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NY Times Runs Interference for Joe Biden on Age, Fitness Questions Ahead of Expected 2024 Run

NY Times Runs Interference for Joe Biden on Age, Fitness Questions Ahead of Expected 2024 Run

“The New York Times spoke to 10 experts in aging about what the next six years might look like for a person of that age. They agreed that Biden has a lot going in his favor.”

Earlier this year, the New York Times took a turn few saw coming, raising questions about President Biden’s age and fitness to lead after another round of Biden “gaffes” proved too much for even the MSM to ignore.

There was this piece from July, in which they wrote about how he was “testing the boundaries of age and the presidency.”

In it, they noted that White House officials could not deny that they had some concerns about the president’s age and health:

But they acknowledged Mr. Biden looks older than just a few years ago, a political liability that cannot be solved by traditional White House stratagems like staff shake-ups or new communications plans. His energy level, while impressive for a man of his age, is not what it was, and some aides quietly watch out for him. He often shuffles when he walks, and aides worry he will trip on a wire. He stumbles over words during public events, and they hold their breath to see if he makes it to the end without a gaffe.


Mr. Biden’s public appearances have fueled [the “too old”] perception. His speeches can be flat and listless. He sometimes loses his train of thought, has trouble summoning names or appears momentarily confused. More than once, he has promoted Vice President Kamala Harris, calling her “President Harris.” Mr. Biden, who overcame a childhood stutter, stumbles over words like “kleptocracy.” He has said Iranian when he meant Ukrainian and several times called Senator Mark Warner, Democrat of Virginia, “John,” confusing him with the late Republican senator of that name from Virginia.

There was also an article they wrote earlier this month prior to the election, where they did something they almost never do – focus on Biden’s “verbal fumbles”:

President Biden verbally fumbled during a campaign swing in Florida on Tuesday, confusing the American war in Iraq with the Russian war in Ukraine, and then he fumbled again while he tried to correct himself, misstating how his son Beau died in 2015.


Mr. Biden, who at 79 is the oldest president in American history, has a long record of gaffes dating back to when he was a young man. But his misstatements have become more pronounced, and more noticed, now that he has the spotlight of the presidency constantly on him. While Mr. Biden has said he intends to run for a second term, his age ranked at the top of the list for Democratic voters who told pollsters that they want the party to find an alternative, according to a survey by New York Times and Siena College this summer.

But two things have happened since those pieces were published. Though Democrats lost the House, Biden dodged the red tsunami that had been widely predicted. Biden has also repeatedly indicated that he “intends” to run again for president in 2024, though he hasn’t officially declared it.

Because of all that, and because today is Biden’s 80th birthday, the New York Times decided to give him a gift by running interference for him on the age question:

From the puff piece:

Also left unsaid is that Mr. Biden would be 86 at the end of a second term, should he run in 2024 and win — a fact that his critics have seized upon and that gives even some Democrats pause.


The New York Times spoke to 10 experts in aging to paint a picture of what the next six years might look like for a person of the president’s age. These experts have not examined or treated Mr. Biden, though they have looked at publicly available information, including a medical report issued by the White House last year, a day before his 79th birthday.

Mr. Biden, these experts agreed, has a lot going in his favor: He is highly educated, has plenty of social interaction, a stimulating job that requires a lot of thinking, is married and has a strong family network — all factors that, studies show, are protective against dementia and conducive to healthy aging. He does not smoke or drink alcohol and, according to the White House, he exercises five times a week. He also has top-notch medical care.

Basically what the Times is telling us is to ignore what we’ve witnessed for the last several years from Joe Biden, including from the time he was running for president:

Further, they’re also telling us to overlook the fact that Biden’s presidency is carried out to a large extent by his co-presidents (like WH chief of staff Ron Klain) and his other handlers, all of whom are constantly having to play clean up whenever he goes off script:

Ultimately it will be up to the voters to decide if their worries about Biden’s age and mental acuity warrant a second look at another candidate. But judging by what pollsters have repeatedly indicated on this question, including the one referenced by the Times, it’s a matter of serious concern to a majority of Americans and one that no amount of media spin will be able to make go away.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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Weekend at Bernie’s…..

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a timeless classic.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Tiki. | November 20, 2022 at 6:04 pm

    It appears that most of the time, Joe Biden is functionally a moron. Has anyone considered a lawsuit for elder abuse? He should be in a nursing hoe, taking it easy while he is waiting to expire.

“aides worry he will trip on a wire.”
VN Vet: “If only.”

“has a long record of gaffes dating back to when he was a young man.”
As succinctly summarized by his ex-boss, Barack Obama.

“Biden has also repeatedly indicated that he “intends” to run again for president in 2024, though he hasn’t officially declared it.”
Mox nix. You say it, you own it. Campaign committee filings NOW, or FEC penalties.

After Biden’s fall the Times will point to this article and claim that it was questioning Biden’s decision to serve a second term.

Two years – 2024 – might as well be twenty considering his current rate of decline.

Gen Z went all in for Democrats and their Free Student Loans.


Just keep asking your Gen Zers, did you get that Student Loan forgiven yet?

Voters: How is Joe Biden?
NY Times: Fine

Voters: How about his health?
NY Times: Fine

Voters: How about mental health?
NY Times: Fine, fine, fine. Quit asking questions.

Installed doesn’t care about age, the weaker the better for the Puppeteers

According to the CDC, life expectancy for a white male in the U.S. is 76.4.

The average U.S. male doesn’t have the added stress of pretending to be competent enough to be in office at that age.

In all fairness, bookies should be demanding long odds on Joe even being alive to run in 2024.

Check Congress man David Scott in Atlanta. If he can get get elected and perform his duties as total no show and not a peep from the media, Biden will be able to do like wise as second term prez.

This would all be ok if he were a greeter at Walmart, but he’s the president of the United States for fuck’s sake.

fjb has been incompetent his entire career(if you can call it that)

Conservative Beaner | November 20, 2022 at 6:16 pm

Biden has tested the boundries of age and the presidency and has failed.

He will run again, and win.
Seeing how we are now a Banana republic…es tan simple como eso.

Why hasn’t the Franklin Mint started minting coins in praise of Biden?
Where are the “Joey Bears”?
I have yet to see a collectible plate with Bidens image on it?

Remember how all the stuff with Reagans image on it appeared in the 1990s with the tagline “America’s Most Beloved President”?

Consumers know.

As I said before elsewhere, it seems that Dem voters want an oligarchy instead of a Republic (or even a Democracy).

    henrybowman in reply to healthguyfsu. | November 20, 2022 at 7:14 pm


    Royalty was like dandelions. No matter how many heads you chopped off, the roots were still there underground, waiting to spring up again… It was as if even the most intelligent person had this little blank spot in their heads where someone had written, “Kings. What a good idea.” Whoever had created humanity had left in a major design flaw. It was its tendency to bend at the knees.

    The division into whig and tory is founded in the nature of men; the weakly and nerveless, the rich and the corrupt, seeing more safety and accessibility in a strong executive; the healthy, firm, and virtuous, feeling confidence in their physical and moral resources, and willing to part with only so much power as is necessary for their good government; and, therefore, to retain the rest in the hands of the many, the division will substantially be into Whig and Tory.

    If America were not still infested with so many Tories, Jeopardy contestants would be stumped by the card, “Meghan Markle.”

doan make no diff’rens, we gocha vote ‘ready printed out
y’ doan gotta do a thing, doan wurry ’bout nuttin’

Biden is no “super ager”. I know 80+ year old people who are far more coherent and more active than president pudding cup.

The problem is not his age. The problem is his cognitive function or lack thereof. Say what you will about Pelosi, Fauci, or McConnell—all about the same age as Brandon — they exhibit normal cognition. Biden is showing advancing dementia.

Most of us know many octogenarians and nonagenarians who have had normal cognitive function until their dying breath.

What the NYT won’t tell you – Biden had 2 brain surgeries for aneurysms in 1988, one of which had burst. IMO his “gaffes” for decades and other cognitive and perhaps physical issues may be related. However, only if his opponent is another old guy will the Dems be able to get away with his aging. Against somebody young like DeSantis, I doubt the public will give Biden a pass. Nixon was no basket case, but the difference in appearance and beautiful family likely got JFK close enough to win with the Chicago graveyard votes.

It doesn’t matter to me any more how old he is or what he’ll be like in 6 years, because I doubt that I’ll outlast him. He’s likely the last President I’ll have to endure, and I pity those of you who will have to live with his (or his handlers’) destruction of a once great country. And no, Trump isn’t going to save you.

The NYT is poor exccuse for a newspaper-don;t believe a word in it except for possibly the obituaries

It is tragic how far The New York Times has fallen – basically just boring af far left brainwashing at this point. The boring part is truly unforgivable!

protective against dementia

Protection that doesn’t seem to be working.