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‘Anti-Racist’ Prof Describes Herschel Walker With a Racial Slur and Also ‘Subliterate’

‘Anti-Racist’ Prof Describes Herschel Walker With a Racial Slur and Also ‘Subliterate’

“a history and African-American studies professor”

Nothing brings out the hypocrisy of progressives like black people who are conservative.

The College Fix reports:

‘Anti-racist’ professor calls Herschel Walker ‘subliterate,’ uses racial slur

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker is “coonish” and “subliterate,” according to a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign professor who is also an “anti-racist” consultant.

Walker is “incompetent, subliterate and coonish,” Professor Sundiata Cha-Jua, a history and African-American studies professor, wrote in The News-Gazette in his regular column on October 23. “Coon” is a racial slur that refers to depictions of black individuals as lazy or dumb.

His column focused on black Republicans and how they are actually “MAGA Black White supremacists.” The black professor started the Policing in a Multiracial Society Program, which “provides systematic anti-racial bias education and training for police recruits attending the University of Illinois’s Police Training Institute” and “researches the racial attitudes of police and the effectiveness of anti-racist training,” according to his faculty bio.

The race for Champaign County Clerk is between a black Democrat named Aaron Ammons and a black Republican named Terence Stuber. Cha-Jua compared Stuber to a slave, because he was recruited to run against another black individual.

The professor wrote:

What type of Black Republican is Stuber? He was recruited by White Republican leadership to run against Ammons, the only African American clerk in Champaign County history. Like Deering [a white candidate in another race], “the hard, overt and aggressive” White supremacist, Stuber is an election denier.

And like the incompetent, subliterate and coonish Herschel Walker, Stuber reiterates “massa” Trump’s talking points. Intimating fraud, he cast aspersions on the 2020 elections. Stuber alleged votes were not counted in Georgia and Arizona, and further declared, “Champaign County may have stopped counting. I don’t know.” But during a late August interview with The News-Gazette’s Tom Kacich, he dissembled when asked if Trump had won. Again, disingenuously claiming uncertainty, he stated, “I don’t know if he truly was the winner.”


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Like pretty much everything the left does, the “training” this professor gives is just a scam to get money. They frequently dress these scams up in moralizing terms to help with the hard sell.

None of it is ever intended to be taken seriously. It is irrelevant to their real beliefs and behavior. Thus the appearance of hypocrisy is merely the difference between his marketing and reality.

another papered black bigot–without the benefits of aa, cha-jua would likely be a men’s room attendant somewhere instead of just another transparent, black grifter

Sundiata Cha-Jua – just the name tells me everything I need to know.

I’d say what a racist bastard that guy is but it would be redundant as i’ve yet to hear of an “anti-racist” grifter or “Diversity Consultant” who wasn’t

A review of his Curriculum vitae shows nothing but interminable articles about black studies.

He apparently teaches blacks how to be blacks, or something.

A look at comments in his RateMyProfessor page ( rates him an average of 2.8/5.

George_Kaplan | November 4, 2022 at 7:00 pm

There’s none so bigoted as those still on the plantation defiantly extolling their freedom and decrying those who’ve escaped to actual freedom.

It’s oh so very 1984. 🙁

The U of I is a cesspool of wokeness

Genuine question: What kind of name is Sundiata Cha-Jua? There was a Sundiata Keita in he 13th-century who founded the Mali Empire, so this professor is obviously named after him, but what is the origin of “Cha-Jua”? What language does it come from? And where did his family come from? Did they immigrate here from Africa in the 20th century, or are they descended from slaves, in which case when did they change their name and how did they come up with it? I am not making any kind of point here, I would genuinely like to know.