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Gettysburg College Delays Event Meant for Those Who are ‘Tired of White Cis Men’

Gettysburg College Delays Event Meant for Those Who are ‘Tired of White Cis Men’

“they thought they were going to get away with it”

Try this with any other subset of society and watch what happens. People would lose their minds.

FOX News reports:

Gettysburg College postpones event for people tired of ‘White cis men’

Gettysburg College has postponed a painting and writing event hosted by its Gender Sexuality and Resource Center for people who are “Tired of White cis men.”

The private Pennsylvania college offered the event as part of a peace and justice, or “P&J,” senior project, but has since postponed it after it was shared online.

The event, originally scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 12, told people to “come paint and write about” how they are tired of straight, White men.

The pieces from the event would then be displayed in the school’s dining hall for the campus to view.

One anonymous Gettysburg alumnus told Fox News Digital that he was “pretty upset” by the event and that “as a White, cis male, the fact that basically people are being allowed to discriminate based on sexuality and race is not something that was ever in the Gettysburg that was taught to me.”

“Even as a conservative, the one thing Gettysburg used to always strive for was diversity, equity and inclusion but in an actual good way that you could have conservatives, you could have liberals, you could have actual conversations,” he said. “You could have that academic back and forth as a liberal arts college.”

The alumnus told Fox News Digital that he believes the event was postponed because “they thought they were going to get away with it” until “it got shared on to an Instagram thing with 2 million people.”

“And a bunch of people saw it, and they went, ‘What the heck?’” he said, adding that he believes the event sends a “negative” message to Gettysburg alumni and potential donors.


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“Hey look, a golden goose. Let’s kill it.” Start to discriminate openly against straight white males and let us know how long that practice was sustainable.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to MajorWood. | November 15, 2022 at 8:55 am

    I think white Jen, “cis” or otherwise, will eventually lose their patience with all this discrimination and belittling.

    /I will refrain from calling “cis” people “cissies “. ;-{)}}}

Maybe they ought to hire another dean to investigate how much of their annual donation take comes from white cis men. Or they could just determine that after it’s too late.

I’m pretty damned tired of a few other groups that are coddled by government and the media, but must remain unmentioned. I wonder what would happen if I organized a college campus event for everyone who felt the same way?

My wife and her friends hold a local chapter meeting every week. They’ve had it with us.