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U. Chicago Cancels ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ Class

U. Chicago Cancels ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ Class

“The class is part of the school’s controversial Critical Race and Ethnic Studies coursework”

Substitute any other race in this story and it would be a national scandal.

Chicago City Wire reports:

Schmidt: ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ class cancelled at University of Chicago

The University of Chicago has cancelled a controversial class questioning “whiteness.”

The move came days after University of Chicago sophomore Daniel Schmidt criticized the university for the course – “The Problem of Whiteness,” CRES (Critical Race and Ethnic Studies) 25030 – aimed at revealing what is wrong with the white race.

“UPDATE: @UChicago has just CANCELLED ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ class. Thank you to everyone who shared my thread. We are obviously fighting an uphill battle, but this is a huge victory. Students need to call out anti-white hatred whenever they see it. Just the beginning,“ Schmidt said in tweet.

The class is part of the school’s controversial Critical Race and Ethnic Studies coursework, in which it offers a bachelor’s degree, Chicago City Wire reported. “The Problem of Whiteness” CRES 25030 had no one enrolled for Spring 2023. Schmidt called out the course in a tweet.

“The course description describes whiteness ‘as a conspicuous problem within liberal political discourse’ with ‘worldmaking (and razing) effects.’ Anti-white hatred is now mainstream academic inquiry. And you’re not even allowed to call that out without being called racist,” Schmidt said in a tweet.

The catalog entry for the course discusses the course in the lens of “critical race theory.”


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Like Total Information Awareness and the Ministry of Disinformation, it will just come back under a different name.

This story is incorrect. The instructor postponed the class to the spring after receiving harssment, but the class has not been cancelled:

    Dimsdale in reply to John Wilson. | November 10, 2022 at 11:58 am

    Of course not! It is far too important to cancel.

    Will there be an analogous course in “The Problem of Blackness?”

    Of course not!! That would be RACIST!!!

    Pardon me while I vomit…