens this to Mao’s Cultural Revolution. She is not wrong.

Read the whole thing.


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Call an exorcist! For the child, the family, the home, computer, tablet & phone!
Hell of a lot cheaper and works great!

Destroy the public education system by homeschooling your children. There are homeschooling coops. Get involved and remove your kids from these indoctrination centers.

If we had a healthy, functioning media who understood that their job was to expose insanity, and not to promote it, we wouldn’t be having this problem. This is yet one more societal failure we can lay squarely on the doorstep of our captive fourth estate.

Falling into the “Wokester” Cult must be hard on parents. It reinforces my decision to never have kids, trying to get them out of the clutches/programming of public education and the liberal arts colleges is too hard.

Best to have none at all. They won’t end up as soldiers or victims of the Civil War Two race revenge monsters are trying to ferment.

No matter how good an “ally” you are, they’ll load you on the train or truck to the “reeducation camp”, your skin is white. That’s the “Original, Inescapable Sin” your can’t get rid of. Getting rid of you is their solution.

    Tionico in reply to Dwo888. | January 12, 2023 at 3:26 am

    NO NO NO NO. HAVE kids, lots of them but raise them to be thinking, aware, giving people. Teach them God’s Word from very young and they will never fall for this woke insanity. I know a few hundred kids just like this.

What can be done about the mentally ill parents grooming their own children to adopt the precepts of transgenderism and the various related Woke nuances of a diverse and multicultural society that seeks to destroy Western civilization thus allowing that accursed tyrannical elite class striving to force a New World Order upon all Western countries that paves the way for the one-world government that is under total hereditary elite-class control that starts with the Western sphere of influence then progresses to envelop the entire world.

Once you have put them into the high class indoctrination schools like the one you describe here, you have surrendered them to the system. Teach them yourself. Band together with others with similar values. TEACH them how to reason and think, and to critically challenge the stuff that gets fed them. the primary responsibility to raise them well is YOURS. Do not abdicate this charge.