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Things Look Too Good

Things Look Too Good

MoDo: “Are we ready for our new Republican overlords?”

There was a very brief time in 2011-2012 when we wrote a handful of posts about columns written by Maureen Dowd at the NY Times. We were young and foolish. But it didn’t last, it was a passing phase, and fortunately we didn’t take drugs or have surgery to make it permanent.

The best I can recollect is we wrote about her because she has a knack for summoning liberal worries and angst. And she’s done it again in the face of predicted Democrat doom:

Are we ready for our new Republican overlords?

Are we ready for an empowered Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Are we ready for a pumped-up, pistol-packing Lauren Boebert?

And then there’s the future first female president, Kari Lake, who lulls you into believing, with her mellifluous voice, statements that seem to emanate from Lucifer….

Maureen, who is “we”?

Things look too good.

Much too good.

“The consensus among pollsters and consultants is this Tuesday’s election will be a “bloodbath” for the Democratic Party.”


The consensus among a number of G.O.P. pollsters and operatives I spoke to this week is that in the Senate races that are thought to be competitive, Republican candidates are heading for a clean sweep: Mehmet Oz will beat John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, and not just by a point or two; Adam Laxalt looks pretty certain to defeat the incumbent Democratic senator Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada; even less regarded candidates such as Blake Masters in Arizona will be carried into office by a predicted wave. “He won’t deserve it, but I think at this point he falls into a Senate seat,” one Republican strategist told me. To these Republican insiders, certain high-profile races in which G.O.P. candidates were already favored now look like potential blowouts—Kari Lake’s campaign for governor in Arizona, J. D. Vance’s for Senate in Ohio. And some races that seemed out of reach, such as the Senate campaign, in New Hampshire, of the election denier Don Bolduc, now look like possible wins. The word that kept coming up in these conversations was “bloodbath.” ….

“I can show you the trajectory of all our races,” the Republican pollster told me. “We took a benchmark in July—O.K., this is going to be harder than we thought. And it looks like a ‘V.’ We went straight down. And then once we finally got to October, we have enough money, the electorate becomes more fully engaged, and then the other side of the ‘V’ is straight back up. I can show you the same story in probably twenty-five races.”

Way too good.

Over the past few years, Hispanics have begun abandoning the Democratic Party, defying generations of political patterns and causing varying degrees of panic on the left. In the 2018 midterm elections, when Democrats regained control of the U.S. House of Representatives, they won the Hispanic vote by 40 points nationally. In 2020, Democrats still carried the vote by an estimated 33 points against Trump himself, though the party’s margin against GOP candidates nationwide shrank to 27 points. This summer, numerous polls showed Hispanics splitting in a statistical tie between the two parties. Even if such findings are exaggerated—several recent surveys have shown Democrats reestablishing an advantage among these voters—it’s evident that Republicans are poised next week to win their biggest share of Hispanics in the modern era.

Is it for real?

Just Dreaming?

I won’t believe it until I see it. And until the last precinct in Philadelphia has reported and all the mail-in ballots have been counted.


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Wood. Find some. Knock on it!

And for those who haven’t done so, vote!

    Taxpayer in reply to Wisewerds. | November 6, 2022 at 12:49 am

    Democrats will cheat, again.

      Sure they will. You know what helps them cheat? You not voting.

        Old Patzer in reply to EBL. | November 6, 2022 at 12:31 pm

        Meh. I voted in the one-party state of California. Thanks to the jungle primary, I get a choice between two lefty Democrats for Congress (and no write-ins). There is the old crone who has been in Congress for about 90 years and robotically votes the party line and the “young” technocrat who, Lord help us, has ideas. I left that space blank. For the rest, I voted for the most conservative (least horrifying) choice available out of sheer stubbornness, like the mysterious 0.7% who voted against Stalin.

          #FJB <-- Disco Stu_ in reply to Old Patzer. | November 7, 2022 at 5:33 pm

          For Presidential elections, here in Central New York I estimate my thoughtful & rational vote is “offset” by about a thousand unionized public-school teachers.

          This year I’m uncertain how our Congressional race is going to go.

          I’m MUCH more interested in the Governor’s position. That unelected WuFlu-elevated serial-emergency-declarer witch Kathy Hochul HAS to go! And her potential successor, Lee Zeldin, seems at least okay.

        Steven Brizel in reply to EBL. | November 6, 2022 at 10:28 pm

        Never count chickens until they have hatched

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Taxpayer. | November 6, 2022 at 3:29 am

      So, stay home and snivel? Or, vote?

      mrtomsr in reply to Taxpayer. | November 6, 2022 at 7:23 am

      I think they would be less able to cheat if every precinct was required to report the number of mailed, military, early and in person votes received at the time polls closed. Then there would be no mysterious found batches at 3 AM.

        Dimsdale in reply to mrtomsr. | November 6, 2022 at 10:21 am

        Much like positive ID, the entire country works on “sign for it,” meaning you have inspected the goods and take responsibility for them.

        But not voting. Voters should consider this: every single step taken towards vote verification and fighting fraud, the Dems have fought tooth and nail.

        Every one. Even things they opposed in the past, like electronic voting, they now embrace because they have found ways to use it to their advantage, much as they warned a few short years ago.

        Nearly every instance of cheating and fraud goes to the Dems (when they bother to look for it), despite the “screaming from the rooftops” when the odd Republican tries the same thing (they shouldn’t, and for more reasons than the Dems are better at doing it and seeing it).

        Dems need fraud because their message doesn’t sell, and their results prove the defects in their positions.

        Sultan in reply to mrtomsr. | November 7, 2022 at 9:15 am

        They really don’t need the suitcases full of ballots under the table because they just run the legitimate votes from Dem precincts through the counting machines over and over. The machines should be programmed to “deactivate” or “cancel” a ballot the first time it is run through. But you know, as do I, that the dems would fight that tooth and nail claiming “voter suppression”.

      CommoChief in reply to Taxpayer. | November 6, 2022 at 8:53 am

      Ok and since that’s your key concern you have obviously volunteered to become a poll watcher? Perhaps volunteer to be a r precinct captain? Maybe volunteer to drive folks to the polls?

      The d/prog have a four decade advantage in election monitoring based on a now expired federal CT ruling that prevented the national r party from effective participation and organization of elections monitoring. That changed in 2020 but starting from scratch was too big a hill to climb in one cycle.

      The real question is are you going to do more than bitch and moan and wait for someone else to ride to the rescue?

        gonzotx in reply to CommoChief. | November 6, 2022 at 9:29 am

        What are you doing?

          CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | November 6, 2022 at 10:18 am

          Thanks for asking! Get out the vote activity locally; ID and drive folks to the polls. Less work to do here in rural Bama than some other places and thus less concern. Of course I wasn’t the person worried about d/prog cheating as a reason for despair.

          No real despair about d/prog cheating their way to victory here in Bama. What have r officeholders:
          1. Gov, LT Gov, AG, Sec State
          2. Both US Senators
          3. 6/7 Congressional Districts
          4. 27/34 State Senate Seats
          5. 76/105 State House Seats

          So really here in Bama it’s about maintaining more than fighting. That wasn’t always the case. Bama was solid d until the mid 1980s. Even past that the d/prog were viable winning the Gov and other statewide offices and legislative majority.

          It took a lot of effort by the local r party members and volunteers to obtain the current dominance. It took decades of everyday, ordinary Citizens choosing to make a difference by their personal commitment to victory. They didn’t run from the challenge.

      They have never not cheated. The party has existed for 200 years and they’ve cheated in every election they ran a candidate in.

      It’s nothing new and it isn’t doom.

      Dwo888 in reply to Taxpayer. | November 7, 2022 at 8:23 am

      In Pennsylvania the Republicans will lose.

      Philadelphia will take FOREVER counting their mail ins. Once they know how much they need for a narrow victory, there are the votes.

      I’ve lived here my entire life. Philly has some many seat in our House of Reps they threaten to grind all the government (State) to a halt if you investigate them.

      So they always win. They elect our State Supreme Court too, so they rule in Democrats’ favor now.

      So write off PA. The Republicans ran a moron for governor, so Democrat Shapiro will win.

      When Fetterman resigns he’ll appoint a replacement till a special election is called.

    “Are we ready for a pumped-up, pistol-packing Lauren Boebert?”

    Wait, do they think that is a bad thing?

      diver64 in reply to EBL. | November 6, 2022 at 6:51 am

      Pampered and protected Elites who are chauffeured everywhere from their upper east side condo’s never have to see what their policies have done to us smellies who have to walk, bus or ride the subways.

    Massinsanity in reply to Wisewerds. | November 6, 2022 at 9:23 am

    We all know there is one man who can still screw it up for all us… Donald Trump, and it appear he started that effort yesterday in PA by going after the most popular Republican currently holding a major office in Ron DeSantis.

    How f&^%ing stupid and selfish does one have to be to go after DeSantis 4 days before the election.

    He fucked up the GA senate run-offs and now he seems intent on trying to slow the R momentum that has been building for the past few weeks.

    Please just stay home and STFU until Wednesday.

      Stuytown in reply to Massinsanity. | November 6, 2022 at 10:19 am

      Exactly right.

      Dimsdale in reply to Massinsanity. | November 6, 2022 at 10:28 am

      Even though his endorsements are responsible for much of this red wave?

      That said, any of his future plans should be on hold until after the election, as TDS could rear its ugly head.

        Stuytown in reply to Dimsdale. | November 7, 2022 at 8:17 am

        Some candidates are leading despite Trump’s endorsements, not because of them. In what world should John Fetterman be running neck-and-neck with a Republican nominee for Senate in 2022? It should be a 10 point margin, minimally. But Oz is a crappy candidate and barely a Republican. How could any Republican Senatorial candidate not win in Arizona by 10 points in 2022? You have a illegal immigration flooding across the border, high inflation, and high oil prices. And, yet, Mark Kelly could win. Why? Blake Masters is a bad candidate. Time for all of the always-Trumpers to take a look around. Remember, Trump won in 2016 by less than 100,000 votes over Hillary Clinton, one of the worst candidates in history. He then lost to Joe Biden, a senile, racist, career politician who didn’t leave his basement. Even if you believe the election was stolen through fraud, it shouldn’t have been that close. It’s time to move on.

Thank yous to Prof. Jacobson and everyone else who’s been fightn the good fight at Legal Insurrection.

Trump has had enough of Ron, but I feel this is 3 days early…

New name ( actually Roger Stone penned it first)


Apparently Ron called Trump a few names in “private”… not so private I guess

    Barry in reply to gonzotx. | November 5, 2022 at 11:16 pm

    If Trump runs, DeSantis has zero chance, and that’s being generous.

    Trump will run. He’s just waiting for the red tsunami to complete prior to announcing IMO.

      paracelsus in reply to Barry. | November 5, 2022 at 11:39 pm

      and if DeS runs with The Donald as VEEP?

        Milhouse in reply to paracelsus. | November 6, 2022 at 1:20 am

        Why on earth would he ever want to do that?

          WestRock in reply to Milhouse. | November 6, 2022 at 8:52 am

          Milhouse, you usually respond that it can’t happen since both would be from Florida.

          Why would he who? DeSantis? I don’t think it would be wise for DeSantis to be VP to Trump. I think he’d be more effective sitting out until 2028, as there may be too much downside being #2 to the most despised (by Democrats and the Deep State) President in history.

          I’m still in the Trump/MAGA camp (and now on the radar of the Dems and their operatives).

          Milhouse in reply to Milhouse. | November 7, 2022 at 7:32 pm

          Milhouse, you usually respond that it can’t happen since both would be from Florida.

          No, I don’t. I have never given that answer, since it technically isn’t true. Indeed I’m the one usually pointing out that there is no legal barrier to a party nominating two candidates from the same state. It’s just that if it’s a large one, like Florida, then the political cost would be too high and they wouldn’t do it, or rather they’d arrange for one of them to move his official residence, as the GOP did in 2000.

          And my question was why on earth either of them would ever consent to run as the other’s VP. It makes no sense for DeSantis to agree to such a thing. Why would he want to go from governor of FL to VP? As for Trump, even if it did make sense for him to run for VP, his ego would never allow him to do it.

        gonzotx in reply to paracelsus. | November 6, 2022 at 6:41 am

        You jest

        diver64 in reply to paracelsus. | November 6, 2022 at 6:52 am

        Are you serious?

        CommoChief in reply to paracelsus. | November 6, 2022 at 9:01 am

        Nah, that’s not a good idea. Whatever amount of crap the d/prog throw and their media allies amplify towards a second DJT admin would stick to his VP no matter who he chooses.

        Assuming DJT wins the r primary and the Presidency he needs a VP who is a grown up, fully capable of serving as POTUS if required (DJT isn’t a spring chicken and lots of crazies out there who hate his ass). He needs someone who views the VP as a terminal position and can work with DJT as a partner not someone trying to position themselves for their own run later on.

          Telemachus in reply to CommoChief. | November 6, 2022 at 1:52 pm

          I agree Chief, but I’m not coming up with any names that fit that description. Do you have ideas?

          CommoChief in reply to CommoChief. | November 6, 2022 at 2:58 pm

          Maybe Chris Christie? The other name off the top of my head would be Scott Walker.

          A former Gov who can be a valued JR Partner with DJT who understands his job is to give him good advice and execute the decision the boss makes.

          Definitely NOT Chris Christie. For any role, ever. Loathe the man. Scott Walker is good, but I can’t imagine him accepting a role as VP (to Trump or anyone else). He’d do well to choose someone that the middle likes, as he did last time with Pence. Though not Pence now because of Dobbs. It has to be someone who would bring in the squishies in the middle, including pro-abortion women. The problem is finding someone who can be his Sarah Palin or Dick Cheney or Joe Biden (’08), someone to HELP the ticket where it is lacking.

          CommoChief in reply to CommoChief. | November 6, 2022 at 6:27 pm


          Christie was able to work with DJT in the past. Headed his transition. Do they trust each other anymore? Can they work together? IDK.

          I don’t think a VP really brings votes anymore unless they are extraordinary. They can still damage the ticket but the upside for election boosting is sorta meh. I know I never made a selection based on a VP.

          If I were DJT I would want someone like I described above that I could work with and depend upon to knock heads in the Senate if required. Someone that can command the respect and if necessary a little fear from the bureaucracy when mother walk into an Agency HQ.

          I voted for McCain because of Palin and Bush because of Cheney (my how times have changed, but at the time I thought Bush was a clueless moron and needed Cheney to lead him around). I also think that in the early days, Pence added gravitas and statesmanship to the Trump ticket. Maybe it’s just me, though. I guess you have a point if you aren’t influenced by VPs; you can’t be the only one in America.

          As to your last part, that is NOT Christie. He’s a bully and a wrecking ball. No one likes or respects him, certainly not anyone in the Senate. I’d suggest someone like Jeff Sessions if it weren’t for their troubled parting, but Sessions is a good guy, and people in the Senate like and respect him. Someone like that, though not that for obvious reasons, would be better for Trump than some rip roaring mini-me that will just turn off centrist voters. /just my two cents. That and $6 will get you a package of off-brand bacon. FJB

          CommoChief in reply to CommoChief. | November 6, 2022 at 9:01 pm

          McConnell, Cornyn and Graham might be better off with a little bullying from time to time…..

          The VP selection is, IMO, unlikely to sway anyone who wasn’t open to voting for DJT in the first place. The Never Trump folks are as passionate about their hatred of DJT as the Only Trump folks are in their devotion and adoration for him.

          Who is talking about the extremists on either side, though? Not me. I am talking about the winnable middle votes who are horrified by what is happening in schools, about Bidenflation but who are not thrilled with Trump. We aren’t going to win a single NeverTrumper, no matter who is VP, but we may win a good chunk of the middle upset with Biden’s policies but skittish about Trump. I get what you are saying, but it’s not at all clear that you get (or are responding to) what I am saying.

          CommoChief in reply to CommoChief. | November 7, 2022 at 8:34 am


          I see and understand your argument. I just don’t believe it’s as big a deal as you do. I could be wrong. Maybe the VP selection would be an ‘offset’ for DJT among more moderate voters that makes them more comfortable voting for the ticket.

          If so how much of an offset (moderate to rino) is required to provide that comfortable balance and will that person be able to work successfully with DJT and advance DJT policies by being willing to be a hatchet man towards the bureaucracy and knock heads in the Congress?

          I suppose I draw on my military experience. The unit Commander sets the tone and usually gets to play the role of disappointed father when standards aren’t met. The XO, analogous to VP, plays the role of PO father promising fire and brimstone. A good cop bad cop dynamic that is usually effective. (ignoring the SR enlisted for this who shifts back and forth between the two roles as required). That experience likely impacts my views.

    So far I have not heard DeSantis brag about grabbing women by the pussies. But maybe I missed something

      mailman in reply to JR. | November 6, 2022 at 2:15 am

      Did he grab yours? 🤔😂😂

      Dathurtz in reply to JR. | November 6, 2022 at 7:18 am

      It continues to amaze me that people trot this out and entirely miss the meaning of what was said.

        Jazzizhep in reply to Dathurtz. | November 6, 2022 at 8:38 am

        I guess I’m one of them. Please enlighten me.

        While you’re at it, explain to me his comment that heroes aren’t shot down when referring to McCain.

        I voted for him twice and will again, but sure as hell don’t want to.

          CommoChief in reply to Jazzizhep. | November 6, 2022 at 9:08 am

          In fairness to DJT he didn’t say McCain wasn’t a hero. He said he preferred heroes who didn’t get shot down and captured.

          Considering this was mostly directed at the establishment wing of the r party during a contentious primary fight I don’t have a problem with it.

          McCain is a big boy. If you become a public figure and choose to enter the spotlight by running for office and then you personally, your family or allies seek to use part of your own history as club to hit a political opponent then don’t get your panties in a wad when that opponent hits back with another aspect of your past.

          I don’t really care for DJT as a person but he wasn’t running for the title of nice guy of the year. Politics is a contact sport so either accept that or stay on the porch if you can’t run with the big dogs.

          Dimsdale in reply to Jazzizhep. | November 6, 2022 at 10:35 am

          Considering that McCain was a “Russian collusion” errand boy for the left, and happy to do it, McCain didn’t have a lot to say.

          The action of carrying those fake documents was cowardly.

          lichau in reply to Jazzizhep. | November 6, 2022 at 4:59 pm

          Quite independent of McCain’s merits or lack thereof.
          It is only recently that POW’s have achieved “hero” status; in previous wars they were considered soldiers, period.
          During WWII, they didn’t get promotions while in captivity.
          The UK POW’s that worked on various Japanese roads, bridges, etc. actually had some concern that they would be tried for aiding the enemy. They weren’t. And, shouldn’t have been.
          Trump isn’t diplomatic–to put it diplomatically. I think that his “preference” for those that didn’t get shot down is quite acceptable. Extrapolating that to his disrespecting McCain on that account is uncalled for.
          McCain could well have been disciplined for collaboration. I dislike the man a lot, but I think criticizing him for his actions in the circumstances is out of line. I am of the age that could have been in the cage next to him. I seriously doubt that I could have done any better. Thankful that I didn’t get to find out.
          McCain himself would say that he wasn’t a hero but served in the company of heroes. I think that was a good way to put it.

      Paddy M in reply to JR. | November 6, 2022 at 8:13 am

      Clutch those pearls, JR.

    Massinsanity in reply to gonzotx. | November 6, 2022 at 9:28 am

    Trump needs to go away. DeSantis is in line with Trump policy wise, he is way smarter and more articulate and is not nearly the self destructive narcissist that Trump is. Let him pick up the mantle in ’24 but, for now, someone lock Trump in a closet until Wednesday so he can’t blow this thing.

      gonzotx in reply to Massinsanity. | November 6, 2022 at 9:32 am

      He’s a freaking RINO follow the money and his connections

      Dimsdale in reply to Massinsanity. | November 6, 2022 at 10:36 am

      President Trump HAS to run, if for no other reason than to prove that the fakery, hackery and deceptive practices of the left won’t work.

        ttucker99 in reply to Dimsdale. | November 6, 2022 at 2:47 pm

        You realize that Trump is only 4 yrs younger than Biden. Why do we want another 80 yr old president. DeSantis has the same policies and way less baggage with the public.
        The best move Trump could make is endorse DeSantis as the next gen and let him run.

      Hollymon in reply to Massinsanity. | November 7, 2022 at 12:05 pm

      I could not agree with you more. Trump was great, but he hasn’t cornered the market on conservative ideas. Too many people positively hate DJT. Why give the Dems a 40 yard head start in ’24? This is our chance to crush them, a fate which they richly deserve.

A sign that it might actually be true is the leftwing media propagandists are starting to criticize Biden. And Hochul. And others. Four days before most votes will be cast.

They may know recent polling trends are accurate and that too many elections are now beyond the margin of ‘vote fortification’ and slow-walk ‘vote counting’ that almost always favors Dems.

But I, too, will only believe it when I see it.

The Left may be up to something with all of this ‘end of democracy’ screeching. Like unleashing Antifa after Nov 8. To save us from fascism. And arresting Trump and many of his advisors and allies. With the intent of instigating ‘ultra MAGA violence’. And then running false flag ops.

    I agreed with you. Trillions more dollars to embezzle and millions of more patronage jobs to hand out is a hell of a motive for the Soros/Xi cabal. Don’t let your guards down.

    Dimsdale in reply to JHogan. | November 6, 2022 at 10:38 am

    I would say “how long before they are on street corners, screaming that the end is near,” but they have been doing that, in particular with climate change, for decades.

The number of anti-Hochul and/or pro-Zeldin memes on my Facebook feed are increasing. And the ones I post are being shared by more people.

Are memes changing minds? I think they are. Most are spot on and easy to understand.

    healthguyfsu in reply to gospace. | November 6, 2022 at 12:13 am

    You know facebook has algorithms to show you more of what you like (and less of what you don’t) as part of their ad-funneling profit scheme right?

    It’s not that I hope you are wrong, but don’t use social media as your barometer.

      mailman in reply to healthguyfsu. | November 6, 2022 at 2:19 am

      I haven’t seen a conservative meme in years on FB. Used to see them and posts and ads for conservative pages but not in a long time. Now all I get is that gay fucker from Star Trek who used to be funny but is now a sad angry moron after Trump hurt its feelings 🤔🙄🤷‍♀️

    The_Mew_Cat in reply to gospace. | November 7, 2022 at 9:13 am

    I’d like to see Hochul drag down Chuck Schumer. Now that would be a pleasant surprise.

    Hollymon in reply to gospace. | November 7, 2022 at 12:08 pm

    I like it when they pretend to be climbing a wall or trying to get out of a box.

Maureen Dowd? Isn’t that Elwood P. Dowd’s sister?

Harvey says, “She has a knack for summoning liberal worries and angst.”

She’ll probably end up in the sanitorium before this is over.

Don’t get too comfortable. Keep the cudgel close by.

Winning some races is just a step, just the start.

Like the “shellacking” delivered in the middle of President Obama’s first term, nothing changed. What did we learn? None of them will follow through after the election unless we make them.

— The Feckless R’s don’t feel beholden to the people who put them in power. They didn’t the last two times. (Or Reagan & after.) They won’t this time.

— To The Screaming D’s you’re just fodder to hoodwink into voting right, so they can get on with their sacred mission — the one you’re too stupid and profane to understand.

When both parties are playing: “but at least we’re not those other guys”, don’t expect any coherent policy, or drive to good governance.

Understand your own interest, and act like they are delegated some stuff to do for us, to our advantage as we see it. Vote like their job is to get the job done. Since I’ll be called a fascist anyway: if they can’t make the trains run at all, why should we trust them to “fundamentally transform” the govt, country, or world?

    CommoChief in reply to BierceAmbrose. | November 6, 2022 at 9:14 am

    Hopefully the r establishment is observing the experience of the Tories in UK post Brexit. Lots of dithering and failure to enact what the public voted for in a strait forward manner. Now, after more insanity of not rejecting the greens they are reeling due to energy prices and their stubborn support for Ukraine at the clear expense of the British people.

      gonzotx in reply to CommoChief. | November 6, 2022 at 9:34 am

      And they have a globalist in office in Britain

        CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | November 6, 2022 at 10:24 am

        Yes indeed they do, for the what 9th PM in a row? The Tories bungled this opportunity with Johnson forced out to adopt sensible energy policies, curb illegal immigration and generally tell the EU and WEF to pound sand.

    I have a lot of hope for many of the new entries, so long as they aren’t smothered by McConnell and the GOPe.

      BierceAmbrose in reply to Dimsdale. | November 7, 2022 at 1:26 pm

      I, also, have some hope.

      Back the ones that do right. That includes keeping the relevant issues front and center; demanding facts and measures, not rhetoric, no matter how “soaring.”

      Remember: when the rhetoric is soaring, you tend to get crapped on.

I’m feelin’ no pain tonight. My B-I-L told me about Yukon Jack and I’ve been hittin’ it pretty hard tonight. My dime-store novel brain has me amused tonight, imagining a story where the ‘elites’ came to their senses and realized the Chicoms were so deep into their pockets that something had to be done or lose the country they lived in and loved … so they hatched a plan – a mind-bending parody of reality – where the the politically owned conduced themselves in such repulsive manner, as to turn the public against them and throw them the hell out of office, which in turn gave them a kind of plausible denial with their Chicom masters … all that money spent to acquire influence, gone in a single election. Less compromised ones elected in their place, setting the Chicom masters back in their nefarious plans by a decade or more …

And then the buzz wears off – and reality sets in – a sobering through concerning Biden’s comment that the results of the election wouldn’t be known for several days – enough time for the democrat bastards to steal it all back and sell us out. American patriots with their jaws on the floor come Wednesday morning, Thursday, Friday or later – cursing and wondering how the hell they did it again – and whether finally, I’ll hear the words that I’ve been dreading … open fire …

    paracelsus in reply to MrE. | November 5, 2022 at 11:47 pm

    gibbet, gallows, guillotine? all begin with “g”, are highly public, and are seen as a form of punishment for treason

I think the red tsunami is real and larger than we know.

I am only concerned about the cheating. Some of those races in blue states will be close enough to steal.

And then there’s the future first female president, Kari Lake, who lulls you into believing, with her mellifluous voice, statements that seem to emanate from Lucifer

I kinda like Kari… what’s with the Lucifer thing?

    They’re projecting. Again. They always do.

    txvet2 in reply to amwick. | November 5, 2022 at 11:37 pm

    “”what’s with the Lucifer thing?””


    henrybowman in reply to amwick. | November 6, 2022 at 12:00 am

    They don’t like it when the candidate is able to respond to every “gotcha” question from the corrupt press with chapter and verse of 20 times Democrats did precisely the same things and the press said bupkus. Unlike the less focused Republican candidates, who just mouth pious generalities and end up looking stupid because they’re afraid to say anything that will actually offend anybody, Kari Lake has the power to deliver continuous, oral “mean tweets” deliberately designed to offend those who fully deserve it. Kari does not suffer fools gladly, and she thinks and speaks nimbly enough on her feet to pull it off without getting clotheslined. And people like her because she represents them — she’s not afraid to attack presstitutes and other socialists in exactly the same way we would love to be able to attack them ourselves.

    Milhouse in reply to amwick. | November 6, 2022 at 1:22 am

    They mean she’s on fire.

I am skeptical of some giant Red tsunami. There is a meaningful percentage of the total vote that has been cast before this sudden awakening to how horrible Dem policies have been. The Dems know how to run a modern get out the vote operation, under the rules they established with respect to mail-in voting. The Republicans did not in 2020 and I am not convinced they have today. With the voting already done, aren’t polls now not representative?

    CommoChief in reply to jb4. | November 6, 2022 at 9:32 am

    Nah. Maybe in PA for die hard d/prog and independent voters who drank the kool aid prior to the debate. The r are actually out performing the d/prog in several places with early voting. That’s based on party registration of who voted so not actual votes tabulated but unless these r registered voted decided to vote d/prog …it looks bad.

    This is not a wave but a realignment. The broad middle class (the 70% in the middle) has coalesced around a few themes in no particular order:
    1. Stop pushing Trans and CRT/DEI on the kids
    2. Put criminals in prison
    3. Inflation/economy out of control govt spending such as the student debt relief which largely helps the credentialed class
    4. Immigration
    5. Energy policy
    6. Weirdo school teachers, administrators, boards, librarians who view Parents as the enemy
    7. Endless war and unnecessary foreign intervention and proxy wars
    8. The d/prog and credentialed class arrogance and refusal to ID the problems and provide effective solutions who continue to gaslight, spin and deflect in a slavish devotion to their failed policies
    9. Rona

    The tribal system of PoC voting for d/prog because they are expected to is following the same path of union members in giving the r party candidates a second look and an opportunity. The key question here is will the establishment of the r party waste the opportunity to deliver concrete results and earn these voters continued support or will they be passive with their coming Congressional majority?

      Dimsdale in reply to CommoChief. | November 6, 2022 at 10:47 am

      More of a reckoning than a realignment, but I catch your drift!!

      The cavalcade of leftist stupidity can only be cleansed by a red tsunami.

55 and 250. Don’t take no for an answer.

Pa will cheat like hell and Fetterman and go pet that lives on his neck, will win unfortunately…

That’s my prediction

On another note. Did anyone here see the Breeders Cup today?

The horse who won, he was so magnificent, so beautiful. He won in like 11 lengths with a very high caliber group.

His name is Flightline, he’s 4, did not run in the Triple crown because he got injured as a 2y/o. .
Probably a once in a lifetime kind of horse. Has run 6 races now, won them all, one by 19 lengths.
Because he can make 40 million a year as a stud, we may never see him run again.

You really ought to look at him, he so magnificent, it’s like looking at Secretariat, so majestic….

    texansamurai in reply to gonzotx. | November 6, 2022 at 5:40 am

    several of big red’s races on youtube–just beautiful to watch–sheer power / speed–not the kind men make with engines and gears but the kind god makes with flesh and blood–wonderful to behold

    as to the tsunami, seeing is believing

      gonzotx in reply to texansamurai. | November 6, 2022 at 6:48 am

      Did you see the race or the horse ?

      I am a Secretariat fan, big time. This is the first horse that I think has his other Godliness…

    Hollymon in reply to gonzotx. | November 7, 2022 at 12:15 pm

    I’m convinced. I’m writing Flightline in on my ballot tomorrow. I live in Massachusetts. It’s not a wasted vote.

Stop worrying and read your Bible .

I find it odd that Brandon and the Dems answer to “Republicans will end Democracy” is to vote one party, namely them, into control of all of government.

Bitterlyclinging | November 6, 2022 at 7:50 am

Dan Bongino has implied that the Department of Injustice is planning a special counsel for DJT just in case he decides to run again.
A so called ‘Red Wave’ this November 8th would make the prospects of a 2024 DJT election nearly inevitable.
The Democrats will do everything in their power to prevent that. Remember that the Democrats were able to pull off the November 3rd 2020 steal with zero to almost nil pushback, while Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips, two of the principles that elucidated some of the November 3rd, 2020 steal, are in jail.
There are 168 million registered voters, give or take. 200 million ballots will be cast by those 168 million, the MSM will be agog, their newsrooms overflowing with milk and honey, their voices filled with praise for the Democrats miraculous ‘Get out the vote’ prowess.

    “The Democrats will do everything in their power to prevent that.”

    Many Republicans will too and many of them are here starting up already.

      CommoChief in reply to Pasadena Phil. | November 6, 2022 at 9:46 am

      I will happily vote for him as the the r nominee and work to get him elected in 2024 if he wins the primary. The purpose of a primary is to determine which candidate is the person for the job in the current election cycle. That may very well be DJT. He just has to convince me of that, just like every other primary candidate.

      Frankly my bar for DJT is low. All he needs to do is focus on 2024 and the current issues v looking backwards and crying that the d/prog shenanigans got Biden inaugurated. It happened, it sucks, we all know it and all wish it hadn’t happened. No need to beat a dead horse. That doesn’t mean he can’t allude to it just don’t make the 2020 election shenanigans the center piece of his campaign.

      That’s pretty simple. Run a campaign based on current issues and his policy prescriptions to fix them. That is literally all he needs to do for many of us who are hesitant. We will give him a fair shot to make his case. If he does we will absolutely support him.

        So it’s back to “feelings” and “fair play”? Trump is THE GUY who orchestrated Tuesday’s Red Wave at great personal sacrifice. It is absolutely essential for justice to play out over what the Uniparty did to him and us over the last 6-7 years. Now you squishes are going to blow it by risking having him lose the nomination as if we need another primary blood bath? So the DeSantis/Trump steamroller goes full stop after the elections just so “everyone gets a chance to be heard”? Once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

        Could we PLEASE stop being the Stupid Party? Trump is a shoo-in and he is the guy who will finally clean house! He can’t be impeached and doesn’t have to be re-elected again. How many times do you squishes have to be reminded? Politics is a bare-knuckled sport and we need to carry this fight right through next Tuesday into 2024. And you want to break up the winning team NOW?????

          CommoChief in reply to Pasadena Phil. | November 6, 2022 at 11:29 am


          You have previously stated you left the r party years ago so for someone not a member of the r party you spend a lot of energy telling the members of the party you left who they should choose as the nominee.

          Nice use of SIGN language by the way. You hit on all four in one post. Shame, Insults, Guilt and the Need to be right. That’s how d/prog usually choose to construct their arguments because they can’t debate the facts nor tolerate any dissenting opinions.

        Hollymon in reply to CommoChief. | November 7, 2022 at 12:24 pm

        Unfortunately, not in his nature. He is constitutionally unable to do what you suggest. The object of the exercise, to me at least, is not to elect DJT to a second term. It’s to crush the opposition. Someone else will have a much better chance to finish the job that Trump started.

          CommoChief in reply to Hollymon. | November 7, 2022 at 1:12 pm


          Maybe not but the dude earned an opportunity to show he can focus on the contemporary issues of the 2024 election cycle.

          I am as unwilling to be a Not Trump Again as I am to be an Only Trump. I will give the man a fair shot to earn my support in the upcoming r Presidential Primary.

    That 168 million figure is as of two years ago. It’s probably increased since then. And 21 states allow same-day registration, plus one state has no such thing as registration. So there’s no way to predict how many people will be eligible to vote on election day.

    You’re playing the same game as those liars who claimed the 2020 steal was evident from the “fact” that there were only 133 million registered voters, which was not a fact at all. As far as I know, in all the history of election fraud there has never been an election where, either overall or at any precinct, more votes were cast than there were registered voters; the large-scale fraudsters are smarter than that. They take care that every fraudulent vote is cast in the name of a voter who exists on the rolls, even if nowhere else.

    Engelbrecht and Phillips are in custody because they have adopted the same arrogant lawlessness as the professional news industry, and refuse to testify about their sources when lawfully required to by a court of law. The news industry has invented a “privilege” out of thin air, and its members pride themselves on their willingness to go to jail rather than comply with the law; well, if these two consider themselves part of that elite then they can pay the same price.

      r2468 in reply to Milhouse. | November 6, 2022 at 6:43 pm

      Is it possible that the FBI has the answer to the question the judge is asking? How about if True the Vote reveals that info they could get in more trouble? I never trust the FBI to do the right thing.

        Milhouse in reply to r2468. | November 7, 2022 at 7:42 pm

        That may well be. In any case the appeals court let them out today. My point was that the judge was correct. They were ordered to provide information and they refused; anyone who does that goes to jail, and it’s not right to make an exception for “journalists”. Indeed “journalists” make it a point of pride that they are willing to break the law and go to jail; so if you claim to be one, then you shouldn’t have a problem when that happens to you.

    Afraid your right and the RINOs are all in support of it
    It’s why they are grooming DeSantis
    He’s their chosen one

    The more they do, the more they will infuriate the right (the real right), and propel his candidacy.

E Howard Hunt | November 6, 2022 at 8:04 am

Please, no hearings on COVID measures or Biden family corruption. Even in total defeat this class escapes punishment for their iniquities. Rather that all energies be spent changing course than in a futile quest for justice.

    This is why the Dems always get away with everything. The Republicans NEVER make them pay. There are NEVER any consequences. And when the do-nothing Republicans have worn out their stay after again cementing the Democrat gains, we are back to Democrats making their next big push.


    Sometimes rubbing your enemies face in their own pile of shit IS changing course. It’s changing course by teaching them a lesson.

    They are not mutually exclusive.

    Durak Kazyol in reply to E Howard Hunt. | November 7, 2022 at 8:24 am

    If there is no punishment for crimes, crime will increase. Your position is same as that of a Soros Da.

    I understand and share your concern about taking our eye off the ball. Nevertheless, the conspiracy to suppress the laptop story is simply too dark, too ugly, and too clandestine to let pass. It must be exposed to sunlight for the sake of the nation. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

It’s not Republicans who have at this moment over 800 political prisoners locked up

The “burden” of life. Throw another baby on the barbie, it’s over.

Things look horrible, that’s why the GOP is polling so well

Extended family dinner last night. Western Wa. Small town.

In between talking about the rampant drug dealing and organized crime and blight the election came up. I no longer partake in these discussions, but it was still happening.

One family member in their late 50s will still vote for Patty Murray because she’s afraid of Smiley.

OMFG. This is Wa.

Professor Jacobson,
Using the Democrats’ term “election denier,” and having five links to the Democrat magazine The New Yorker in one paragraph, don’t enhance your credibility.

Also, General Bolduc changed his stance on the 2020 election in September.

When someone complains about systematic carefully orchestrated Democrat cheating, giving a lecture on how they should shut up and vote is a bizarre response. Observing the *fact* that Democrats steal elections and the GOPe does nothing about it is *not* counseling passivity or surrender.

My wife and I will vote, all R no D, and pray for a red wave, but we know from experience (e.g.2017-8) that getting R’s to do anything to actually fight the destruction of America is difficult.

If there’s a red wave despite the cheating, *then* the fight really begins.

    CommoChief in reply to Durak Kazyol. | November 7, 2022 at 11:12 am

    The RNC has made a huge effort in committing resources and training for ballot security and election integrity. Lots of lawsuits successfully won by public interest firms from the right that are forcing d/prog officials and jurisdictions to follow the election laws of their State.

    They spent a lot of $ hiring folks to train volunteers to be effective poll watchers. They have sued multiple jurisdiction who tried to keep r poll watchers out. They have begun creating a elections law fare network to counter the d/prog.

    Lots has been done and is being done. More to be done but it takes willing volunteers to do these jobs.

We all know the places where the polls are close and the Senate seat or governor’s office is tightly contested, but where will the surprises happen? I’d like to see Hochul drag down Chuck Schumer. If there really is a red wave, we might see surprises in California as well – places where there is very little polling or campaigning there because you know, the Democrats got it in the bag.

Looking forward to a Republican wave, no matter how big or small, as long as they send the Dems packing. BUT, just watch the Republicans blow this opportunity as they have in the past. Instead of putting us back on course with the wall, energy, fracking, etc., they’ll end up holding countless Congressional hearings on Hunter Biden, and trying to get Joe impeached. While the public might want the latter for full mismanagement of the country, the public wants lower inflation, gas prices, safety on the streets, and our children taught the basics and STEM.

    CommoChief in reply to PoliticalWoman. | November 7, 2022 at 7:41 pm

    As long as they make a legitimate effort v kubuki votes then that’s fine. Congress can act as check on the executive but can’t really set the agenda in the Agencies. Use of the Congressional Review Act to trim regulations and the power of the purse to trim spending would be attainable.

    The problem will be that the d/prog getting wiped on Tuesday are not the most radical. It’s the ones in purple districts and States who are, for d/prog, more moderate. That means the composition of the next Congress will be far more polarized. Which means the less committed populist right r officeholders aka rino will have some room to water down legislation.

    This process will take another couple of election cycles to purge out the weak Senators from Red States like Graham and Cornyn. No way that Senators from TX and South Carolina shouldn’t be able to adopt populist right, tea party, maga principles. It’s one thing for a Susan Collins from blue Maine to be more moderate due to the electoral make up of the State but neither TX nor SC requires that to win and hold office.

47% to 46% is not a wave, it’s a leak.

If one wants to malign DeSantis (I don’t, but Trump obviously does) ‘sanctimonious’ is the wrong adjective. Mitt Romney is sanctimonious. Lisa Murkowski is sanctimonious. Liz Cheney is sanctimonious on steroids. Ron DeSantis is not. Somebody should give Trump a dictionary to help with the thesaurus.