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Three Massachusetts Colleges ‘to Enforce Mask Mandates Indefinitely’

Three Massachusetts Colleges ‘to Enforce Mask Mandates Indefinitely’

“it is clear that the current levels of infection have taxed our campus health care system and residential services to the limit”

Is this just virtue signaling at this point? Why else would they do this?

FOX News reports:

Massachusetts colleges to enforce mask mandates ‘indefinitely’

At least three Massachusetts colleges are choosing to enforce mask mandates “indefinitely” and a fourth is considering the measure, according to the New York Post.

Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and Hampshire College have each announced the policy, despite some having prior plans to drop the mandates. Enforced mask mandates have largely disappeared across the country as the COVID-19 pandemic has waned.

“I am sorry to say that because of the relatively high confirmed COVID-19 case counts on campus (approximately 50 per week since the start of the semester), we will need to continue our indoor mask mandate until further notice,” Mt. Holyoke president Beverly Daniel Tatum wrote in a letter to the student body last month.

“While I am eager to move us from a mask mandate to a “masks welcome and encouraged” policy in all campus indoor spaces, it is clear that the current levels of infection have taxed our campus health care system and residential services to the limit,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Amherst College has adopted a classroom-by-classroom strategy, requiring professors to poll their students on whether masks should be required at the beginning of the semester, according to the Post. If any one person responds that they would prefer masking, the entire class will be required to mask up.

The Massachusetts colleges join some of America’s most elite institutions in imposing the mandates. George Washington University, Georgetown University, New York University, Rutgers University and San Diego State University also enforce mask mandates or “strongly recommend” wearing masks indoors.


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The joke is on Democrats. They’re so obsessed with Handmaid costumes, but they never recognize the genuine one when it’s forced on them.

And you are supposed to obtain a degree from these institutions????????

How can anyone take these institutions seriously when it has been over 24 months!! and still no empirical testing at any one of these locations?

? masking vs no masking

? Nonprescription Zstack

? Nasal nonprescription providone

? Air purifiers

? Social distancing

Seriously, is this some kind of twisted hoax? They really have not collected any data? Really?! ANY data at all??

Apparently, it’s been over two years and not a single academic nor a single administrator at any of these so-called “institutions of !!!higher!!! learning!!!!!” has had the actual real-life curiosity to actually do any real-life learning??!?

It really is extraordinary.

The reality is that with just a modest amount of supervision a couple of undergrads could have already had these questions answered by now — or at the least could be collecting the data.

(Idk , perhaps I’m missing something. I wish them all well.)