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Analysis: 33 Departments at Seven Universities Don’t Have Republican Profs

Analysis: 33 Departments at Seven Universities Don’t Have Republican Profs

“These results should be another wake-up call that higher education is severely biased and broken”

There is a serious lack of political balance in American higher education.

The College Fix reports:

Zero Republican professors found across 33 departments at seven universities: College Fix analysis

ANALYSIS: College Fix finds about 50 percent of departments have no registered Republican professors in 2022

The College Fix identified just 61 Republican professors across 65 departments at seven universities as part of a recent survey of professor party affiliations nationwide.

A total of 33 of the departments had zero Republican professors identified within them — slightly more than 50 percent of all departments surveyed.

In contrast, 667 professors were identified as Democrat based on their political party registration or voting history in party primaries.

The Fix analyzed The Ohio State UniversityUniversity of Nebraska-OmahaUniversity of North Carolina-Chapel HillUniversity of GeorgiaCornell UniversityUniversity of Oklahoma and the University of Alaska-Anchorage.

Six of the seven states analyzed are primarily Republican, with the exception of New York. Yet, all universities showed a strong Democratic tilt among their faculty.

When broken into Democrat and Republican, 92 percent of professors identify as Democrat and only 8 percent identify as Republican. That amounts to Democrat professors outnumbering Republican professors by a ratio of 11 to 1.

“These results should be another wake-up call that higher education is severely biased and broken,” said Jennifer Kabbany, editor-in-chief of The College Fix.

“The foxes are guarding the hen house,” she said. “If parents, politicians and watchdogs wonder why students go into college as innocent and eager 18-year-olds and come out four years later as mouth-breathing progressive-socialist Democrats, look no further than the people teaching them what to think day in and day out at college.”

The departments analyzed at each university were primarily humanities departments, such as English, economics, and philosophy. Aside from Democrat and Republican, there were six other affiliations, including unaffiliated, nonpartisan, libertarian, blank, independent and undeclared. The Fix could not identify the political affiliation of every professor.


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Obviously the leftist faculty has not been effective at enforcing ideological discipline. Show them this report and they will work much harder at getting rid of the few remaining Republicans.

Gentle reminder:

We do not have to have anything to do with these silly people, nor with the ridiculous places where they work.


First, there was “WHAT IS A WOMAN?” from Matt Walsh et al.

Next, shouldn’t there be “WHAT IS A COLLEGE?”

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Don’t these findings from The College Fix kinda cry out for a similar treatment via documentary format?

Maybe include some interviews with those same African tribesmen. Not kidding. I’ll bet that those African tribesmen know what a college is supposed to be.

Maybe include interviews with a few administrators. Comparing what a college is touted as vs. what in America it usually actually is.

Maybe get a few whistleblower interviews (identities concealed) about what really goes on behind closed doors.

Such waste.

Such colossal waste.

Of money. So much money.

Of time.

Of young adulthood.