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As COVID Cases Surge, China Locks Down Beijing, Shanghai and Other Major Cities

As COVID Cases Surge, China Locks Down Beijing, Shanghai and Other Major Cities

AP News: “More than 253,000 coronavirus cases have been found in China in the past three weeks and the daily average is rising, the government said.”

As China reports a surge in new cases of Wuhan coronavirus, the Communist country has reintroduced lockdown measures in the capital Beijing and other major cities. “More than 253,000 coronavirus cases have been found in China in the past three weeks and the daily average is rising, the government said Tuesday,” The Associated Press reported.

Beijing is under semi-lockdown, with school kids turning to online classes. “Schools in Beijing have switched to online teaching and residents of several districts have been asked to limit their movements as the city’s Covid-19 cases soar and new virus-related deaths add to the city’s pandemic toll,” the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post wrote.

Besides the city of Beijing, Shanghai, a key Chinese commercial center, and Guangzhou, the country’s main export and transit hub, have been put under strict restrictions in keeping with the Communist regime’s “zero-COVID” policy.

“Beijing shut parks and museums on Tuesday and Shanghai tightened rules for people entering the city as Chinese authorities grapple with a spike in COVID-19 cases that has deepened concern about the economy and dimmed hopes for a quick reopening,” Reuters reported Tuesday.

China’s “central government is telling local authorities to impose strict lockdowns in their areas when they detect a Covid-19 outbreak – even if only a handful of cases are found,” the BBC confirmed Tuesday. “It is one of the toughest anti-Covid regimes in the world and lockdowns last until no new infections are reported,” the broadcaster added.

The South China Morning Post reported the lockdown measures in Beijing:

Schools in Beijing have switched to online teaching and residents of several districts have been asked to limit their movements as the city’s Covid-19 cases soar and new virus-related deaths add to the city’s pandemic toll.

Officials in Haidian district said schoolchildren would have one week of online learning from Monday and that regular testing would be conducted in the district. Other districts, such as Xicheng, Dongcheng and Fengtai, gave notice of remote teaching.

The city authorities also said that starting from Tuesday, anyone arriving in the city will have to take three PCR tests over three consecutive days.

Covid-19 outbreaks are rapidly expanding in the capital, with 962 infections reported on Monday, including 266 detected during community screening, suggesting authorities are struggling to contain the outbreaks. The case numbers have more than doubled since a week ago, when 407 infections were reported.

A spokesman for the Beijing government, Xu Hejian, said on Sunday the situation for epidemic prevention and control “is grim”. (…)

Several districts, including Tongzhou, Fengtai, Xicheng, Dongcheng, Shunyi and Yanqing, issued letters to residents, calling on them to stay at home to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. Residents were also advised to only travel between home and work, and not venture to other districts.

Some office buildings in Chaoyang, a district with a population of 3.45 million and the worst hit in the current Covid-19 wave, have capped the number of employees allowed into their offices. One notice in the central business district set a limit as low as 5 per cent. (…)

Beijing residents said they had found that the most recent lockdown and other restrictions came swiftly and quietly. Some were told by their residential compounds overnight that they were in lockdown.

Cities across China are clamping down on social and economic activities. “People stuck inside are allowed to leave their homes to buy food and get tested, but all other shops are closed, as are schools and offices,” the UK-based TV channel Sky News reported.

Given China’s track record of concealing the true extent of the pandemic, the actual numbers could be much higher. As The AP News recently noted: “With a population of 1.4 billion, China has officially reported just 286,197 cases since the virus was first detected in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019. That compares to 98.3 million cases and 1 million deaths for the U.S., with its population of 331.9 million, since the virus first appeared there in 2020.”

Since the Wuhan virus first surfaced almost three years ago in the central Chinese province of Hubei, the Communist regime has spared no effort in covering up its origins and the spread of the contagion.

Rare Protests Against CCP’s “Zero-Covid” Policy

China’s “zero-COVID” policy, which seeks to stop the spread of the virus by aggressive lockdown measures, triggered rare protests in Guangzhou and other Chinese cities, media reports say.

“The deaths come amid rare protests over China’s zero-Covid policy,” the BBC noted Monday. “Crowds of residents in southern China’s industrial metropolis Guangzhou have escaped a compulsory lockdown and clashed with police, as anger at strict coronavirus curbs boiled over,” the broadcaster reported earlier this week.

As Europe and the West struggles with the recession in the wake of Russia’s war on Ukraine, China’s lockdown measures are pushing the world into a deeper economic crisis. “Covid control restrictions now weigh on a fifth of China’s economy as infections continue their upward march, defying the central government’s call for more targeted, less disruptive Covid Zero measures,” the Bloomberg News noted Tuesday.


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A curios cat would wonder… why?

Is this really Covid?

Is this something else?

The next best Covid?

Why are people dying as omnicrom is pretty weak?

Are they as crazy as the I US medical community and refuse to use HCQ, Ivermectin to save their economy and people? Are they somehow enriched by pharmaceutical companies? ( I think they have their own “vaccine” version, but what do I know)

They just all About decreasing their population, didn’t the one child policy pretty much screw them cause they murdered a lot of girls?

Well, probably they’re old people are dying, but maybe they’re young from the clot shots and they are hiding it behind this crap

Who knows, for sure we will never know

    Paula in reply to gonzotx. | November 22, 2022 at 4:36 pm

    It is a top secret plan feigning to be a lock down for COVID, but the real purpose is to prevent Monkey Pox from coming to the Forbidden City.

    The_Mew_Cat in reply to gonzotx. | November 22, 2022 at 5:01 pm

    What does Occam’s Razor say? My general theory of lockdowns is the usual motive is to protect the Big Guy, and the extent depends on political reality in the jurisdiction in question. If you exclude the grandstanders (like Cuomo), the governors with the strictest lockdowns were the most personally vulnerable, and imposed the lockdowns within the limits of their political ability. China is a Communist Dictatorship, and the entire upper echelon of power consists of old men. There are no limits to their power, and they are personally vulnerable, so they lock everyone down to protect themselves.

    Olinser in reply to gonzotx. | November 22, 2022 at 5:14 pm

    No, its much simpler.

    This is the Great Leap Forward all over again, where the Government declared that things were a certain way, and all their petty little Party functionaries acted on that declaration instead of the objective reality.

    In that case Mao decided arbitrarily that farmers could produce a certain amount of various foods/rice/grains, and declared that the government would be taking a certain amount ‘for The People’. The problem was that his quotas were utterly divorced from reality, and rather than a %, the government share was a set amount that was insanely high.

    But NOBODY at any level dared to actually tell their superiors of the problem, and any attempt to protest the problem led to them being labeled ‘traitors’ or ‘subversives’ and often arrested. The government continued to ruthlessly confiscate the set amount for years and fabricating their reports of how much farmers were growing. They didn’t change the policy until literally millions of Chinese farmers starved to death (some people estimate TENS of millions starved).

    The exact same thing is happening now. The Party has declared the ‘rona to be a horrible existential threat that requires insane and ruthless lockdowns and countermeasures, and they are UTTERLY INCAPABLE of changing course, because that would lead to people asking why the hell they’ve been doing this for over 2 years now.

    Changing their policy would mean somebody telling Xi and his cabal that their previous policy was wrong, and the people that bring up problems like that tend to be the scapegoats that get arrested or ‘disappeared’.

    They would rather continue ruthlessly locking down millions of citizens and destroying their lives than risk telling Xi that he’s wrong.

    Don’t look for it to change any time soon.

      This is not a repeat of the Great Leap Forward – it is simply how totalitarian regimes operate.

      I wish we could hear what the ordinary urban Chinese is talking about around the kitchen table. They probably are pretty angry about the lockdowns. Probably very angry about losing huge sums of real estate investment money.

      Hey, this sounds just like the Biden lockdowns and economy. Dang.

    CoolCzech in reply to gonzotx. | November 23, 2022 at 10:05 am

    What are the Chinese not telling us about what’s going on over there?

    I know the West sees these lockdowns as examples of rigid bureaucratic self-protection, but does that alone explain this level of economic self-immolation?

    It’s scary to contemplate.

The cure for coronavirus is to cut the head off the snake, the sooner the better.

COVID is China’s tool to achieve world domination (by way of destroying the US). Locking down a few cities here and there – killing their own citizens – no problem, so long as they spread the fascism to the rest of the world (especially the US).

Looking back, it’s is amazing how stupid we’ve collectively been to allow oiur schools to corrupt our children, our media to lie to our population, our politicians to be so corrupt.

Now, we pay the price.

Cases does not mean you are sick.. -2- What percent were false positive? – 99 percent ?

That number of cases in a population exceeding a billion people is a trivial drop in the bucket, and most likely the result of overtesting. Plus they don’t tell us their definition of “surge”, we are just expected to believe it.

If we add the Chinese economy to the struggling European ones, demand for commodities, etc may wane. Oil, copper, zinc prices are not strong. Perhaps we might see 4% inflation before we know it and the Fed will not have to crash the economy into a serious recession.

    n.n in reply to jb4. | November 23, 2022 at 8:52 am

    The economy is in a recession with progressive prices forced by single/central/monopolistic solutions. The Fed is raising interest rates to mitigate its progress.

Covid Zero has the same results everywhere.

Unfortunately we are likely to pay a price to, an economic price for the CCP lockdowns.

This comes at an opportune time, since most of the goods shipped to the US during the summer haven’t been sold yet.

Shut the entire country down until COVID or Xi goes.

Wait, China made their latest variant more fatal, unlike everywhere else where the ‘rona keeps getting less virulent. (Which is what happens with endemic viruses.) it’s like they’re doing genetic engineering. Gain of function, even.

Or maybe they’re just grabbing the handy excuse for more lockdowns; more controls; more infliction on the under classes.

Wait, wait, I know this one. Embrace the healing power of “and.”