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Millions of Americans Mistakenly Told They Were Approved for Student Debt Forgiveness

Millions of Americans Mistakenly Told They Were Approved for Student Debt Forgiveness

“error was made by Accenture Federal Services, a Department of Education contractor”

Oops. These people even received an email telling them they were good to go.

Campus Reform reports:

9 million Americans mistakenly told they were approved for debt forgiveness

9 million Americans mistakenly received an email late last month informing them they were approved for debt forgiveness.

The error was made by Accenture Federal Services, a Department of Education contractor, CBS News reported.

The mistake comes at a time when “[a]bout 26 million people” have applied for debt relief, but are blocked from receiving forgiveness as the plan is tied up in courts.

Campus Reform previously reported that some judges argue the plan is unconstitutional.

The HEROES Act, which the Biden administration says gives the Executive branch power to forgive student loans, is “a law to provide loan assistance to military personnel defending our nation [and] does not provide the executive branch clear congressional authorization to create a $400 billion student loan forgiveness program,” wrote Texas judge Mark Pittman.

The Supreme Court is set to make a final decision on the law’s constitutionality in February, according to a report from CNN.

While the case awaits a Court ruling, the Biden administration extended the pause on student loan repayments, which were originally set to resume in January, but will now be extended to late June of 2023.


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Why do you assume this was a mistake. Especially given the timing.

Hey, they pocketed the votes — why follow through?

I received one of those emails. It said I was approved BUT that nothing would be done about it while the courts prevented the process from proceeding.

Where was the mistake? (Aside from the senile old idiot getting into the White House, I mean)?

So sorry we fucked you. But thanks for voting Democrat in November.

President Biden lacks the authority to forgive student loan debt. He does, forever, possess through the Department of Education’s administrative agency regulations, the power to revise repayment rules to effectively minimize the debt so as to eliminate it with repayments a fraction of the original debt.

Many objective economists forecast a severe recession late winter through early autumn 2023. The cry of “erase student debt” will rise again, with the GOP House faced with the difficult choice of elimination student debt or damaging their image a year before a Presidential election.