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Kirk Cameron Book Reading Draws Large Crowd at Indianapolis Public Library

Kirk Cameron Book Reading Draws Large Crowd at Indianapolis Public Library

Very cool.

Over 50 public libraries denied Christian and conservative actor Kirk Cameron the chance to read to children from his book As You Grow.

Cameron and Brave Books, his publisher, got a chance at the Indianapolis Public Library.

Before I go on, there is a discrepancy in the numbers. Brave Books and Cameron claim over 2,000 tried to attend the book reading. The library says people only counted 750 at the door.


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People are so desperate for sanity

tolerancematters | December 30, 2022 at 6:43 pm

After some Google searching, I have found that only conservative news sites have reported on the “curtain of silence” that surrounds this book tour. The mainstream media hopes no one will notice. No wonder the MSM is not trusted.

So is the discrepancy in the attendance figures due to the library providing only a “door count,” and not including the “lawn count?” Statements that the library was at or over capacity suggest that people showed up who couldn’t fit through the door.

And why would the library even put something out like that?

The left wingers infect so much of our culture, with their sick ‘values’. So 50 public libraries with their far left librarians refused to allow Cameron to read a book because he is a Christian with conservative values. Of course, these same leftists would gladly virtue signal and allow a bisexual, trans gendered, cis whatever to come in and read a book to children that tells them it’s ok to cross dress, have sex with members of your own sex, and other liberal values.