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Required Course at West Chester U. Allegedly Teaches ‘First-Year Students to Resent White People’

Required Course at West Chester U. Allegedly Teaches ‘First-Year Students to Resent White People’

“teaches students to resent white people and conditions them to feel guilty about being white”

This is what so many parents are now fighting in K-12 schools. It’s even worse in higher ed.

The Washington Examiner reports:

West Chester University course teaches first-year students to resent white people

A required course for first-year students at West Chester University in Pennsylvania teaches students to resent white people, among other things.

The class forces upon freshmen the core elements of critical race theory and advances radical left-wing ideology through the diversity, equity, and inclusion agenda, according to a student in the class. Speaking on the condition of anonymity due to fear of retaliation, the student shared some of the material taught in the school’s mandated First Year Experience Requirement .

The course’s alleged purpose is to help “incoming first-year students” acclimate to college life, including analyzing the school’s “liberal arts tradition in higher education” and explaining the university’s General Education curriculum. However, after viewing some of the coursework and curricula, this is not what this course does. Rather, it teaches students to resent white people and conditions them to feel guilty about being white.

Consider some of the “lessons” from the class.

First-year students were forced to listen to the “six stages of white identity.” This “teaching” involved educating students that “white people may have not paid ‘attention to the significance of their racial identity.’ They usually don’t think of themselves as racist or even having racialized ideas, even though these ideas have been there always.”

Another “stage” is “Disintegration,” in which white people allegedly have a “growing awareness of racism and white privilege,” and this experience typically results in a “feeling of shame, guilt, and anger towards the group of origin and oneself.”

The “Reintegration” stage of “white identity” is marked by confrontation with white family and friends who are “fearful of the minority group.” This stage is “accompanied by moments of disappointment related to being rejected by those who you are trying to help.” Additionally, this stage is marked with the sentiment that “it isn’t their fault to be white.”


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caseoftheblues | November 1, 2022 at 2:19 pm

Imagine the immutable quality was homosexuality or a congenital disability or any other race but white and those populations were being taught by a mandatory university class to hate themselves, feel lesser about them selves and other students instructed to hate and resent them for how they were born….there would be very justified lawsuits, and abuse and discrimination charges filed.

    CellarDoor in reply to caseoftheblues. | November 2, 2022 at 8:51 am

    Notice that if you replaced EVERY news article about white people with the word Jewish people it wouldn’t be allowed.
    Yet smearing and degrading and hating White people seems to be perfectly ok and White people are not standing up against it.

‘Speaking on the condition of anonymity due to fear of retaliation,’
What a disgrace this should happen at a university of all places. West Chester University, like many countless others nationwide should be ashamed of themselves. Their actions are despicable and are ruining higher level education. The spirit of learning is quickly evaporating. Young bright individuals are being conditioned to not ask questions that even remotely suggest a challenge to a specific topic.

“West Chester University”? Is it a government entity or a private entity? If a “government;” rather than private entity, it needs to be looked into for accreditation reasons if for no other..

This is prison yard gang tactics.

It will get worse, you can count on it

And as the violence crescendos over the coming months, Republicans and SCOTUS and ACAB will be blamed. By the press. By the FBI.

– – –

When they lose elections they “tear it down.”

When they win elections, they “tear it down.”

See the pattern yet?