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Texas Republican Lawmaker’s Bill Prohibits DEI Programs at Public Universities

Texas Republican Lawmaker’s Bill Prohibits DEI Programs at Public Universities

“maintain political, social, and cultural neutrality”

Why aren’t Republicans proposing this in every state?

The College Fix reports:

Texas lawmaker proposes ban on DEI programs at public universities

Texas Republican Representative Carl Tepper has introduced a bill that seeks to forbid diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at all public universities in the Lonestar State.

The bill, introduced Dec. 13, seeks to ban “the funding, promotion, sponsorship or support of any office of diversity, equity and inclusion” as well as any “initiative or formulation of diversity, equity and inclusion beyond what is necessary to uphold the equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment.”

The legislation, HB 1006, also seeks to mandate that all higher education institutions adopt a policy that “demonstrates a commitment to intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity.”

And it would establish that public universities “foster a diversity of viewpoints” and “maintain political, social, and cultural neutrality.”

The legislation comes in the wake of the opening of Texas Tech’s Black Cultural Center in September, Tepper told The College Fix.

“In the new center, portraits of distinguished black alumni are displayed on the walls,” Tepper said via email. “I believe that distinguished black alumni should be displayed all over campus, including the student union building and other colleges and dorms.”

“College students and alumni should be able to appreciate distinguished black alumni (or any distinguished alumni) anywhere on campus.”

“I was disappointed that there would be such a segregated thing today,” Tepper said. “I think it’s obvious that segregation and self-segregation are dividing America.”

Texas Tech University did not respond to request from The College Fix seeking comment.

The University of Texas at Austin has also launched a substantial diversity, equity and inclusion campaign to make the school a “more diverse and welcoming campus.”

The 2020 initiative includes the $160 million Texas Advance Commitment and programs such as UT for Me, which supply eligible students, primarily African American students, with millions of dollars of additional financial support, according to a statement released by the UT president.


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You know, snake-handling tent revivals got plenty of folks attending without pretending to be something else. Can’t they fill a tent with “DIE-vival here” on it in big letters?

I’m fine with propaganda, indoctrination and evangelism, as long as it’s up front. I, myself, even love a good polemic for the tasty, tasty vitriol, and choice language.

This edu-embedded crap ain’t that. Besides, entertainment isn’t knowledge, let alone salvation.

If your message is so good, you don’t have to call it something else.

If people are so interested, they’ll come to the thing; you don’t have to trick them.

CRT, DEI and SEL are the triplets of a Marxist chancre looking to spread and infest the rest of social norms with division and elevate those sections.

Early prevention like HB 1006 is what’s needed to (please don’t gag) ‘slow the spread’.

However, at this point, stopping the spread is like squeezing Jello-O. It’s time to through out the whole pan of weak teachers complying with their unions and Randi Weingarten.