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Left Wing Protesters Try to Stop Speaking Event at UNC Law Hosted by Federalist Society

Left Wing Protesters Try to Stop Speaking Event at UNC Law Hosted by Federalist Society

“the Founders were enslavers”

This will keep happening until there are consequences. Why do schools put up with this behavior?

Campus Reform reports:

Leftist protesters attempt to shut down UNC Law speaking event

On October 25, the UNC Chapel Hill Federalist Society hosted speaker Dr. Jeffery J. Ventrella of Alliance Defending Freedom for a talk on Constitutional law. He was shouted down, however, when protesters from an LGBT organization stormed the room and disrupted the event, according to a report by The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

Campus Reform obtained exclusive photos of signs posted in the lead-up to the event.

One of the signs read, “Does UNC Hate Us? Or Just Not Care?”

Others stated “We Love Our Queer Class Mates,” “dehumanizing US, dehumanizes YOU,” and “Defending Freedom for Whom?”

The disruption occurred despite a statement released prior to the event by UNC Law School, which read, “The University respects the rights of speakers invited to campus to be heard and to complete their presentations, regardless of the content of their speech. The University also respects the right of individuals to protest and express their views.”

Protesters reportedly chanted “the Founders were enslavers,” and campus security were barred from entering the room to restore order to the event.

Campus Reform spoke with students from UNC, who requested to remain anonymous, about their thoughts regarding the events.

“I share many of the values that the Alliance Defending Freedom have. The cancellation of those who represent those values leaves me with nowhere where I can feel safe to express them,” one student shared. “I feel as though these mobs have the explicit goal of taking my right to say the opinions …I want away from me so that only their opinions can proliferate. I don’t think they should be allowed to cancel our events just because they don’t like what they hear.”


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I am confuses, but this is nothing new.

The Federalist Society are pretty much “Leave people alone to do their own thing.”, “The law as it stands says what it says.”, and “It’s mostly about “negative rights”– the right to be left alone.”

Fundamentally, smaller govt types are all about “butt out” and “not government’s business.” Persecuted groups, like LGBT… ought to be all for “Back off and let them let their freak-flag fly. You fly yours, too.” Unless it’s not about doing your own thing. One wonders.

Why the

    Easy fix, if the college has the gonads to do it, since there is video of the disruptors, simply identify them and toss them out of the college. They would be free to reapply next year. Do this consistently then they would stay well outside of the venue and whine and complain and “protest” while the adults would go an listen to the speaker. The fact that this a law school should be enough to withdraw their credentials as a law school.

Color me surprised at “LGBT groups” used without provoking squawking. The ever-expanding initialism hasn’t stopped at that tetragrammaton for since the beginning, one might say.

It’s like digits of pi — it never ends, and I suspect for similar reasons. The alpha-sequence is just an approximation for the ineffable, claim of the thing. It’s different, however, as pi can be otherwise specified, and exists to be used to figure stuff out. The infinite initialism exists because it can’t be specified, and is used to stop figuring stuff out.

Snarking aside, the realm of ideas can hold infinite, unresolvable disagreements. The realm of politics, in contrast, is about finite, partial agreements.

Easy fix, simply notify those who disrupted the event that they have been thrown out of the school, no refunds. They can re apply next year. When they give them their notices, they can tell them that no one was forced to go to the speech. Also the credentials of the law school should be looked at for allowing only left wing, fascist speakers to speak without problems.