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Newly Elected Conservative Majority on California School Board Votes to Ban Critical Race Theory

Newly Elected Conservative Majority on California School Board Votes to Ban Critical Race Theory

“the same night the three new board members were sworn in”

This is how you do it. These people stepped up and won elections and now they’re making a real difference.

The Daily Caller reports:

Newly Conservative California School Board Bans Critical Race Theory In First Meeting

After flipping to a conservative majority, a California school board voted to ban Critical Race Theory (CRT) on Tuesday.

The Temecula Valley Unified School Board adopted a resolution 3-2 which bans the teaching of CRT from the classroom, the same night the three new board members were sworn in. The resolution was introduced by newly elected Joseph Komrosky who said the resolution was a way for him to keep “a campaign promise.”

“The first night Dr. Joseph Komrosky said ‘I ran my campaign making promises to my future constituents and tonight, I’m gonna make good on those campaign promises,’” Pastor Tim Thompson, founder of the Inland Empire Family PAC, a group focused on parental rights in education that endorsed the three candidates, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is the first one and he did good on that campaign promise and I’m grateful for that. He’s a man of his word. All three of them.”

CRT holds that America is systemically racist, and teaches people to consider social interactions in terms of race. Its adherents pursue antiracism by forgoing merit-based policies in favor of race-based policies.

The board can require educators to teach curriculum only approved by the board and neither United States law or California law require the teaching of CRT, the resolution stated. The policy stated that the school district “will not tolerate racism and racist conduct.”

The board also adopted a resolution condemning racism Tuesday, stating that any racist conduct will be punished.


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Expect it to be mandated by state law soon. NJ and CT already mandate climate change propaganda in K-12 schools. “I didn’t want local boards of education to have the power to overturn the curriculum and say, ‘climate change is too political,’” Connecticut state representative Christine Palm told the Guardian.

Passing the resolution is the easy part, though necessary. The hard part comes next: enforcing it. The board will need spies in the classrooms, It will need to reach out to students and encourage them to report regularly to their parents on what they are being taught, and it will need to reach out to parents to teach them how to recognize that something is wrong and encourage them to report it.