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Harvard Law Students Stage Sit-in Demanding More Education on ‘Reproductive Rights’

Harvard Law Students Stage Sit-in Demanding More Education on ‘Reproductive Rights’

“The sit-in also came exactly one week after 75 HLS students staged a walkout during a Sept. 29 panel that discussed the legality of abortion.”

Abortion activism is big on a lot of campuses right now. The overturning of Roe v. Wade gave campus activists a new cause.

Campus Reform reports:

Harvard Law students demand abortion education one week after pro-life walkout

On Oct. 6, students from the Alliance for Reproductive Justice (ARJ) group at Harvard Law School (HLS) staged an all-day sit-in to plead with Harvard Law students to sign a letter demanding more education on reproductive rights.

The ARJ students announced the event in an Oct. 4 Instagram post, writing, “we demand that HLS hire a full-time reproductive justice professor and form a reproductive rights clinic. We need as many people to come sit as possible so it’s effective!”

The sit-in lasted from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and participants were encouraged to bring friends and work materials to study during the event.

According to the letter, the students demanded the establishment of a reproductive rights clinic, the addition of a full-time law professor experienced in abortion litigation, and several abortion lecture courses.

“HLS students want the opportunity to learn how the law governs sexual and reproductive health care,” the letter read. “Reproductive justice is a broad and complex area of law with several different facets, which cannot be comprehensively taught in a single course.”

The letter has amassed over 900 signatures and will be presented to HLS faculty on Nov. 1.

The sit-in also came exactly one week after 75 HLS students staged a walkout during a Sept. 29 panel that discussed the legality of abortion. The event was hosted by Harvard Law School Students for Life and featured a number of scholars that opposed abortion rights.

The HLS Students for Life posted a tweet later that day stating, “Incredible event today with the always brilliant Erika Bachiochi and Professor Stephen Sachs! Unfortunately, a couple of students had to leave early–we wish they had stayed to hear about the next steps in the fight for life!”


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Want to learn more? Pick up a book.

I would have thought a Harvard law student could fire up Westlaw or Lexis and find out what the statutory law on abortion is in each state.

They could start by learning how Roe was wrongly decided in the first place–or maybe they could search for the mysterious “penumbra” of rights the case was based on.

Interesting. It’s been my experience at every school I’ve worked at or attended that if a reasonable number of students ask for a course to be taught, the administrators are more than happy to make it an offering, if only under “special topic” designation. It sounds to me like they just wanted an excuse for a sit-in.

It would be great if HLS appointed Samuel Alito (as I recall he wrote the draft opinion that was leaked) to the honorary part-time lecturer position in reproductive justice. They would certainly want to stay up-to-date with the current state of the law, rather than being bitter clingers to the old Roe v. Wade regime that is no longer the law. Right?

Federal judges are increasingly boycotting the hiring of Yale Law grads for clerkships. Now do Harvard Law.