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Karine Jean-Pierre Flips Out at Reporter for Having the Audacity of Asking Fauci About COVID’s Origins

Karine Jean-Pierre Flips Out at Reporter for Having the Audacity of Asking Fauci About COVID’s Origins

Don’t you dare question Saint Fauci about COVID origins!

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lost her mind on Daily Caller reporter Diana Glebova because she had the nerve to ask Dr. Fauci about COVID’s origin.

Then she flips out when Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba comes to Glebova’s defense. I don’t think so:

REPORTER 2: “She has a valid question. She’s asking about the origin of Covid.”
JEAN-PIERRE: “I hear the question.”
REPORTER 2: “And Dr. Fauci is the best person to answer that question.”
JEAN-PIERRE: “I — I hear your question, but we’re not doing this the way you want it. This is disrespect –“
REPORTER 2: “It is not on me –“ [crosstalk]
JEAN-PIERRE: “It is. I’m done. Simon, I’m done. Simon, I’m done. I’m done with you right now.”

Basically Jean-Pierre:


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This malignant little troll did more damage to the US than almost anybody in history with his utter lunacy, aided and abetted at every step by the left.

    Paula in reply to Olinser. | November 22, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    “This malignant little troll..” a reference to Fauci I would guess.

    If referring to Jean-Pierre, one would say, “This malignant little troglodyte.”

    Mt. Fuji in reply to Olinser. | November 23, 2022 at 10:51 am

    I dis-agree, unless you add in all the doctors that pimped the vaccines over known therapeutics that worked and were cheap, that followed orders putting profit over patients, that walked lock-step with the .GOV jackboot idiots, the MEDIA industrial complex, all the Hollywierd actors that sold their souls to push the lock downs, masks and vaccines and ALL the vile political clowns that supported all this, and dare I say including Trump. “Operation warp speed” rests on his shoulders, happened on his watch, so he owns it all IMO. I don’t have TDS, I voted for the man, but I also don’t put him on an alter and worship him 24/7.
    Irregardless of above, humanity has been changed forever now because of the mRNA jab, and the law of unintended consequences and chaos theory is in play now with the new phase of the “plandemic”, the great die off.

It might be an inconvenient question, what with Fauci funding the gain-of-function research and the Wuhan lab, but it’s not a bad question.

Not much of a loss, just sayin’.

KJP always sounds very authoritarian when she shouts down a reporter.

    She’s got nothing else, and besides, she is on a team of authoritarians. And they run our government.

      I have noticed a pattern of authoritarian speak by newly elected black women, especially mayors, One mayor in a Michigan city last week was on a video lambasting a citizen for daring to ask a question in the ‘Q&A’ the mayor didn’t want to hear. She kept it up until the other board members got up and left. All of these black women sound alike and use the same words and attitude, like ‘I’m here now’, notice me and notice I’m black and in power.

        henrybowman in reply to Whitewall. | November 24, 2022 at 5:29 pm

        But the funniest this week was when Groot lambasted Colorado politicians for not doing anything about “all the killing,” while Chicago has a “Club Q” body count every weekend.

    MontanaMilitant in reply to Whitewall. | November 23, 2022 at 6:08 pm

    Funny, I miss the lying redhead since I’ve heard the new dreaded mophead.

      henrybowman in reply to MontanaMilitant. | November 24, 2022 at 5:36 pm

      For me, it’s because the redhead had “tells” that indicated when she knew she was feeding you a line, whereas the new troll is quite possibly too stupid to realize when her lines are lines.

This is actually a more important issue for St. Fauci, on Ivermectin:

I recall Eisenhower saying when he left office to beware the military industrial complex. It looks like today’s version is the medical pharma complex. It appears that HCQ and Ivermectin were opposed like crazy by these people because 10 cent pills would not do and killing the economy, shutdowns and mail-in voting were essential to beating Trump, who publicly mentioned HCQ. Hundreds of thousands of people may have died unnecessarily as a consequence and untold damage done to the country’s future economic prospects – from gigantic amounts of debt and inflation – and to our children, from unnecessary lockdowns.

Don’t forget her “assault” weapons bitch.
Wish someone with balls would ask her when the federal law agencies are going to turn their actual assault weapons in because citizens shouldn’t be murdered by their government using machine guns, night vision optics, thermal imaging and other assault weapons.
Go FU*K yourself bitch.

I’m up for charging Dr Fauci with crimes against humanity

Mr. Ingersoll has it exactly right. The same corporate press that the WH feeds questions to are the ones that ditz calls on as reliable reporters so she is never surprised and she still can’t answer them.
Fauci should be in jail and Epstein didn’t kill himself

I can’t wait to read Fauci’s deposition. transcript. Please post a link to it as soon as possible

Capitalist-Dad | November 23, 2022 at 8:24 am

Can’t see how press briefings with this lying Party hack are worth attending. She is so obvious, I can only imagine the briefings are a propaganda tactic to rub normal American noses in the lies.

Naughty reporter asking reasonable questions. No more questions for you. I have spoken. /s

Me thinks the FIll ion the blank protests too much.

When is this person not flipping out?