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Another Abraham Lincoln Statue in Chicago Vandalized

Another Abraham Lincoln Statue in Chicago Vandalized

“A similar message was written across another statue of the 16th president in Lincoln Park, roughly six miles away from Senn Park, on Oct. 11.”

A statue of Abraham Lincoln in Chicago has been vandalized. Red paint was splashed on it and the words “colonizer” and “land back” were painted on it. It is the second time a statue of Lincoln in the city has been vandalized in recent months.

The New York Post reports:

Abraham Lincoln statue vandalized with paint in Chicago park

For the second time in under two months, a statue dedicated to former President Abraham Lincoln statue was defaced in Chicago.

On Thanksgiving, a statue of a young Abraham Lincoln in Senn Park in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood was found covered in splotches of red paint along with the words “COLONIZER” and “LAND BACK,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

According to the outlet, the statue also had “Dakota 38” written on it, in reference to the Dakota Sioux members who Lincoln ordered to be executed following the Dakota War of 1862.

Lincoln commuted the sentences of 264 Dakota fighters but sentenced 38 to be hung in Minnesota, which became the largest mass execution in US history.

The statue has resided in the outdoor park since 1997.

It was chiseled by sculptor Charles Keck, who also designed monuments of former Presidents Andrew Jackson and George Washington.

A similar message was written across another statue of the 16th president in Lincoln Park, roughly six miles away from Senn Park, on Oct. 11.

The vandals, who remain unidentified, allegedly wrote, “Dethrone the colonizers,” “Land back!” and “Avenge the Dakota 38.”

See the video report below:

The language in this tweet summarizes the leftist view of America and its history.

It is maddening that there are people who were lucky enough to be born as Americans who believe that the very foundation of the country is evil.

It’s also very telling that for many of the same people, no Republican is good enough. If Abraham Lincoln is evil in these people’s eyes, no Republican will ever measure up to their impossible standards.

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They will never forgive him for standing up to slavery, diversity, and the secular, ethical cult.

Red paint… nice touch..

What does give the land back actually mean? Where are the people who wrote this from? Can’t they give up and move back to Russia, or Ireland or where ever on their own?

Who says the Zombie Virus is still in permafrost?

They are sure making a change by such antics. How proud they must be at the results among the populace. So blind to what Lincoln accomplished and gave his life to. Pretending that their brethren were angelic through 2022 eyes. Sad that they cannot be more productive.

Remember when the Illinois Dems tried to convince THEIR students that Lincoln was a Democrat. That didn’t last long.

covered in splotches of red paint along with the words “COLONIZER” and “LAND BACK
I’m ok with giving Chicago back to whomever they want to give it back to. All those politicians would be out of work as they’d be displaced by the new owners.
Not that Chicago would change all that much, but at least we’d see some corrupt democrats having to undermine other democrats to keep their personal bribes flowing.

The blame for Lincoln’s action as POTUS in the execution of murderers and rapists is misplaced. He basically sent an IG to see just what the heck was going on following a massacre and the subsequent capture and trial of those thought to be responsible.

Bottom line is he commuted the sentences and /or ordered released more people than he ordered executed. 300+ were convicted Lincoln reviewed the sentences and only 38 were executed as a result of the Dakota uprising in 1862. Given the context of the day that was an incredibly benevolent action. Several hundred settlers had been killed and hundreds of women and children captured by the Dakota/Sioux in the uprising.

Lincoln was truly a great president -this is Marxism in action

This is the same crowd as usual, a different jacket to fit the day, but with the same goal of disrupting US Society.