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North Carolina Prof Files Lawsuit Alleging He Was Fired for Criticizing Critical Race Theory

North Carolina Prof Files Lawsuit Alleging He Was Fired for Criticizing Critical Race Theory

“racially divisive ideology”

Lawsuits like this one are becoming alarmingly common.

FOX News reports:

North Carolina professor files lawsuit, claims he was fired for criticizing critical race theory

A North Carolina professor has claimed that he was fired from a prestigious high school for criticizing critical race theory in a Friday lawsuit, according to a report from Fox 17 WZTV.

In the suit, filed by legal the Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal advocacy group, Dr. David Phillips alleges that the Governor’s School of North Carolina (NCGS), a publicly funded summer program, fired him without explanation after he criticized the school’s embrace of “racially divisive ideology.”

Philips claims that NCGS adopted a social approach that views members of society “through the lens of characteristics like race, sex and religion” and labels them as “perpetual oppressors or victims” based on group membership.

The professor, who taught at the school for eight years, held three optional summers over the summer where he critiqued critical race theory, as well as a lack of diversity in viewpoints in higher education. He also urged attendees to examine speech through a lens of “speech-act theory,” which asserts that the meaning of linguistic expression can be explained in terms of rules governing their use in performing various speech acts, such as commanding and warning.

The lawsuit states that Phillips was met by “open hostility” following the conclusion of each lecture by both students and staff. It also claims that audience members “attacked whiteness, maleness, heterosexuality and Christianity” when making comments and asking questions at the seminars.

Philips also alleges that he was fired the day after his third and final seminar without explanation and learned that staff complained about his seminars but was never approached to address their concerns nor was an investigation opened. He was allegedly told that he could not appeal the decision.


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“Governor’s School of North Carolina (NCGS), a publicly funded summer program”
Governor’s a Democrat, so best of luck, professor.

The U’s have become indoctrination finishing schools for the Nomenklatura; the lower-level eductaion system a collection of feeder schools. It’s evolved beyond merely producing well-trained industrial cogss in sufficient number. (Bell ran — you’re done learning!)

The Universities were always somewhat this, in tension with holding a nexus that wouldn’t otherwise occurr — a density of very smart people, depth of resources and activities in hard discipliines, colocation of disciplnes, the experience of pursuing something mostly otherwise unfettered.

I’m unclear what happens as the population of eager marks looking to improve their lives gets wise to the scam.

The U situation looks ever more similar to the The Protestant Reformation — tho messy, Luther’s 95 Theses aren’t wrong. Meanwhile, continuous traditions of the core message weave in and out of what’s getting all the press. I’m a fan of the Moravians; comparing their story of themselves with the “authoritative” story in, for example WikiPedia.

    henrybowman in reply to BierceAmbrose. | December 25, 2022 at 10:58 am

    I was referred yesterday to an insightful article, the gist of which is that conservatives in essence made a conscious decision to cede education to the fringe left as a way to provide a containment “career path” that kept the worst loons out of everyday commerce… but when academic employment imploded, it was like popping a cancerous tumor.

    The Takeover

      BierceAmbrose in reply to henrybowman. | December 25, 2022 at 11:05 pm

      Oh, interesting.

      That strategy completely discounts the commanding heights model of social change. And the evidence of Soviiet, Maoist, Cambodian, and radical Islamist education as indoctrination — incoplete list.

      Or as Andres Breitbart said: “Politics is down stream from culture.”

Seriously,people, there are many,many, many alternatives to UNC … that are more likely to lead to a happy, fulfilling life.

UNC won’t tell you this. They want you to think you’re a Loser if you don’t enroll there. It’s a sales pitch, that’s all it is.

Like what streetwalkers have to offer, what UNC (and others) have to offer is not necessarily what is in your best interests.