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George Washington U. has a Concentration on ‘Gender in International Affairs’

George Washington U. has a Concentration on ‘Gender in International Affairs’

“to make students more proficient in the growing field of gender in international affairs”

Why waste your time on a plain old gender studies degree, when you can combine it with international affairs?

The College Fix reports:

George Washington U. offers new ‘Gender in International Affairs’ concentration

The George Washington University Elliot School of International Affairs now offers a concentration in gender, the result of a months-long advocacy by students and faculty alike.

According to The Hatchet, GWU Gender Equality Initiative in International Affairs Director Shirley Graham said she started the concentration “to make students more proficient in the growing field of gender in international affairs.”

The new concentration is the Elliot School’s sixteenth, included among Comparative Political, Economic, and Social Systems, International Development, International Economics and others.

Courses are taught via a “feminist, intersectional lens.”

Graham (pictured), whose PhD dissertation examined “gender discourses within the Irish Defence Forces that create and reinforce power hierarchies between women and men,” said the concentration uses “feminist international relations theory and gender analysis as critical tools” in dealing with topics like globalization and international development.

Required courses include “Masculinities in International Affairs” and either “Women in Global Politics” or “Women and Terrorism.”

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in International Affairs Majors Director Christina Fink said the new field will allow graduates to “bring a gender lens to their work […] wherever they may end up.”

From the story:

“The reality is when there are strict gender norms in a society, that has negative implications for men as well,” Fink said. “So addressing gender is about addressing both the challenges and opportunities or barriers to opportunities for men, women and everybody across the gender spectrum.”


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Man, I would hate to be paying back, with interest, a loan on that major!

Of course, Pedo Joe will eventually erase it, but it still has no return on investment.

You can be sure they will get the pronouns “right” on the low fat, double half caff mocha latte though!

This is really sad. Do these people ever consider the consequences of these choices? Do their parents? I mean … if a person has a boba fide, legitimate interest in this sort of thing, read a book. Read two books. Take a class. Etc.

But — a major?

It’s just sad.

– – –

Where are the grownups?

Morning Sunshine | October 11, 2022 at 3:47 pm

so does this mean that the graduates will move to, say, Iran and help the women there to cast off head coverings?

or perhaps to that shining metropolis in the desert that courts international tourists and then imprisons women for having non-marital intercourse by being raped?

or maybe those gender studies graduates will end up in a different – but colder – desert country that uses young boys as transvestites slaves to affirm said slaves in their “chosen” identities.

Maybe they will head to that populous country in east Asia to protest rape as a torture for women who worship a god other than the state?

so many possibilities to use this major for GOOD.

Did you know they held Women’s Marches throughout the USA last weekend? Maybe not, because apparently nobody came. Wokeness is no longer a growth asset.

They’d better hurry to entrench those faculty positions including tenure lines before the opportunity is gone.

OK, I guess I’m behind the times, but what exactly is a “concentration” and what effect, if any, does it have on one’s major (or vice versa)?