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DEI Summit at Portland State U. Features Race-Based Tables

DEI Summit at Portland State U. Features Race-Based Tables

“Please sit at the tables that most align with your salient identities.”

It really seems like the left is trying to take society backwards.

The College Fix reports:

Portland State U. DEI summit includes ‘white’ and ‘black’ race-based tables

“White.” “Black.” “Native American.” “Latine.”

These are just some of the labels placed on tables at a recent Portland State University diversity, equity and inclusion summit that divided participants by identities to help facilitate various discussions, according to photos of the event.

According to a slide show from the event posted by the university, participants were instructed to “Please sit at the tables that most align with your salient identities. You are also welcome to self define multicultural and intersectional tables that extend beyond single definitions.”

Katy Swordfisk, media relations manager for Portland State, told The College Fix that the daylong gathering “built on a series of affinity convenings that took place earlier in the year.”

“Participants were invited to sit at a table that resonated with their identity (including Black, Latinx, White, Native American and Multicultural, as a few examples) for the first part of the day, and shifted to tables by discussion topic later in the day,” Swordfisk said via email.

The event was highlighted in a report released this week by the center-right Oregon Association of Scholars, which called the segregated tables “a clear example of neo-segregation and discriminatory public sector behavior.”

Portland State University Professor Bruce Gilley, president of the Oregon Association of Scholars, told The College Fix via email that the “use of ‘White’ tables at a university-run planning event is a gross affront not just to equality but to basic decency.”

“Portland State is taking the madness of the ‘diversity’ agenda to new heights by specifying a segregated place where a targeted group is to sit,” Gilley said. “Perhaps the university will roll out special arm-bands for white people on campus.”

The event was held Nov. 4 and called “The Future and Thriving of BIPOC Communities: A Time to Act Macroconvening.”

The macroconvening was billed as “a time to advance the work that has emerged from previous affinity summits and convenings. It will be a day of co-creation and mobilizing for action to ensure our thriving shared future.”


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The Gentle Grizzly | January 9, 2023 at 10:56 am

Look at any good-size city anywhere in the US: Chinatown. Little Saigon, Koreatown. Some form of “borscht belt” if the city or “greater metropolitan area” is big enough. Japantown. “The Bario”. The ‘hood.

People naturally self-segregate if they are just left alone to lead their lives. Some, like me, may end up living among those not of the same background, but how we identify.

Forced integration has led to a lot of tension. What the leftists are doing is in fact forcing forms of segregation like we had in the past; they just paste a different label on it.

Leave folks alone. They will do just fine.

Participants should file discrimination complaints with the feds–just bury them with complaints about the woke agenda

I wanted to ttend the work shop but I had work to do, and I’m retired. Anyone who went to it did it to blow off a day with pay and eat the free snacks. Notice how these are never scheduled on a Saturday?