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UNC-Chapel Hill Drops Criteria Excluding White People for a Fellowship After Civil Rights Complaint

UNC-Chapel Hill Drops Criteria Excluding White People for a Fellowship After Civil Rights Complaint

“Currently, the field of nutrition is overwhelmingly comprised of white researchers.”

It’s astounding how often this happens now. Does anyone on the left remember the Civil Rights Movement?

FOX News reports:

UNC-Chapel Hill deletes fellowship criteria excluding White people after civil rights complaint

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has deleted criteria for a nutrition fellowship program, for which only applicants who were Black, indigenous or people of color were eligible, following a civil rights complaint.

The Global Food Research Program webpage for the university, under the criteria section, initially said that students who wish to apply must be of “Racial/ethnic background of Black, Indigenous or People of Color (BIPOC) that is historically marginalized in academia and the field of nutrition in the United States.”

“Currently, the field of nutrition is overwhelmingly comprised of white researchers. Increased BIPOC representation in food policy research is critical for developing effective, equitable, comprehensive, and culturally competent policies that address nutrition-related health disparities,” the application initially read, according to The Wayback Machine.

On Dec. 19, Do No Harm senior fellow and University of Michigan Professor Mark Perry sent a federal civil rights complaint to the Washington, D.C., Office for Civil Rights for “illegal discrimination on the basis of race, color, and/or national origin in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

“In violation of Title VI, non-BIPOC students are illegally excluded from the FERN program, illegally denied the benefits of this program, and illegally discriminated against on the basis of their race, color and national origin,” Perry wrote.

The webpage has since scrubbed such criteria and is now open to undergraduate students with a second- or third-year academic standing and an expressed interest in food and nutrition, who are pursuing advanced degrees or credentials in public health and nutrition, in an update first spotted by The Daily Caller.


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That’s okay. In the end, the recipient of this fellowship will turn out to be a POC. I can almost guarantee that the person/committee that makes the final decision of this fellowship will, remarkably, decide that all the necessary criteria cannot be met by any Caucasian person, no matter what their qualifications.

    Yes. They have realized they can’t advertise the requirement but that doesn’t mean they’ll forget it.

    Louis K. Bonham in reply to Caver37. | December 24, 2022 at 10:12 am

    Yup, the pattern recurs frequently. Mark Perry calls them out. University drops the language and says it’s open to anyone, but then just continues the illegal program sub rosa with no changes.

    I.e., instead of openly admitting that a program discriminates against straight white guys, they claim it’s open to all but amazingly only BIPOC / women get selected.

    In other words, lying becomes official university policy.

    Hopefully, some states will pass laws soon creating qui tam private rights of action that allow for private enforcement of nondiscrimination laws against universities in the state. With the practice being ubiquitous as it is, such lawsuits would be like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel.

“Currently, the field of nutrition is overwhelmingly comprised of white researchers.”

Maybe that’s the downside of rewriting history to turn George Washington Carver into an Uncle Tom.

Or, in general, doing it to any prominent POC who creates new value and wealth through talent, as opposed to new ways to hustle it out of those who did.

I’m sick of the vile Dumb-o-crats’ brazenly racist, lawless, unconstitutional and inequitable conceits. That they proffer and rationalize this corrosive stupidity as though it represented alleged sagacity and magnanimity reveals how thoroughly morally bankrupt and evil their party has become.

Disparate impact claims are a beautiful thing.