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Two Million ‘Encounters’ at Southern Border in the Past 11 Months is a New All-Time Record

Two Million ‘Encounters’ at Southern Border in the Past 11 Months is a New All-Time Record

The majority of people come from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. This is not a Mexico problem, it’s a Democrat problem of encouraging mass illegal migration from across the globe.

President Joe Biden’s administration has weakened our border security so much I honestly do not know how we can ever fix it.

For the first time ever, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents “encountered” over 2,000,000 at the southern border in a fiscal year: “CBP Nationwide Total Encounters for FY22TD through August stand at 2,493,723, for the Southwest Border alone that number stands at 2,150,244.”

We still have one more month to go, too.

This does not count the gotaways. It counts the 203,598 encounters with the border patrol in August.

The people aren’t just from Mexico. The August stats from CPB confirms another blog I wrote about people from countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela using our lax border security to enter our country.

“Failing communist regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba are driving a new wave of migration across the Western Hemisphere, including the recent increase in encounters at the southwest U.S. border,” stated CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus. “Our dedicated teams of skilled agents continue to work around the clock to secure our border and safely and humanely process and vet every individual encountered, but those fleeing repressive regimes pose significant challenges for processing and removal.

  • Unique individuals: 157,921 – 2.2% increase from July
  • Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela: 55,333 – 35% unique encounters in August and a 135% increase from a year ago
  • Mexico and northern Central America: Only 36% of the unique encounters, down for the third month in a row and down 43% from a year ago

Magnus had to say something nice about the Biden administration: “At the same time, the number of migrants entering from Mexico and northern Central America has decreased for the third consecutive month, as the Biden-Harris Administration works with our partners in the region to address the root causes of migration, facilitate repatriation, and take thousands of smugglers off the streets. More individuals encountered at the border without a legal basis to remain will be expelled or removed this year than any prior year.”

Bill Melugin consistently tweets videos and stats of people he witnesses crossing the border without any problems.


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taurus the judge | September 20, 2022 at 3:27 pm

Relax, its all part of the replacement strategy and going according to plan

Feds have failed.

The pedophile-in-chief seems to be really good at setting records no sane person would want to own.

But MV says 50 is too many and got their Gov to exile them out of their community and send them to a military facility. Never going to live that hypocrisy down MV and you may have shown the way forward for other communities.

It’s not obvious there is a fundamental plan at play here. It feels more like a purposeful political issue created to leverage the “America is racist” trope without much thought for the illegal immigrants themselves. No matter how you respond, they will always be some angle to isolate and deem racist. There isn’t a long game plan such as creating new voters. At leastt not above the table voters. Under the table maybe.