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Mayorkas Told Claims of Haitians Whipped at Border Were Untrue Hours Before Calling the Pictures ‘Horrifying’

Mayorkas Told Claims of Haitians Whipped at Border Were Untrue Hours Before Calling the Pictures ‘Horrifying’

The truth never matters. Only the narrative matters.

As if we needed more proof the narrative is more important than the truth regarding politicians.

On September 20, 2021, The El Paso Times released images of border patrol agents on horses supposedly whipping Haitian migrants at the border.

The left lost their minds over the pictures; even those unfamiliar with horse riding could tell the agents did not whip anyone.

Four days later, President Joe Biden unleashed anger at the photos, promising the agents would pay for their actions.

Hours later, Marsha Espinosa, the Department of Homeland Security’s assistant secretary of public affairs, alerted Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and other DHS officials that pictures of border patrol supposedly whipping Haitian migrants were not true.

Over two hours later, Mayorkas did not acknowledge the truth or push back against Biden’s speech at a press conference. Instead, Mayorkas described the pictures as “horrifying.”

Mayorkas said: “Our nation saw horrifying images that do not reflect who we are. We know that those images painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation’s ongoing battle against systemic racism.”

The guy never mentioned the fact that the photographer said he did not witness any whipping. Mayorkas admitted he made a statement before he saw the pictures:

Mayorkas did not make any mention of the new information from the photographer at the conference. He was asked about his initial remarks and said: “I made the statements without having seen the images.”

“I saw the images on the flight back, and I made the statement that I did with respect to what those images suggested,” he said.

He was then asked about the discrepancy between the photographer’s claims about no whipping being witnessed and the president’s statement.

“The horses have long reins, and the image in the photograph that we all saw, and that horrified the nation, raised serious questions about what…occurred and as I stated quite clearly, it conjured up images of what has occurred in the past,” he said.

“There’s also a question of how one uses the horse and how one interacts with individuals with the horse,” he said. “And so I’m going to let the investigation run its course.


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Obviously, the pictures were horrifying. The administration planned on milking this story for all it was worth in order to bring in more illegal aliens. Having the actual truth get out there before they could get their lies accepted was a threat to their milking.

Of course they were trying to milk a bull, but…

It’s his truth regardless of witnesses and photos /sarc.

Piece of shit!

As much as this looks like a basis for impeachment, it seems kind of “zero-consequence-y” to me.

    amwick in reply to UJ. | October 12, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    That is one of the fundamental truths of clown world. Everything is zero-consequency, for some people.

Lying socialist liars will always lie if they think it might advance The Cause.

Lenin told them to.

So Mayorkas betrayed the people who work under him in order to score cheap political points.


Prosecute him for conspiracy to subvert standing immigration law and aid and assit the importation of Fentanyl and of un-named foreign agents by the cartels.

Also – and I’m amazed this isn’t front and center – as a very large number of Mexican officials are bought and paid for by those cartels (or dead), how many border officials and politicians (State and Federal and Congressional) are bought and paid for? It would explain the irrational urge to open the border and destroy ICE. Hell, slow Joe is notoriously for sale.

“Our nation saw horrifying images that do not reflect who we are the Border Patrol. We know that those images painfully deliberately conjured up another hoax that we can use to assign the worst, contrived elements of our nation’s ongoing battle to distract from the Biden regime’s nation destroying open border policy, and the systemic racism of the left.”

Now that’s more accurate.

Mayorkas is a hack.

I must say, the pictures of Mayorkas telling vicious lies about the Border Patrol were truly horrifying.

A govt official lying by omission? No way! Our govt has our best interests at heart and can always be counted upon to put partisanship aside in favor of the common good. As do our valiant media! See Rona. S/

isn’t this a textbook slander case given mayorkas’ prior knowledge that his statements were plainly false?

to slander and lie about those bp guys is beyond despicable–and his bs (and fjb’s) definitely harmed those officers–besides that, has he or fjb ever been on a horse? ever crossed a river on same? had to handle one in a tense group of humans?–what a pos mayorkas proves himself to be

Just another utterly unrepentant Dumb-o-crat fabulist. Mendacity and prevarications are instinctual and reflexive with these reprobate snakes. The Dumb-o-crat Narrative (TM) of perennial, contrived racial grievance and victimhood-wallowing/mongering must reign supreme above truth and facts, always.

BierceAmbrose | October 12, 2022 at 4:40 pm

So Mayorkas was surfing the emotional waves in the zeitgeist for political advantage, just like a good apparatchik? With the press’s help?

Must have been a day ending in “y.” There’s no news here.

I do wonder what discrediting the Border Patrol gains him, other than his being a good soldier, following orders? He does know he runs the place, and had for a while when this happened, right?

Being the boss, is he liable for mismanagement if they were whipping folks, and — er — different mismanagement if they weren’t?

We should impeach Biden cabinet if we win the senate.

I’ll also add that beyond the intrinsically despicable nature of Mayorkas’s prevarication by omission (not refuting the false allegation of “whipping” when given the opportunity to do so) lies an equally disgusting moral cowardice — the cowardice of a reprobate who is more interested in keeping his job and parroting the Dumb-o-crat Narrative (TM), no matter its falsity, rather than doing the right thing and rectifying the slander committed against these border patrol agents.

It further demonstrates anyone connected with the Biden Administration doesn’t care about the truth. It’s all about the approved talaking points, most of which are untruthful.

Mayorkas should be fired for participating in a wholesale lynching of the Border Police that was not supported by a shred of evidence

Why doesn’t that lie and the lies told about Trump cost somebody a billion like what happened to Alex Jones?