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Election Interference? Biden Admin Asked Saudi Arabia to Delay OPEC+ Oil Vote ‘for a Month’

Election Interference? Biden Admin Asked Saudi Arabia to Delay OPEC+ Oil Vote ‘for a Month’

According to the Foreign Ministry, the kingdom explained to Biden “that all economic analyses indicate that postponing the OPEC+ decision for a month, according to what has been suggested, would have had negative economic consequences.”

Quid Pro Quo means “something for something” in Latin. The dictionary defines quid pro quo as “a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.”

The midterms take place on November 8.

On October 5, OPEC+ voted to cut oil production even after President Joe Biden’s administration attempted to lobby Saudi Arabia and other countries to vote against cutting oil production.

The Biden administration invoked Russian “President” Vladimir Putin as why Saudi Arabia, the de facto head of OPEC+, and other nations voted in the affirmative.

I find it hilarious when anyone thinks Saudi Arabia sides with anyone. Saudi Arabia is in it for itself because it can. Does anyone think anyone OWNS Saudi Arabia? It’s also funny that Biden thinks threatening Saudi Arabia will actually work or do anything. I bet the kingdom is shaking in their boots or whatever shoes the people wear.

I’m snorting from laughing so hard.

How pathetic. Did they also think Saudi Arabia would remain silent? I guess so, but the kingdom had a lot to say.

Biden’s people didn’t just lobby the nations to vote no. Saudi Arabia claimed Biden’s administration asked them “to wait a month” to hold the OPEC+ vote to cut oil production.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the kingdom explained to Biden “that all economic analyses indicate that postponing the OPEC+ decision for a month, according to what has been suggested, would have had negative economic consequences.”

Um, that’s pretty close to the midterms when many people have already voted via the mail or early voting.

Instead of denying the accusation, the administration admitted it in so many words:

“We presented Saudi Arabia with analysis to show that there was no market basis to cut production targets, and that they could easily wait for the next OPEC meeting to see how things developed,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.

The Riyadh-led group of oil producers’ next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 4, according to the OPEC website.

Kirby also alleged that other OPEC member nations “communicated to us privately that they also disagreed with the Saudi decision, but felt coerced to support Saudi’s direction,”

But National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson denied it has anything to do with midterms because we’re obviously too stupid to know that if Saudi Arabia agreed, the vote would happen after the midterms.

Guess who the administration mentioned!

Putin, you guys. PUTIN:

The White House pushed back against any suggestion that it made a politically motivated request, with National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson saying in a statement early Friday that it was “categorically false to connect this to U.S. elections.”

“It’s always been about the impact on the global economy and impact on families at home and around the world, especially as Putin wages his war against Ukraine,” she added.

So when will the Democrats draft impeachment charges against Biden?

The Democrats accused President Donald Trump of “quid pro quo” during a conversation with the Ukrainian president. They drafted and impeached Trump. The Senate did not convict Trump.

Biden asking Saudi Arabia to delay the vote sounds much more “quid pro quo” than Trump supposedly did on the phone call.


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The Saudis owe 10% China Joe nothing!

I really do hope Ace is correct in their assessment that Saudi is deliberately cutting production to affect the mid terms so that some fucking adults take charge of things for the next two years!

Impeach the pedophile.

Them sheiks don’t roll over like Joe’s local UPI bordello.

Imagine if Trump did this.

The Dems and their corporate media propaganda operation would be preparing for another impeachment.

reeeeeee! reeeeeee! reeeeeee! IMPEACH!

Where is that vile, lying c*nt Nancy Pelosi on this?

You missed the part where Biden is now trying to blackmail them into doing it by threatening to withhold arms supplies to them if they don’t delay it until after the election.


    CommoChief in reply to Olinser. | October 13, 2022 at 8:31 pm

    More like Biden threatening retribution for not doing so. In public no less. Arab leaders don’t appreciate that crap. Don’t get me wrong, you can threaten them in private behind closed doors, but do it in public and you won’t get what you want from them. Plus you have permanently PO whomever you tried to bully. Been there and witnessed the abject failure of this strategy in person.

    Our current Nat Security strategy seems to be to reward and empower the Iranians and Venezuela while alienating our long-term Mid East partners. These two regimes are not only really unpleasant but completely untrustworthy. They will shank us as soon as it suits them.

      Stuytown in reply to CommoChief. | October 14, 2022 at 2:42 am

      Biden: MBS, we need you to wait to cut production.

      MBS: Why don’t you increase your own production?

      Biden (soft mumbling voice to aide): Can we do that?

      Aide: No. It’s not a popular idea with your base.

      Biden: MBS, we really need you to postpone your production cuts.

      MBS: We need you to cut off the head of the snake in Iran.

      Biden: MBS, Barack America told
      me that he’d be angry with me if I did that.

      Biden: MBS, do you have ice cream in Saudi Arabia? I’m buying!

Gee, sounds like an impeachable offense under Nancy’s admin, right?

Close The Fed | October 13, 2022 at 4:13 pm

Okay, admit everybody. None of you, NONE, are surprised.


This admin is a joke. Joe Biden is out to lunch. He argues not from positions of leverage but from ego and arrogance. He enlists social media giants and media personalities to cover up his failures and hypocrisy. He recruits morons like Kamala Harris to become the first [something] in American history and throws foreign policy and leadership to the wayside. He doesn’t care about the American people, only the power that they allow him and his puppet masters to have.

I have a lot of problems ideologically with young liberals, such as AOC, but the one thing that I hate above all is her refusal to call out her own party. She and her ilk pretend they speak truth to power, while they uphold Nancy Pelosi’s position as speaker of the house and stay silent when Joe Biden attempts to engage in dirty deals and then lies when he gets caught. Even the democrats that couldn’t be tamed and are allegedly fed up with corruption at the highest levels of government are brought to heel.

I’m not a person who thinks civil war is on the horizon, but I do think we’re seeing a very dangerous disconnect between the will of the people and the will of the party. Twitter bots cannot contain reality forever, and every day the dominance of fake narratives and misinformation is tested. But I don’t suspect the people so invested in the success of puppet administrations like this will want to go quietly. That is what I’m truly afraid of.

The demand for 1st world oil across the world will DEFINITELY go down in the colder month of December than in the midterm election month of November. Trust me, guys, this is just for the good of the country.

Oh boy. Getting the “Big Guy” upset. Eyes squinting, mumbling under his breath with his whispery voice…. Very dangerous. Get out of the way and make room. Things are about to get very nasty.

He may throw his feces.

If memory serves, soliciting foreign interference to influence an American election is an impeachable offense. At least it was in 2019.

Suburban Farm Guy | October 14, 2022 at 7:40 am

Being a Democrat means:

You never have to admit that you were wrong

You never have to say you’re sorry

You never have to live by the rules you make everybody else live by

He only asked for election “fortification” not interference.