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Jake Tapper’s Primetime Show is Latest Casualty at CNN

Jake Tapper’s Primetime Show is Latest Casualty at CNN

“Tapper was widely speculated to be among the top talent at CNN in the running for a permanent gig hosting a show in prime time”

CNN moved Jake Tapper from his 4 pm slot to 9 pm in September, but his ratings have been awful, despite kicking off the new timeslot with an interview with President Joe Biden.

Now it looks like he will return at 4 pm.

The Hill reports:

CNN’s Jake Tapper to leave prime time following midterms

Jake Tapper’s stint in CNN’s prime-time television slot is coming to a close.

The network confirmed on Wednesday the anchor will return to his duties hosting “The Lead” at 4 p.m. after the midterm elections.

Tapper was chosen in September by new President Chris Licht to host a show at 9 p.m., a slot that’s been occupied by a rotating cast of pundits in recent months since Chris Cuomo was fired by the network late last year.

At the time, the network said the switch in Tapper’s time slot, and several others CNN made to its lineup for the midterm elections, were expected to run through the week of the Nov. 8.

However, Tapper was widely speculated to be among the top talent at CNN in the running for a permanent gig hosting a show in prime time.

Tapper’s ratings were embarrassingly bad.

John Nolte of Breitbart News is a fierce and hilarious critic of Tapper. Two weeks ago, he noted Tapper’s crash:

Far-left CNN promoted election denier Jake Tapper to Chris Cuomo’s old time slot, and the results have been a total humiliation.

Granted, Cuomo always landed in far-last place in the 9 p.m. slot, but he at least averaged around a million viewers. Looking at the number of viewers at 9 p.m. today, you would think Don Lemon was anchoring the hour. You know, the same Don Lemon whose ratings were so awful he was demoted from primetime to a failed morning show?

Here’s the breakdown of total viewers for the most recent week of available 9 p.m. numbers:

Friday, October 14

FOX: Sean Hannity – 2.72 million

MSNBC: Alex Wagner – 1.4 million

CNNLOL: Jake Tapper – 633,000

Monday, October 17

FOX: Sean Hannity – 2.61 million

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow – 2.22 million

CNNLOL: Jake Tapper – 571,000

Tuesday, October 18

FOX: Sean Hannity – 2.99 million

MSNBC: Alex Wagner – 1.42 million

CNNLOL: Jake Tapper – 578,000

You get the idea.

Nolte calls Tapper an ‘election denier’ because he relentlessly pushed the Russia collusion hoax, and that’s perfectly fair.

This is the sort of dishonest approach from Tapper that annoys so many people.

New CNN chief Chris Licht claims he wants to reform CNN. That will never happen as long as Tapper and a few others remain at the network.


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Another condescending, smug, gaslighting prick gets to boot. Buh bye.

[D}espite kicking off the new timeslot with an interview with President Joe Biden.

Nobody wants to watch Sleepy Joe. Maybe if he interviewed Trump he might have had some success. After all Dark Biden II, Dementia Boogaloo was a flop last night.

Tapper in the crapper.

I have been waiting so long to use that….

CNN is full of duds. Maybe there needs to be a hall of shame for journalist propagandists?

His twelve actual viewers will be crushed.

The show is not really a casualty. What happened is CNN tested a sub-par show with with a sub-par anchor and it didn’t float. Better luck next time. Perhaps next time they will test a better show with a better anchor and it might last a couple of weeks longer–but I doubt it.

Don’t let the door hit yah where the good Lord Split yah

Per Daily Caller, looks like Shep Smith is going to lose his gig at NBC. Another one bites the dust.

CNN should try reporting the “news.” It’s crazy … I know, but might be worth a try.

On the spectrum of dem crazy, Tapper was a lightweight. Perhaps that’s why he wasn’t popular enough on the communist network.

CNN’s derangement is actually one of the better things to happen to conservatives in the last few years. I hope they never change.

CNN? Isn’t that the channel you see in airports? The one with the white haired gay guy with a perpetual frown?

If they keep it up, we won’t have to put CNN out of business, they’ll do it themselves.

admire the significant patience of those who’ve ever listened to tapper or his alter-ego donna limone

throughout their entire careers have actually listened to them speak for perhaps a minute altogether

like so many staff at cnn, absolutely worthless

MSM both national and local is dying in the ratings because people are sick of being lied to. This is leading to them losing money and as the employees contracts come up they are shown the door. I believe CNN will crash and not survive. Other ones like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, and PBS will also take massive hits both in National and local channels. I believe FOX will also take a large hit also. More people are moving toward streaming and the internet for news and video.

Just announced – Shepard Smith’s primetime CNBC show just got the axe as well.

The left is cleaning house for some reason.

Otto Kringelein | November 3, 2022 at 6:08 pm

New CNN chief Chris Licht claims he wants to reform CNN.

Yeah, good luck with that. CNN destroyed its reputation and any goodwill it might have garnered during the Anti-Trump propaganda years. Absent terminating everyone currently on air employed by the network I doubt anyone will want to return now despite any “reforms” that Licht might make.

Always happy to watch the failure of the liar who learned his craft at HCI.