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NASA Once Again Rejects the Woke Crowd by Refusing to Rename the James Webb Space Telescope

NASA Once Again Rejects the Woke Crowd by Refusing to Rename the James Webb Space Telescope

For those snowflakes who would melt referring the the telescope by its full name, the American Astronomical Society will allow the use of the acronym.

Before its launch, I reported that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) rejected the demands of LGBTQ activists and diversity-inclusion minions to change the name of the James Webb Space Telescope.

The activists persisted. I am happy to report NASA is maintaining its current trajectory on the instrument’s name.

The James Webb Space Telescope launched in December 2021 amid calls for the observatory to be renamed. The observatory was named in 2002 after government bureaucrat James Webb, who served as the second administrator of NASA during the 1960s. But opponents of the name argue that Webb persecuted people known or suspected to belong to the LGBTQ+ community.

Now, NASA has concluded an investigation into Webb’s role in what’s been dubbed the Lavender Scare, and the agency has decided to leave his name on the $10 billion telescope.

“To date, no available evidence directly links Webb to any actions or follow-up related to the firing of individuals for their sexual orientation,” the report reads. “Based on the available evidence, the agency does not plan to change the name of the James Webb Space Telescope,” NASA officials wrote in a statement announcing the report.

The decision came after the agency did a deep dive into the actions of James Webb (the famed NASA administrator who oversaw the Apollo program), as recorded in the historical records.

In 2021, NASA started to investigate records related to Webb’s time in government, but the coronavirus pandemic meant that access to some archival collections was restricted.

“A critically important part of this whole investigation was getting access to records,” says Brian Odom, NASA’s chief historian. “COVID presented a huge challenge to that.”

…This broad review turned up nothing about Webb’s own opinions on the federal government’s employment policies, says Odom, other than his intention to implement the policies set by his superiors. For example, Webb was very concerned that NASA centers comply with new equal employment opportunity practices related to race and gender.

“We really still don’t really know how he felt about any of these issues,” says Odom, saying that Webb’s main concern seemed to be understanding the administration’s policies and putting them into effect while also fulfilling other priorities, like going to the moon.

In Webb’s communications about personnel issues at NASA, homosexuality just doesn’t come up, says Odom.

The full report from NASA is HERE.

For those snowflakes who would melt referring to the telescope by its full name, the American Astronomical Society will allow the use of the acronym when submitting scientific papers to the society’s journals.

Many AAS members are concerned about the response of NASA to the JWST name and process, and we wanted to provide a brief update. In response to our most recent letter, Administrator Nelson replied that NASA’s Acting Chief Historian as well as a contract historian were reviewing records and that NASA would share the findings publicly after completion. Nelson also agreed that the mission naming policy for NASA must be reexamined and that will also be shared. We await these results.

The Publication Committee would like to remind members that it is the current policy of the AAS journals that the acronym JWST need not be spelled out upon its first use in scientific papers. This policy is documented in the AAS Style Guide on the journals web page.

Meanwhile, the James Webb Space Telescope is exceeding expectations and allowing scientists to glimpse at distant galaxies.

The James Webb Space Telescope (Webb or JWST), which launched in December 2021, has executed just five months of science observations. Astronomers knew the $10 billion telescope would offer a new view on the universe, but early observations have still blown those expectations away. In particular, JWST has carried scientists out deeper into the universe, farther from Earth and earlier in cosmic history than researchers had anticipated

“We’re really on track to realizing the dream of understanding galaxies at the earliest times,” Garth Illingworth, an astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, said during a NASA news conference held Thursday (Nov. 17) dedicated to early science results from the new observatory. “The last few months have been exciting, but a huge amount remains in front of us to learn and to gain insights into what is really happening in the first billion years of galaxies.”


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Did James Webb own slaves?

I want to vote on the name anyway. The Woke 💫 Telescope. The LGBQ Telescope.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to r2468. | November 21, 2022 at 8:56 pm

    Are there any stats about the LGBQ communities average IQ? It would be interesting to know what triggers these conditions. Is it related to excessive population where nature reduces reproduction? Is it a frequent genetic mutation?

    In today’s climate, It is unlikely we will answers about these issues, much like what happened when people wanted to attribute poor black performance to environmental conditions. Now we know most of that gap is genetic.

      No, I don’t thing we “know that”.
      It’s self evident that the ability to score high on the standard IQ test is at least partially genetic.

      But racial statistics on that issue?
      A bit murky.
      Social / economic issues also self evidently play a part. So many black American kids today are forced to to learn in failed public schools that it’s a bit like comparing running times when a quarter of the runners are hobbled.

      And IQ tests test the ability to take tests – something I’ve always been good at btw, consistently testing well above my grade level. Native intel, being a voracious reader, or good schooling? HTH do you ascribe percentages to that?

      A flat statement that population X has lower IQ on average than population Y may be factually true – and you should be able to state that fact without penalties or being called names – but it’s complicated as to root causes.

      Best response is (imho) throw out group-based response in favor of individual-based response. Basing how you treat a person based on their group membership does not have a good track record.

the wokesters fail to understand that telescopes are for seeing, for extending our vision not for closing our eyes and our hearts to the blindness of fascism

The mere accusation is all that is needed.

    Dathurtz in reply to alaskabob. | November 21, 2022 at 5:43 pm

    It is encouraging that the response was “We will look into it to determine if your claim is factual and a fair interpretation. I can usually find a lot in common with people that believe in truth.

      Ironclaw in reply to Dathurtz. | November 21, 2022 at 6:52 pm

      That depends on if they are actually investigating or if they’re simply mouthing the words. Most of the time they will mouth those words to give an appearance of fairness, then they will bow to the fascist lefties.

This isn’t a win. These creeps still did a “deep dive” into James Webb’s career. You do a “deep dive” into anybody’s life and you will find something that offends the woke.

Clearly, since they won’t change the name, The Science™ requires that all information gathered from the James Webb Space Telescope be denounced, censored and ignored in developing our knowledge of the universe.

Maybe the weirdos could ask Musk to launch the telescope the weirdos fund, design and build once they get all that done? Then they could name it whatever they wanted.

Yes, but what kind of shirt was he wearing? That’s the ultimate test of science after all, right?

    JohnSmith100 in reply to georgfelis. | November 21, 2022 at 9:03 pm

    I had a large collection of ties, for example one with a humous picture of Einstein, which I wore when lobbying Congress. The suits were conservative, the ties were often not.

All NASA has to do is gang it together with the Hubbell telescope, then the woke progressives can enjoy referring to it as the “Webb/Hubbell Array.”

Put a finger in woke eyes by naming it after Dan White of the Harvey Milk shooting fame.

I’d be fine with renaming this the Harriet Tubman telescope – but only if the project’s logo uses the photograph of Tubman holding a rifle.