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Ninety-Six Percent of Political Donations From Ivy League Go to Democrats

Ninety-Six Percent of Political Donations From Ivy League Go to Democrats

“Professors only gave Republican candidates and groups around $112,000.”

As I’ve pointed out numerous times, this is one of the reasons why taxpayers should not be forced to fund ‘free’ college. Half of America isn’t even welcome on most campuses.

The College Fix reports:

96 percent of Ivy League political donations go to Democrats

Federal Democratic candidates and groups received 96 percent of total donations from Ivy League professors in the 2022 midterm elections, according to a College Fix analysis.

Faculty members from the eight universities gave about $2,480,000 to Democratic candidates and organizations during the current election cycle. Professors only gave Republican candidates and groups around $112,000. The data comes from the Federal Election Commission and is current as of October 28.

The percentage breakdown between Democrats and Republicans works out to 96 percent to 4 percent.

The data set includes the midterm election period which began in January 2021.

The Fix emailed the media teams for all eight Ivy League schools to ask about the donations gap at each institution and if it showed a problem of liberal bias on campus. None responded to an October 31 inquiry.

The Fix classified donations by party according to the candidate or if a political action committee primarily supported one party over the other. For example, donations to pro-abortion group EMILY’S LIST would be counted as a Democratic contribution, because anyone giving to that group would reasonably believe their donations were going to support Democrats.

Green Party candidates received $250, while Working Families, a New York left-leaning political party, received $525. Independent candidates received just over $250 and another $36,000 went to a neutral organization, such as a political action committee that supports candidates in both parties.

A majority of contributions to Democratic candidates went through the ActBlue fundraising platform, so it is not clear who received each donation. The Republican WinRed platform processed nearly $30,000, or 30 percent of all contributions to the GOP and conservative causes.

Princeton University professors donated just under $176,000 to Democratic organizations and candidates while Republicans only received $7,800 or over 4 percent of all political donations.

Harvard University professors donated nearly half a million dollars to Democrats while only $8,600 went to Republicans.

Dartmouth College did not have a single Republican donor, but did have a professor donate to an independent candidate. Professors at the New Hampshire Ivy League school gave over a quarter million dollars to Democratic candidates.


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and Cornell Alumni Assn wonders why I no longer donate. I wonder how many of us (%) who graduated prior to ’62 still give money to the school?

Back in 2016, I scraped the Federal Election Commission’s database for all donations by employees of large top universities to presidential candidates in the primaries. (“Employees”, because I could not distinguish faculty from administrators or operational personnel; e.g. Princeton’s campus locksmith, who donated to Ted Cruz.)

65% went to Hillary Clinton; 25% to Sanders; 2% to other Democrats; and just 8% to all 16 Republicans (eight of whom were two-term governors and five of which were sitting or former US Senators).

Is this supposed to be shocking? I would think most of us expected this from bastions of Leftism.

Incredible! I would have thought it would be closer to 100%.